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  1. Thanks - I will look into this place! Opus is brutally expensive. Also thanks to everyone else for suggestions :)
  2. They are awesome. Checked them all out and I have no missing parts or minis. I ordered some paints, but it's been a good 15 years since I last painted so I now need to obtain some brushes and other supplies to get started. Can anyone recommend type of bruses / other gear to get which would be obtainable at an Opus art supply shop? I tried searching the forums but couldn't find much on the topic of brushes.
  3. THE BONES HAVE LANDED, I REPEAT, THE BONES HAVE LANDED! Now to catalouge the bastards...
  4. Our Bones must be truck-mates. Mine departed from the same facility at the same time - just waiting for that truck to shop up at my workplace here in Langley :)
  5. Tell us that. Which they hadn't done so up until today. Goods can enter the country, be shipped from one end to the other, but still not have cleared customs - as long as the shipment is sealed, then it can be transshipped to the nearest customs office of it's destination (or point where it will be broken up into multiple smaller domestic shipments), where customs will clear it, inspect it, seize it, ask lots of questions before doing the previous 3 items, etc.. New importer, relatively new product (and not seen in this quantity) tends to make any customs official curious. Good point. Now it seems (based on the recent Twitter update) this was the case, that it was stuck in Ontario, waiting on customs. Not sure why it was so hard for Reaper to figure this out - I ship across the border all the time and occasionally have customs hold up our shipments - usually a quick phone call to fedex solves the issue or at least gives me a status on the situation which I can pass to clients. Regardless, I'm glad that things are getting moving.
  6. Quoted for truth. They would save themselves so much headache and individual inquiries if they would start owning up and being transparent about what is going on. It feels like Reaper can't be bothered to get on the line with UPS and complain until they find out what is going on (sometimes this is the only way of accomplishing things). If I had a single customer with this issue, let alone 1000, I would be on the phone with UPS constantly and be expressing my profound apologies to the customer and ensuring them that we will sort out the issue and it will be a priority. What have we got from Reaper? Vagueness and dismissiveness, or as you said..."We dunno, lol". The thing is this Customs story seems to contradict what had previously been told to us by Reaper (the fact that a truck was en route from Ontario to Alberta). Sadly all of this nonchalant attitude and communication failure throughout the kickstarter will make me second guess purchasing / funding Reaper in the future. I'm glad for those of you who have received your orders, but for some of us this has been a truly frustrating experience.
  7. Keep in mind that at this point it likely isn't UPS's fault. The frieght truck that was bound for western Canada was probably not a UPS truck, or else those numbers would be in the system. Likely they are using a third party shipping company to get the orders to UPS's Western Canadian distrubution warehouse, just like when they freighted up the orders to eastern Canada.
  8. What the heck. Mine is still sitting at "Ready for UPS".
  9. My tracking info still states: "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated." I would guess that means the Canadian shipments are on a pallet and have been sent to Canada. Once they arrive they will be scanned and then we will see our tracking info.
  10. BC here and no second shipping notice yet. Maybe they changed their method and are shipping directly instead of all to Canada via pallet and then out from there?
  11. A few updates from the kickstarter page from Bryan. Not the best of news, but I am happy we are being notified of the progress.
  12. No shipment notification yet, but it seems like they are on to items with 10 line items or so. I only had 5 items, so I'd assume mine has been shipped and the actual shipment email is hung up somewhere.
  13. Hi Dan, Before I answer your questions I'd like to point out a few things. The first Kickstarter update that indicate there was any trouble went out May 6th - long before this point Reaper must have known that there were issues (about Canadian customs and about their lack of inventory / slow boat from China). There were little blips here and there (if you were looking at FB/Forums) about what was going on, but not via the official channel of information (Kickstarter updates). It's not just the current situation that people are frustrated about, it's been about communication throughout the whole cycle. I know a few people were also irked when Reapercon occurred and communcation went dark for a few weeks, which was supposed to be the original shipment window. Now, to answer your questions: 1&2 - Twice a month feels fair. Just to let us know things are on track or not, or let us know about any hiccups. Even just to say hello to everyone and thank them for our patience. 3 - Backers shouldn't have to dig through forums/facebook/the Kickstarter comment thread in order to find out the status of the Kickstarter. This is my main point and where I feel communication has failed the most. 4 - Deleting an email update from Reaper is simple enough if someone doesn't want the info. I can't see too many people saying 'hey, this company I gave XXX dollars to last year is updating me on the status of my stuff - how annoying!' I'm sorry my comments have rubbed anyone the wrong way, I'm excited as everyone else to get my mini's, I just really feel that there is room for improvement. If you read through the Kickstarter comments you will see that I'm not alone. The good news is that not too many people are put off about the delay - they are just put off at the lack of communication.
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