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  1. Thank you all very much for the insights and advice! All of this information is priceless to someone out of the loop such as myself and I definitely appreciate it. I have decided to begin puttering at painting some minis from the lizardmen line. I like the minis anyways and so a few of them, like the Slann mage-priest, would have been bought regardless. Who knows in a couple months I may be posting looking for places to play in the SF bay area
  2. So some friends have randomly decided they want to start playing Warhammer (not 40k). Since we all enjoy painting minis and all sorts of dorky games I feel inclined to check it out with them. I'm pretty easily entertained and enjoy most any game so far it seems. Am I likely to enjoy Warhammer? If so, does the game have any addictive facet, or can most people 'take it or leave it'? I figure if nothing else I'll own a buttload of lizardmen minis. Just in case I .. ever need a buttload of tiny lizard dudes.. I guess
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