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  1. The pledge manager does not show anything for my shipment. I only got the UPS notification and noticed there that it was in two boxes. Both of which are out for delivery today!!!!!
  2. Got my tracking number(s). I have two boxes scheduled for delivery on 4/16. One is 19.2 and the other is 33.3
  3. Holding out hope that the half of the day they plan to ship is the afternoon.
  4. The additional orders were over the course of months. And my original backer number was 30 - not sure if that would make a difference
  5. I closed my first order on 9/10 early in the day with order number 59012. In the evening I got my friend's add on's and got order number 72790. I added on 4 more times with progressively higher order numbers.
  6. Kate

    CAVCon CAV:SO at ReaperCon

    I think there is information from last year still on the ReaperCon site. Last year there was a separate purchase to get the swag, but I don't think there is this year.
  7. Kate

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I have a bunch of dice boxes (15 Halfsies Dice boxes) that will hold a complete set of 7. I am also hard to find, but try hard to meet people during the forumite bingo/meet and greet.
  8. Kate

    Anyone basing?

    I would love to join in also. I need to work on my basing skills.
  9. Kate

    Roll Call for Con

  10. Kate

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Forum name Forum pic Wed through Sun
  11. Kate

    Reaper classes?

    It will link using your email - at least it did for me. I had missed the email verification step when I originally bought my admission so had to sign up again to register for classes. Once I verified my email, it linked to my original purchase.
  12. Kate

    Reaper classes?

    I still can't get into Ian's Blending class on Sat at 1 in classroom 3
  13. Kate

    Reaper classes?

    I had never set up an account. Once I did that and verified my email to link it to my attendance ticket, I could register for classes.
  14. Kate

    Reaper classes?

    I noticed that on Thursday in the 1:00 time slot there are two classes scheduled for classroom #2 Denton ball room
  15. Kate

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I will play again also