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  1. My house closes on May 11 and we haved moved most of our stuff that was still in the house. Just have the garage and two sheds to go. My new painting room is in a state of complete disaster but all the paint is unpacked so when Bones 5 arrives I can start - maybe sooner.
  2. I called and was able to make reservations also at the con rate
  3. I was assigned a huge project at work last week and haven't had a chance to pick up a brush since. I will be painting this weekend for RVE and will hopefully finish something so I can post it. Otherwise, I am afraid I won't be on here much until I get this project on track or at least going smoothly. I hate it when management decides halfway through a project that someone should be in charge. And I am trying to get the house ready to sell and move - good times. At least everything should be done by the time Bones 5 arrives.
  4. I can't wait to get moved and get my stuff out of storage! The dire boar would have been fun or the mini-taurs. I have the Avatar of Sehkmet in my box of shame so I can do that and Darius.
  5. I got work done yesterday, but looks like today will be drywall and flooring day. Sorry for the picture, but I am currently working on a folding table in the living room with whatever I can get out of the half packed boxes. KS4 625 Stone giant champion KS4 626 Stone giant carver 77336 Stone giant 77924 skeletal chimera Not sure what I will do next week, should know and post by Tuesday. I might even have a space to set up the nice new lightbox from the RVE hobby box. I am loving the paint rack.
  6. I should be receiving the mega bundle tomorrow also. Along with all the free figures, so I will have those available to paint until I have to pack up the last of the hobby stuff - probably the day I move . I am getting paint on my current figures in the few minutes I have each day. I looked them up and am working on stone giant 77336, stone giant champion KS4 625, stone giant carver KS4 626, and a skeletal chimera 77924. I am sure my players will appreciate the new paint jobs next time they meet them. Note to all - I paint for the table for the most part. If ReaperCon is live this year, I wil
  7. The kickstarter numbers are usually different than the numbers they get when they go to retail. And I am terrible with keeping records of what I have. I will try to sit down and look up names and numbers for what I am painting this week. Normally I refer to what I have in general terms - Lysette would have been female wizard in my world. It makes filling out the spreadsheet a bit of a challenge
  8. It turns out that last week was all about getting the house ready to sell - finish tiling and sealing the new shower and removing the old fiberglass one. I have no skill in drywall and flooring so I should have time to paint this week. I found one of the boxes from my shelf of shame so will likely be finishing some stone giants this week.
  9. My experience is that their tracker is not great, but is a little better if you sign up for status texts. It is also really slow now. It has taken anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks to get my packages.
  10. I started with Bones 1 and have pretty much got everything from all of the kickstarters. Unfortunately almost all of it is packed up since we are getting the house ready to sell and move. I have a couple out that I can work on until I get moved and unpacked. I will see what I have and get started.
  11. I will join the fun. I may be moving so might get off to a slow start - house is going on the market at the end of March we hope. I have almost everything in Bones V so should not have a problem with whatever mini is picked each week.
  12. The pledge manager does not show anything for my shipment. I only got the UPS notification and noticed there that it was in two boxes. Both of which are out for delivery today!!!!!
  13. Got my tracking number(s). I have two boxes scheduled for delivery on 4/16. One is 19.2 and the other is 33.3
  14. Holding out hope that the half of the day they plan to ship is the afternoon.
  15. The additional orders were over the course of months. And my original backer number was 30 - not sure if that would make a difference
  16. I closed my first order on 9/10 early in the day with order number 59012. In the evening I got my friend's add on's and got order number 72790. I added on 4 more times with progressively higher order numbers.
  17. I think there is information from last year still on the ReaperCon site. Last year there was a separate purchase to get the swag, but I don't think there is this year.
  18. I have a bunch of dice boxes (15 Halfsies Dice boxes) that will hold a complete set of 7. I am also hard to find, but try hard to meet people during the forumite bingo/meet and greet.
  19. I would love to join in also. I need to work on my basing skills.
  20. Forum name Forum pic Wed through Sun
  21. It will link using your email - at least it did for me. I had missed the email verification step when I originally bought my admission so had to sign up again to register for classes. Once I verified my email, it linked to my original purchase.
  22. I still can't get into Ian's Blending class on Sat at 1 in classroom 3
  23. I had never set up an account. Once I did that and verified my email to link it to my attendance ticket, I could register for classes.
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