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  1. Took some bad pictures - I have to find a good place and rest my phone. I will try to get better photos for the next ones. I need basilisks in the desert to sneak up on my players -thus the color patterns. I finished the bookkeeper also, but I have no clue where he is hiding - he might have been put away while I was gathering stuff for ReaperCon. Or got vacuumed. Or went into the black hole that swallowed Mal'Drakar when I moved and now apparently my photo light box.



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  2. I had a lot of conference calls this week so I was able to do some assembling - I am on my second bottle of gorilla glue. The pile next to my desk seems undiminished. I still have the majority of the core set and a big bag from the various expansions. Sadly, I have to do actual work today and my assembly has come to a temporary halt. The weekend will be dedicated to organizing I think and hopefully painting. I have started base coating the Reaper and have some ideas for the stag.


    And I just got a box of MORE stuff from Dungeons and Lasers - buried in plastic.

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  3. I think we had decided to start with Death and/or the Celestial Stag for our first figures. Which of the two dudes with scythes is Death? The one holding an hourglass or the one swinging the scythe? To be safe I am prepping both.


    My shelves of shame are now officially a room of shame.  I think I will be bring several large totes to ReaperCon just so that I can use every spare minute to get painting done.

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  4. Those choices work for me. Even though I am in the 2nd wave, I expect to be delayed until the final containers arrive.


    I am happy to say that I almost have my hobby room set up and can paint again. I also got some quick painting in on Saturday in a hotel room while waiting for my husband to finish his Spartan race. My move unpacking has gone slowly and mysteriously I have lost one giant five headed dragon that went from the old house, to the car, to the new house and promptly disappeared. How can that beast hide? In a town house? It is a mystery. Unlike most of my stuff, it never went into storage, even though I have gone through both units just in case.

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  5. I was assigned a huge project at work last week and haven't had a chance to pick up a brush since. I will be painting this weekend for RVE and will hopefully finish something so I can post it. Otherwise, I am afraid I won't be on here much until I get this project on track or at least going smoothly. I hate it when management decides halfway through a project that someone should be in charge. And I am trying to get the house ready to sell and move - good times. At least everything should be done by the time Bones 5 arrives.

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  6. I got work done yesterday, but looks like today will be drywall and flooring day. Sorry for the picture, but I am currently working on a folding table in the living room with whatever I can get out of the half packed boxes. 

    KS4 625 Stone giant champion

    KS4 626 Stone giant carver

    77336 Stone giant

    77924 skeletal chimera


    Not sure what I will do next week, should know and post by Tuesday. I might even have a space to set up the nice new lightbox from the RVE hobby box. I am loving the paint rack.


    Paint club1.jpg

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  7. I should be receiving the mega bundle tomorrow also. Along with all the free figures, so I will have those available to paint until I have to pack up the last of the hobby stuff - probably the day I move :B):.  I am getting paint on my current figures in the few minutes I have each day. I looked them up and am working on stone giant 77336, stone giant champion KS4 625, stone giant carver KS4 626, and a skeletal chimera 77924. I am sure my players will appreciate the new paint jobs next time they meet them. Note to all - I paint for the table for the most part. If ReaperCon is live this year, I will try a little harder on something to enter.

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  8. The kickstarter numbers are usually different than the numbers they get when they go to retail. And I am terrible with keeping records of what I have. I will try to sit down and look up names and numbers for what I am painting this week. Normally I refer to what I have in general terms - Lysette would have been female wizard in my world. It makes filling out the spreadsheet a bit of a challenge ::):

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  9. It turns out that last week was all about getting the house ready to sell - finish tiling and sealing the new shower and removing the old fiberglass one. I have no skill in drywall and flooring so I should have time to paint this week. I found one of the boxes from my shelf of shame so will likely be finishing some stone giants this week. 

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  10. I started with Bones 1 and have pretty much got everything from all of the kickstarters. Unfortunately almost all of it is packed up since we are getting the house ready to sell and move. I have a couple out that I can work on until I get moved and unpacked. I will see what I have and get started.

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