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  1. 2 hours ago, Rastl said:

    Oh! Forgot I was going to ask a favor of people attending.


    If you have any empty dice boxes (such as Chessex sets) that you're not using I would love to have them. I have way too many dice sets and I'm trying to organize them. So contributions of boxes would be highly appreciated.

    I have a bunch of dice boxes (15 Halfsies Dice boxes) that will hold a complete set of 7. I am also hard to find, but try hard to meet people during the forumite bingo/meet and greet. 

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  2. It will link using your email - at least it did for me. I had missed the email verification step when I originally bought my admission so had to sign up again to register for classes. Once I verified my email, it linked to my original purchase.


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  3. I decided to participate in order to try to make some headway on my vast collection of unpainted neglected minis. My sister was visiting so although I painted, I have not been on the computer until today. I got out a bunch of figures that I thought that I could finish. I started with some simple ones since I had company and so far am pretty much on schedule with 18 completed.



    I have torture chamber accessories, 12 goblins, and the goblin drummer and drum carrier from Bones 3.


    Still on deck:



    Thanks to my sickly dogs and my husbands use of electrolytes for his races, I have an unending supply of holders. What it really serves to do is make me go in and put paint on figures when I see so many ready. Behind those, I have a bunch of "shelf of shame" figures that are destined for the Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge. I am so hoping to get many figures off the table this month. And get better pictures going forward.

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  4. I love that it is on my birthday weekend. Easy present to ask for. Unfortunately I don't know if we will be able to go next year because I am spending all my money on the dogs' vet bills. Good thing I love them. Hopefully after next week all their health issues will be taken care of and I can start saving money. Otherwise I will be begging someone to pick up my swag and VIP bags.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, epimys said:

    Still looking for a ride to/from the Meet&Greet Wednesday night.  I'll be at the Fairfield, but don't mind meeting at the HGI, if needed.  Anyone?


    I will have a car and can give you a ride. We are at the HGI so you could either walk over or we can swing by.

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  6. 23 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

    TSA is going to have so much fun with my checked bag.. possibly a pistol case full of paint and at least one bubble wrapped bottle of mead.. 

    This sounds suspiciously like my checked bag except I have double the questionable items! I'm also looking forward to going through security with my carryon filled with my paint entries - all nicely wrapped and boxed. 

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