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  1. Time to take a break, feed the animals and myself. Necks are all on and minor color changes to the body so the necks look better. I still have work to do on the body and heads, but I am going to start on the wings. I hate wings. Unless they are coated with lemon pepper and served with blue cheese dressing.
  2. I made good progress last night while staying up to find out if the cheap place I found for my husband to stay in Hawaii was "awesome" or "you must hate me". He reported it was better than awesome, right on the ocean and across the bay from his race with free laundry (Spartan races are muddy so big win for me - more Bones 4 goodies!) Today I am going to put the necks on and start blending. I have put off this step because it is already hard to hold the body and maneuver it around. I think it won't sit on the base so well either as it tends to tip forward without
  3. This year we are flying into Love Field but will have a rental car if anyone is arriving around 2 on Wed or leaving around 5 on Sunday.
  4. Fortunately I was able to take 3 days off work so I have had lots of time....too much time according to my back. I normally paint fast anyway. Glazing is not a skill I have acquired at this point so paint goes on all at once. I think the sepia liner didn't give me trouble because it was only on one head and the pointy bits so not much if any handling. My biggest upcoming challenges will be to blend the necks in, minimized to some extent by the way I did the body, and I have no clue what I am doing with the wings.
  5. Great advice everyone! I have the base coat on the dragon and heads. I am glad he sits on his base so well because it is much easier to paint parts of him sitting on the base. He also takes better pictures that way too. I am going to glue the other necks on next, then put some paint on the wings while everything dries well.
  6. Pain in the butt doesn't even begin to describe painting that thing. Every time I think it is covered, I see another white speck.
  7. I haven't had any issues with paint rubbing off. It is the tiny white specks that appear like magic that are giving me the most trouble. I have not been particularly careful when holding the pieces so am pleased the paint is sticking so well.
  8. Many distractions today, but I finished (for now) the base. I will do more if I have time at the end. I have also got the liner on the dragon's body and heads. I used all the colors! sepia, green, red, violet, and blue. The eyes are holly berry. There are A LOT of nooks and crannies.
  9. Done for the night. I dry brushed the bases with Bones Mountain Stone, Highland Moss, Redstone, and Stone Grey. This is not how my painting table normally looks. I had to clean out the room for my sister's visit. I have confidence it will soon return to cluttered chaos. It is a six foot table so I am still able to slide everything out of the frame.
  10. I haven't quite decided on the assembly. So far I can get to everything. I am afraid that if I put the other necks on it might get hard to hold, but I will see tomorrow. I sort of have a paint scheme. I want to change the black to a purple and the white to yellow so it is closer to the color spectrum. I am not sure I can do the yellow though - it will likely be white shaded with yellow. Totally this!
  11. Grey liner on the base and the heads & legs glued to Ma'al. I think I needed to scrub the recessed areas a bit better but overall the paint is going on well.
  12. Home from work, dogs fed,chickens fed - ready to go. I think. I have the next 3 days off work so hoping to get lots of time to paint.
  13. #18 !! Now to take a quick look before going to my meeting. Second time in a row I missed the beginning of a meeting - must have priorities after all.
  14. Yes, I have not quite started F5 F5 F5 on Kickstarter yet. I have limited funds to start this time after spending most of what I saved on emergency vet bills, but will add what I can during and after in the pledge manager. I will likely end up with all of the things. Except chibis and mouslings - I am not that fond of them. I am glad they are there for other folks though.
  15. Nice! I will be joining you in this madness this evening.
  16. I have a "conference call" at the critical time.
  17. Kate

    Factory tours?

    Last year we drove and met up with the tour. We had asked if that would be a problem and were told that it would not be. It gave us more time to look around and buy more stuff. That might be an issue since we are flying this year (note to self, bring extra suitcases.)
  18. I have not even started any painting yet and have been invaded by relatives for the past month. I will regain access to my painting room next week - happy dance - and hopefully will get started on something. Or, more likely, I will panic in September.
  19. Kate

    Reapercon classes

    Fortunately I telework on Fridays.
  20. Perfect timing! My husband will be in Hawaii that weekend doing his Spartan races so I will have no distractions like pesky yardwork. Or vacuuming, scheduled meals, etc. If I schedule it right, I will have just enough time when I'm finished to make it look like a civilized human occupied the house while he was gone
  21. We may also have space in our rental. It is supposed to be a 2 or 4 door mid-size, Chevy Cruze or similar. Generally we end up with a "similar" of some completely random size. We land at Love Field (DAL) at 1:55 on Wed if anyone needs a ride from the airport. Sadly we have to leave this year on Sunday late afternoon/evening.
  22. Kate


    I just checked and found that Virginia's extension ends Oct 1, 2017 but is expected to be granted again until Oct 1, 2018 when our new licenses will be issued. I think I will bring my passport just in case. I am flying out of DC which is already a pain, no reason to add an extra layer of headache.
  23. Join: yes (another first timer) Location: Virginia International: if needed Start box: no
  24. Hi, I am Kate, Kathy, Katherine or any other variation. I have been playing D&D since I started college in 1980 and have played all versions until the 4th when we switched to Path Finder. I have been playing with the same core group the entire time although we only get together once a month or so now. I have played several other systems, but the one we play most often when not playing PF is Call of Cthulhu. Apparently insanity suits us. I first painted minis off and on during the 80's and early 90's - mostly Ral Partha I think. There was a long break until Paizo se
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