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  1. I spent much of the weekend doing an inventory and fitting parts. Kudos to Reaper Katie for pulling my 93 item pick list perfectly. The only issue I had was that the single axe frost giant warriors from one of my sets was missing his left arm. Currently I am inclined to fill the hole with green stuff and give him a scar rather than ask for a replacement. It would make him unique anld fun to play - too bad the player's characters have such a strong resemblance to the ones who did it.
  2. I usually host. My group is scattered across the area but I am the only one with dogs. Any event over 6 hours including travel time means the dogs come with me. Generally it is easier for everyone to come to my house. I also host an annual summer bbq, now known as Flamefest after an unfortunate incident with the gas grill 6 or 7 years ago. It left the premises that day and I only cook/smoke with charcoal now. Lost a king sized blanket that day too trying to put that sucker out.
  3. My package has arrived in the state - 4 hours away but still in the state and scheduled for delivery tomorrow!
  4. I have one of everything, but also a second Mythos expansion, Dagon, and a bunch of giants for a friend. UPS now says it will be delivered on Friday - my telework day so happy dance. I MIGHT be able to wait until Saturday when my friend comes over to open the box - or not.
  5. My shipping info says my box is 45.8 pounds. I think I need to do more clearing.
  6. My shipment received postage at 3:33 EDT, 15 minutes after I shut off my computer and started getting my stuff together to head home! I guess it is time to organize my painting room - or wait until it gets here. Clearly my destiny is House Procrastinus.
  7. I have pledged for all the Bones Kickstarters and have no will power so pretty much for all of the things. I have "20" plastic bins of various sizes to sort Bones 3 into, some (many) of which still have Bones 2 waiting to be painted. I will definitely pledge for Bones 4, have a strict budget, and will exceed it getting all of the things. Clearly, given the evidence, I can never have enough Bones!
  8. Last move was May of 2007 so that the dog could have a yard Next move will be in 6 - 9 years depending on whether we think we can make it to full retirement at work. Minimum retirement age is a bear some days. Then off to somewhere tropical with cheap insurance - likely Costa Rica. Luckily a quick flight to Florida to pick up my Bones X
  9. I wouldn't have one or ride in one. I am a technical adviser on a connected vehicle project and have spent the last four years fighting to insure that the devices that send information to the vehicles have some sort of security before they are connected to my traffic signals. The traffic industry is just now beginning to think about security and only reluctantly. Beyond security, the infrastructure has to be in good condition. The current driverless vehicles require good roadway markings to help stay in the lanes. We have had to restripe the roads for google to test their vehicles.
  10. First order placed - paint set, christmas rogue, and pack reindeer. Next is the wrapping dragon, then see if I can scrape together enough for another order or two.
  11. Everyone should enter the competition! This was my first year and I was terrified to enter. I finally decided that since I had just dragged them 1300 miles I may as well enter them. I got bronze in both categories I entered - shocked and happy. Now I am busy planning what to do for next year.
  12. I am dropping ub3r_n3rd off at Love Field on Sunday evening - room for 3 more Monday early AM - dropping Chaoswolf and Cannuckotter off at DFW - room for 2 more
  13. I have already packed chocolate and may have time to do some baking. I also asked my husband to bring back a bottle of spiced rum from Hawaii.
  14. I have a minivan so plenty of room.
  15. We are driving so very flexible - it would be no problem taking you to the airport. Our intention was to be on the road no later than 7 so this totally works.
  16. I would like to do the basic training and paint & take.
  17. I am taking ub3r_n3rd to Love Field Sunday evening and have room for 3 more. We are leaving town early Monday morning and can go by way of either airport.
  18. I have seen several mentions of mechanics gloves and a stick, such as a chop stick to search the melt pile.
  19. We could be convinced to leave HGI between 3 and 3:30 am on Monday if you need a ride. We are heading home to Northern Virginia by way of New Orleans, Florida, and South Carolina (Spartan race the following Sat) and were planning to head out early. We wanted the option to stop and see things on the way. We normally get up at that time for work anyway so no big deal.
  20. I can drop people off at the airport Monday morning on my way out of town if anyone has early flights.
  21. No trouble! Since you are the first to ask, we shall be going to Love Field Sunday evening if anyone else needs a ride. We would have room for 3 or 4 more.
  22. I would be happy to drive you to the airport on Sunday evening. I will be in class when you arrive though. I have a minivan so I could take a few others too. We aren't heading out until the next morning. I am pegged at 100% introvert on the Meyers-Briggs scale so am forcing myself to interact by freely offering rides during ReaperCon.
  23. I had planned to throw a table and some chairs into my van, which I would be happy to let people use if a space is found for late night gaming.
  24. I am sending him to Hawaii next week for a whole weekend of races so that should count for something Sadly, I also have the dog hobby and occasionally make him do that too! That is the one that also keeps from spectating at his races - it is expensive to find someone to watch four big dogs.
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