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  1. There may be an unfortunate trade off where I have to participate more in his hobby - Spartan Races. He apparently thinks old and out of shape will not result in untimely death whereas I feel that merely watching it on TV is entirely too exhausting.
  2. My husband is reluctant to paint but he said he would be willing to take basing classes - baby steps into the madness.
  3. Isn't Pennsic on Eastern Daylight time, which would mean that noon in Texas would be 1 here? I think you might be okay.
  4. I am driving and have no limitations on space. Would there be any benefit to throwing in a folding table and a couple of chairs?
  5. I am pretty sure I have a "teleconference" and will need to shut my office door with a do not disturb sign
  6. Do you have a general idea of cost per class? I want to make sure I set aside some money from my paycheck this week.
  7. The same thing happens to me only it does not log me out. I have remained logged in since buying my tickets, but every day it has switched me to maggotcrown. I have to click on Dustwarden twice to get the background to change or go to my itinerary at which point it changes.
  8. No problem, he doesn't care about the miniatures (I know, heresy), he thought the description was cool. I am all about making things simple and less work!
  9. How do you select factions if you buy more than one ticket? I have chosen Duskwarden and my husband wants Bonehenge.
  10. At first I couldn't click on the link. I went to my account and filled in my name, went back and it was fine. I asked for my name though again when I went back to the home page but other than that it worked fine. VIP tickets purchased and I am ready to hit the road.
  11. Tickets purchased, bags packed.....what, it's not October yet?!
  12. I will be coming in on the 19th. We are leaving home on the 18th and plan to drive as far as Nashville. Google says it is 10 - 11 hours from there so should arrive late afternoon.
  13. I got him to go by plotting the trip home through New Orleans, St Augustine and ending up in South Carolina the following Saturday for his hobby - obstacle course racing (Spartan Beast). I agreed to watch a bunch of people in far better shape than I am doing absolutely insane things and then drive the final 8 hours home.
  14. My husband doesn't paint and only games when he can't find a good excuse to get away. He does love craft beer so I found several breweries and, even better, a nearby taphouse where he can fill his growlers (many different beers in one easy trip.) He enjoys gaming much more when properly lubricated.
  15. I will be at the HGI and am driving so can give rides back and forth.
  16. I am late to this thread. Your house looks awesome. To heat/cool your woodshop/garage, I would recommend the Mitsubishi Mr Slim. We use it in our garage which is insulation challenged (50 years old with gaps around doors and windows) and it works better than our house's central AC.
  17. The labels are great. I will be relabeling this weekend! Did you notice that ReaperBryan's latest color swatches had 4 new HD colors? I didn't have them on my spreadsheets so I think they might be new: 29851 Tropical Aqua, 29852 Dwarven Flesh, 29853 Rosy Pink, and 29854 Arctic Grey.
  18. I would love a walk - my fitness watch thing gets so cranky when I don't walk my 10,000 steps. I would rather walk outside than have to go to the Planet Fitness next to the con site just to reach my goal! Maybe I can even work up to a slow jog by then - although my knee is saying no.
  19. I will have a minivan and am happy to shuttle people back and forth. We have a ten hour drive on Wednesday so I am not sure we can help anyone arriving at the airport before the evening, but can help get to the airport at the end. We are leaving Monday morning for our trip back to Virginia by way of New Orleans and St Augustine so would have no problem helping with the early flights.
  20. I live in Warrenton, VA and this area is full of history, wineries, breweries, and things to do. We are 2 hours from Richmond, Gettysburg, and Baltimore, just over an hour to Antietam and about 3 to Williamsburg. I also work on the northern Virginia traffic signal system so can tell you how to avoid the worst of the traffic. My mom worked for a senator, then the State Department so I pretty much grew up in Washington and the suburbs. I don't think you would want to spend your entire time in Richmond because there is not that much there and anyplace except Williamsburg that you would wa
  21. alone time - extroverts just don't understand collecting minis - my friends can't understand why I need all of them even if they may never appear on the table. minis - I work with people who are mostly from the rural backwoods of Virginia. Poker is the only game they know.
  22. Finish the zombicide figures Organize my work area (again) and keep it organized Improve painting of eyes Base more figures - not just the ones that fall over and need to be glued to a boulder, tree, etc - I'm talking to you Deathsleet and Jabberwock Attend my first Reapercon Make some progress on the Bones2 figures before Bones3 arrives
  23. I am using a seven drawer rolling wood storage cabinet. It is the same height as my painting table and the drawers are just a bit taller than a reaper paint bottle. I paint the top of the caps so the drawers work perfectly for me. I have space for all my paints (almost all of the available Reaper colors, plus a bunch of others) and still have two drawers for other stuff. I should be able to fit all of the soon to be released paints in the existing paint drawers. I have them loosely organized by color. So far this is the best solution I have come up with and gives me an additional flat surface
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