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  1. 40 hours, unless there is snow, hurricane, major incidents or anything else that affects traffic. Then I work 12+ hour shifts until the end of the event. Otherwise, I am on call all of the time in case the network or computer system goes down.
  2. One story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath red brick house on just under an acre. The large backyard is fenced to contain 4 dogs and 18 chickens (started the year with 25 but hawks, foxes, circle of life...). My painting table is in the living room in front of the big window for light and TV. My husband fights a never ending battle against dog hair and my clutter. We have a garage that is dedicated to brewing beer, tools, and exercise stuff.
  3. If I can make it this year (unexpected $4K vet bills really suck), I will have a van that will hold 7 (very) friendly people. I will be happy to shuttle people back and forth.
  4. My chances of going this year dropped drastically three weeks ago when my dog ruptured his ACL and cost me $4000 to repair. But in a spirit of optimism I have booked a room since there is no deposit and good cancellation policy. Now I'm hoping for lots of snow/overtime this winter or maybe a winning lottery ticket!
  5. My room is booked! Wed night through Sun night
  6. And I was so close to having all of the paints!
  7. Her movie, The Black Swan with Tyrone Powers is one of the best in my pirate movie collection.
  8. My package was 20 miles away yesterday, but not expected to arrive until tomorrow. I love the post office.
  9. I'm driving 19 hours, but I am used to driving 29 to visit family in South Dakota. I want to be somewhat conscious at the meet and greet though so stopping overnight in Memphis. I have already mapped out my route, checked out hotels along the way (and breweries to keep my awesome husband happy) - I may be a little excited
  10. Things to bring to my first ReaperCon: bottle of good rum or scotch - probably both what else? I will be driving so space is not an issue - good thing because husband wants to bring the HUGE marine cooler for the craft beers we accumulate along the way.
  11. My birthday is the Friday during ReaperCon. I pointed out to my husband that the trip would be a perfect birthday present.
  12. @ Matbar My dogs love the chickens and follow them everywhere. The only dog that will eat them is my Mom's dog (my normal dogsitter) but she will be in South Dakota visiting family. It is looking like my husband's son might be able to do it so now looking at things to do for a week between fun convention and insane Spartan race.
  13. I would be willing to play. My friend ran a game using the original rules once and it was fun causing me to support the KS for the new color version.
  14. I am super excited that I may actually get to attend for the first time. The only issue at the moment is finding someone good to watch the dogs and chickens for a week or so. I have plenty of time to look. It helps that it is on my birthday and what better gift! And my husband can run the Spartan race the next weekend (or if we are very lucky, the same weekend.) He will be happy. I love to paint so am looking forward to the classes so that I can do it well or at least better. My husband is a willing, if not enthusiastic gamer but as long as he can find decent craft beer he will go anyw
  15. The new timing is almost perfect for me. I can indulge my hobby then the following weekend my husband can run the Dallas Spartan race. Now if I can figure out the logistics - someone to watch the dogs and chickens, a cheap hotel for the week, and the economics of driving vs flying/renting a car. We would likely drive since it is only 19 hours so could shuttle people around in our van. I need to start looking for a house sitter!
  16. Those were definitely options of last resort after months of trying to get the issues resolved. The sorting annex manager had sort of suggested earlier that I should speak to the postmaster and implied that I was not the only one having problems with the carrier. Speaking as a government employee myself, it is very difficult to do anything about bad employees without outside complaints. The nuclear option is to speak to your local elected officials. Our management is terrified of them (at least in the transportation department where I work.)
  17. Unfortunately there is a small lane about a half mile down the road. The mailboxes for the five houses are all clustered at the end of the lane on my road and one of the houses has the same house number as mine. Many of my packages end up there, especially if a particular carrier has my route. She was horrible. She never wanted to get out of her truck so I would find packages on the hood of my car or sitting in the middle of my driveway. Once she scanned a package as delivered but did not even take it off her truck. Last summer I got two tracking slips that showed as delivered so I called
  18. Let's see - one ginormous dragon check time to paint - hey boss, I caught the plague, won't be in check size 0 brushes - a bunch - check experience - not much but hey, that just means I don't know what can't be done count me in - ready for an epic journey!
  19. I wash all my pieces and use Loctite, but there were a couple that I needed to rough up a bit with a file to get them to bond.
  20. After July 4 would be great when I get my (small) raise. More bones!
  21. I would like to see a caravan - horses, camels, wagons, guards, cargo, etc
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