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  1. Who were the winners? When will studio pics be made available of all the winning entries in the Painted Showcase gallery? Tommy.
  2. Okay, so the con's underway - so now the all important question for those of us who can't go: When will the Sophie miniature be available for purchase at the Online Store?? Tommy.
  3. Hey guys! I have a very urgent request - I need to know exactly which colours are in the MSP sample strip pots supplied with the Overlords box set. This is the vacuum-sealed pack of two strips which comes in the new Overlords box. I cannot find this information anywhere here on the website, but I need to know quick. If anyone has this info, please post it here. Thanks! Tommy
  4. Something has been going wrong with the boards the last 24 hours. Things are so slow that pages - particularly "new post" pages - are taking nearly ten minutes to fully load, smileys are only working haphazardly, even Firefox is regularly grinding to a near total halt and "Timing Out" when trying to bring-up pages. What's up?????? Tommy. :(
  5. This was posted on the WargamerAU site : Totengraber's Paint Database It's a list this fella has drawn-up of various manufacturers' paints with colour swatches & equivalencies from other brands. See what you think... Tommy.
  6. Yo. I'm currently experiencing something VERY strange on my pallette. None, and I mean NONE of my MSP reds are giving coverage. Not one. I've tried the Red Brick, Deep Red, Blood Red lot and also the Bloodstain Red, Clotted Red, Carnage Red lot and none of them are working. This is seriously driving me NUTS. All have been shaken THOROUGHLY, as well as tried thinned with varying amounts of additives, and even tried minus any thinner whatsoever. Has anyone else had this happen???????? Tommy.
  7. Every so often, some poor chump posts some kinda "I Wub Kitties" thread here. There hasn't been one for a while - which has been just fine by me as I ain't exactly a cat person (or maybe cats just ain't exactly Tommy people... I dunno). All the same, I thought I'd post this for your amusement : CATS THAT LOOK LIKE HITLER! Enjoy! Tommy.
  8. Howdy guys! Looking for a little help here, if I may. I have a nice little way of doing a warm red-gold NMM, but a figure currently on my workbench calls for a cold NMM gold. I know I've seen kickarse jobs with this kind of effect elsewhere, but I have no idea as to the recipe used. If anyone has one - preferably one using MSP's, as that's what I'm using myself - I'd be much appreciative if you could enlighten me (preferably with a picture showing the result too, if possible). I realise this is a big ask, but I'm kinda stuck right now... Tommy.
  9. Can Green & Brown Stuff be mixed together when sculpting? Does anyone here do this? What is the result? Tommy. PS: I'm talking about the putty, not the smokeable elements combined & imbibed during the "Inspiration"-phase... T.
  10. I'm looking to order some goodies that I can't readily get here in Australia from the CoolMiniorNot store here : http://www.coolminiornot.com/store/section.php?xSec=13 Now, when I go to open an account, just under "Customer Login", something wierd happens. A little box pops up telling me something along the lines that "Website Certified By Unknown Authority" and that it's a security risk. This happens on both WE and Firefox. Does anyone who knows about this kinda thing have any idea if this is fine/bad/evil/irrelevant/etc.??? Tommy.
  11. Never seen this before, and it just popped up on a local forum. Had to post it here : The ROFLCOPTERS! Tommy.
  12. Howdy guys! *I have a question: Does anyone here have a good method for sculpting eyes? Every sculpting tutorial I have come across is actually useless on this point, as they tend to stop at "add the eyes" rather than actually explain how to sculpt them. Do you guys have any tips on this you'd be able to share? Tommy.
  13. 03086: The Shadow King by Derek Schubert Why does this figure have six digits on each hand? Tommy.
  14. From previous threads & discussions we've had on the Reaper Boards, I've noticed that there's a fair few Sabbath/Led Zep/Deep Purple/Hendrix fans who paint and who post here. With that in mind I figured posting this was appropriate and that it was something which alot of people here might really enjoy. I got put onto a local Aussie band called "Wolfmother" by a mate a little while back. They've been out for a fair while but I hadn't got around to hearing any of their material (although it turns out I had heard a little bit of it on TV ads, etc.). I got given their CD for my birthday a few weeks back and it ROCKS!!! I don't know if many of you guys have heard of them over in the 'States (they apparently toured there last year), or if they've had any radio air-time (quite possibly not) but they've got an awesome, polished sound and a kinda old-school feel which for me being a big Black Sabbath listener was instantly recognisable. Apparently they've bagged an absolute shipload of awards too! It's really, really good painting music (hell, and driving music and everything else really! ), and you'll notice on the website & cover art that these guys are obviously big Frazetta fans as well! Here's a link to their site: Wolfmother Home-Site You can listen to full length songs there (two of my favourites: Dimension, White Unicorn). Somebody's apparently also put up a Wikipedia entry, which is good for general background & info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfmother Anyway, go check it out - these guys are a top local act and truly kick arse! Tommy.
  15. Did the Reapergames site get scrambled as well during all the recent tinkering, or does it re-set every July 1st (or something)? I just went and verified a whole mess of reports in Seros province, but according to the little window that pops up when you drag the mouse over the province on the Balance of Power screen there's only been six games played in there. I'm sure there's been more than that since January 1st this year. What happened? Tommy.
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