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  1. What are the guidelines for the Virtual CAVCON tournament? As I have next to no actual play experience I am still working on a Force Group and all I can remember was a 4500 TVP limit and C3 points. I am using the FM app to create my FG and I assume that any FG I create with FM would be legal (if not particularly effective ). FM lists 'bonus' points. Are they included in the guidelines?
  2. In preparation for the first Flash Point I'm working on a Merc Force from Terran territory. What is the general convention for unit accessibility for Mercs? I know 'Open' models are available. I also note that there is an number of 'Independent' units. Are they essentially the same as Open? Are Terran units also available? Or are they available only to the Terran Legions?
  3. Ok, I spent some time looking closer at the CAVCP and CAVFM and have identified that I am getting a "DoSendMenuOpenCloseEvent" error in both CP and FM and it occurs any time I access a drop-down menu. For FM this includes the "File", "Options", and "Help" menus. In CP it happens for both the "File" and "Help" menu. The error dialog gives you three options: "Yes", to close the program, "No", to continue without closing the program, and "Cancel", to proceed with the program but to suppress this error in the future. I have encountered a few instances that the program crashed, but I'm not sure wha
  4. Played with FM last night. Things seemed to work fine. I did get a pop-up with an error but had the option to quit or suppress the error and continue. I took the latter option and proceeded to build a Force Group. I set the TVP for the group to 18000, just so I could keep building. Ended up with 15000+ before I decided things were working well. I also tinkered with CP a bit and made up a "Rakshasa" for the Ritterlich. Things work ed well, even to saving the file and exporting as a PDF. I didn't try to load it as part of my FM exercise, but I'll give that a shot later today.
  5. I'm currently working on getting CAVCP/CAVFM running on MacOS Catalina and will be documenting how things are going here. Background: I have, in the past, managed to get the apps working by using Winebottler, which creates a WineWrapper that works well enough though there is a number of hoops to jump through and requires a new wrapper for every new version of CAVCP/FM. The hoops are also, for me at least, a bit cryptic. Of course Winebottler is free. The big issue for me right now though is that I am running Catalina and Winebottler, from what I understand, doesn't do 32-bit o
  6. It's been ages since we've seen any halflings () in bones so I figure we're due, so I'm putting in a request for Roderic Ambermead and Glitter. Especially a set in a more kinetic pose!
  7. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on a few Kodiaks!!
  8. I knew I had a few more pieces I wanted but the ship wasn't one of them . . . then I saw the pics of the Ship assembled with minis onboard . . . I'm REALLY not done yet.
  9. Every time I tell myself "I think I'm done", it turns out I'm not . . .
  10. I've been rather slow with my pledges this time around but I did get my initial pledge in the day the PM opened. I am really happy Reaper has moved the PM closing out to Jan 31st. There's a few more pieces I want to get . . .
  11. It looks like the forthcoming Kodiak is a big one . . .
  12. Aaaaaand my wife's reward ca=m in on Thursday.
  13. I got mine but my wife is still waiting for hers.
  14. And today I picked up the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer so I can check for myself what the real difference is.
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