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  1. BIG STOMPY ROBOTS!!!!! (With soft Squishy Insides!!!) By th way, my puppy ate the f5 key . . . No, not really. I broke it . . .
  2. What would make a better outrider than a halfling mounted on a flying creature. Dragon with a halfling riding it would be awesome! Though I suspect the dragon should be scaled down a bit . . . like maybe to the size of Glitter!
  3. Drakes of all shapes and sizes would be good. As a DM I have a thing for dragon kind but could use more of them that are not Dragons. I guess I could just pick up lots of Glitters and call them gold drakes . . . Sure would be easier of Glitter was in bones . . .
  4. Maredudd

    Starship III - Fully 3D Printable 28mm Spaceships

    I haven't decided if the big ship is for me . . . I think it depends on what variations they have in mind.
  5. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Oh mannnnnnn! I can just see Roderic and Glitter on top of the main mast! ready to destroy any pirates that get close!!
  6. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Have no fear! Halfling Hero is here!! Now all we need is a halfling paladin riding a small gold dragon . . .
  7. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I like these as well and will likely get an extra set or two. I have only seen pics of three renders here. Are there pics of the rest somewhere?
  8. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 5: Information Thread

    I just realized something . . . The core set numbering starts with 101 and currently ends with 214. The Add-Ons start with 201-262. I would have expected the pieces to have unique numbers for clearer identification later. Is this how it was done in the previous kickstarters? Honestly I never noticed it before but I've gotten into doing up my own tracking excel, so I spotted it . . .
  9. I have a diorama I want to make based on the Ride of the Valkyrie only I'll call it the Ride of the Halflingyrie, but to do that I need a halfling riding a small gold dragon! Sort of like this, only with a more kinetic pose . . .
  10. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Wave 1 #359! I'd a been sooner but I forgot to make sure I had money in the right place . . .
  11. Maredudd

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    Dire Broccoli! Have mercy on us! Broccolli on it’s own is already dire!
  12. Maredudd

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    Finally finished the inventory for my Bones IV rewards with all present and accounted for! Bring on Bones V!!
  13. I'd like a bones Rakshasa . . . Do we already have a Bones Rakshasa? If we don't we really need on . . . A male and a female one . . . Oh, and a non-rakshasa halfling named Roderic riding a non-rakshasa gold dragon named Glitter . . .