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  1. Maredudd

    Stuff I learned watching Reaper Live #36.

    I found the Reaper Live (#37) but found it just before the giveaway. Now I have to wait until the post the non-live version to see what I missed!
  2. Maredudd

    Stuff I learned watching Reaper Live #36.

    You are correct. Just watched that section of last weeks Reaper Live, though they did say 'next week'. They listed the items above and said there would be others, but that they needed to get the inventory of extra stuff and may spread the items over several weeks.
  3. Maredudd

    Stuff I learned watching Reaper Live #36.

    I thought I heard something about the Stygean Boat maybe being made available this week, but I could be wrong. I'll pull up the recording and give it a relisten.
  4. So it looks like the extra Expansions may be going up in the next week. Gotta haunt the Reaper Social Media outlets like a ghoul looking for it's next meal!
  5. Just realized two things . . . 1) The links above aren't working. At least not for me . . . Later today I'll try to go in and fix them. 2) Bones IV included a sabertooth tiger as part of the Hill Giant Hunter set.
  6. Oh god! I forgot about that! I'll need to make sure I watch Reaper Live!
  7. It's been, well, awhile since I got my Bones and I still haven't had the chance to complete a thorough inventory. As of right now I'm planning to take the first week of June off so maybe then. I think I'll schedule a Painting Day with my gaming group as well . . .
  8. That's the level of detail I'm seeing on my Raptors. Just checked.
  9. I'm a hoarder . . . Well, that's what my wife says anyway . . . Bones I - IV, Core Set for each, Some Add-Ons and Core Extras, with Bones II being my lightest Bones KS and IV being my largest. I have assembled a few pieces and painted even less. I've painted more CAV stuff than fantasy, but I've friends who come over and paint on occasion. Makes for a good social occasion. As I stated in a recent post, I'm going to start assembling some pieces so that they can be used for games. Some models will be partially assembled, likely the bigger ones, in hopes of inspiring me to start painting again. My wife has promised to help me learn to airbrush*. In my first attempt at assembling minis, I realized that assembling while trying to complete an inventory will ensure the inventory will never get done, so I've reorganized everything, putting the 'assembled' stuff away, it's already inventoried, and starting this next week I'll focus on completing the inventory. Then I'll start the concerted assembly effort. Then I'll schedule more painting days with my friends. * She used to do airbrush for a living 30+ years ago in Panama City, on the beach, and then again when she worked in the construction industry as a construction artist, if that's the correct term. She also did scenic design for TV shows and Conventions, sign work for a number of 'amusement parks' in the I-4 corridor in FL, and finally designed, cut, coated, and painted architectural design elements for 8 years after we got married. The takeaway from this is that SHE is the artist . . .
  10. Hi Folks! Looking at the Dragon Turtle and have a question but first I want to note that I have the clear ‘swim’ stand. For my question, does everyone else’s turtle have a ridge-point ‘broken’? It would be on the port side, second ridge from the edge, just aft of the midsection. The turtle pieces are a little loose for a dry-fit, but the do fo together otherwise. The base is ok but at least one piece was a tough fit. Addendum: I’ve mostly convinced myself that it’s intentional and represents damage taken by the turtle as it aged.
  11. Thanks Folks for all the responses to my early assembly question. From Bones 1 through 3 I have held off on assembly until I was ready to paint, and then have actually only painted a number of figures that did not require assembly. I like the potential for seeing a really neat figure that has been assembled, even if only partially, and suddenly being inspired to paint it. I also completely understand assembling simply to use them on the table as I am currently running my group through SKT and could have used even the smaller giants from the earlier Bones KSs. I do have a small collection of WotC minis from the 90's, but the party has gotten a little tired of every giant looking like a hill giant. So starting with Bones IV I'll start doing some early assembly. I liked the idea of assembling the smaller figures, and only partially assembling the larger ones, like the dragons and the otherwise more complex figures, if it looks like it would make painting some areas more difficult. Thanks again everyone how has responded so far, and for those who have yet to respond. I'll take it all in!
  12. Well, out on S/L today so I think I'll finally begin the detailed inventory of my BBB0B! I've noted the a lot of you folks actually assemble sooner than later. I was planning on doing at least a dry fit to ensure all the pieces-parts where there and or not damaged, but I do have a bottle of super glue handy, and will be making at least one run to the store today to pick up another bottle or two (or three). Not that there really needs to be a reason, but I was wondering why the whole-sale assembly right up front? On the other hand, now that I've written out my question, I can imagine how cool it would be to put even the untainted minis, or not so minis depending on the figure in question, on display, driving me to a solution to the storage problem that also satisfies the final display problem. Addendum: For those that do preassemble, are there some figures that you don't preassemble for reasons of making the painting more difficult?
  13. It’s been two days since my BBBoBs was delivered and I just now noticed the note the delivery guy put down in the record on the “Delivered” note. Delivered: Met Customer Man
  14. I figured out where the Lantern Stick went!
  15. Maredudd

    Cats & Catacombs

    What @Orlando_the_Technicoloured said! My wife and I both backed the Doggies KS (independently, without each others knowledge. ) and it is the FIRST KS I've backed that delivered early.