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  1. On 3/18/2022 at 6:09 AM, Glitterwolf said:


    @Maredudd Your wish has been fulfilled!!!

    The Halfling on a dragon is in there!



    Does anyone knows if Bones VI will be manufactured in the USA?

    Or are there still parts being made in China?




    I saw a post on FB last night and was a bit excited . . . Ok, a bit more than excited!!

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  2. Hi Folks!


    Just thought I'd drop by and say I think a resculpt of Roderic and Glitter for Bones 6 would be awesome! There's nothing wrong with the original sculpt and if that was what we could get I'd be ok with that, but I think it would be even more awesome if we could get the pair in an action pose! Even more awesome would be if we could get the current sculpt and a more kinetic sculpt into Bones 6!

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  3. On 8/26/2021 at 8:18 PM, YronimosW said:


    And I'm not familiar with the characters, but if there's another Fan Favorites expansion, if someone would be kind enough to grant this gentleman's humble request, that would be fantastic - I don't think I know of a more dedicated and patient fan of Reaper's characters ūüôā



    Wow! Thanks!


    Oh, and while I'm at it, I really would like to see Roderic Ambermead and Glitter brought to Bones! It would make building an arial squad so much easier, and less expensive, for my Warlord Halfing Faction!¬†ūüėĄ

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  4. 1 hour ago, pinkymadigan said:

    Likely just a delay in the notification queue.

    Also check your spam folder, and double check the email you used on the PM.

    I'm Wave 1, backer 421 and still haven't received an email, but the trusty UPS app on my phone has already let me know that my package has left DFW on it's trip to the East Coast! The email queue seems to be significantly backed up, but i wouldn't worry . . . 

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  5. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!


    My package will be here by Thursday!


    Wave #1, Backer 421!!


    17.9 lbs! Gotta clean my game room table off!


    Ok, technically I didn't gt an email but I do have the UPS app on my phone and my package showed up in it.¬†ūü§™


    Aaaaaand my package has left DFW on it's way to me, so it just might make it here (FL-East Coast) by Thursday!

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  6. On 6/25/2021 at 1:11 AM, ksbsnowowl said:

    Update from tonight’s Reaper Live; the container that arrived today was largely Bones retail restocks, but did also contain Nathavarr dragon power-ups for Bones 5.  Ed said Nathavarr was in the bulk of the orders that would have been held up. 

    Still waiting on GitD Pirate Ships, modern/campground scenics power-up, and the three humanoid busts add-on. Also the second portion of the Shavynra stock for Bones 5 fulfillment. 

    I included Nathavar and two Shvyrna in my pledge but am in Wave 1. I think it's time I make room for the new residence of the shelves in my game room!

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  7. What are the guidelines for the Virtual CAVCON tournament? As I have next to no actual play experience I am still working on a Force Group and all I can remember was a 4500 TVP limit and C3 points. 


    I am using the FM app to create my FG and I assume that any FG I create with FM would be legal (if not particularly effective ::D: ). FM lists 'bonus' points. Are they included in the guidelines? 


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  8. In preparation for the first Flash Point I'm working on a Merc Force from Terran territory. What is the general convention for unit accessibility for Mercs? I know 'Open' models are available. I also note that there is an number of 'Independent' units. Are they essentially the same as Open? Are Terran units also available? Or are they available only to the Terran Legions?

  9. Ok, I spent some time looking closer at the CAVCP and CAVFM and have identified that I am getting a "DoSendMenuOpenCloseEvent" error in both CP and FM and it occurs any time I access a drop-down menu. For FM this includes the "File", "Options", and "Help" menus. In CP it happens for both the "File" and "Help" menu. The error dialog gives you three options: "Yes", to close the program, "No", to continue without closing the program, and "Cancel", to proceed with the program but to suppress this error in the future. I have encountered a few instances that the program crashed, but I'm not sure what I did differently there and I haven't been able to reliably recreate that issue.


    I also captured a clip of the error dialog. 


    I'll still be trying to poke holes in the CAV app running on Crossover, but at this point it seems to be stable with a quirk, with no data/effort lost due to the quirk.

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  10. Played with FM last night. Things seemed to work fine. I did get a pop-up with an error but had the option to quit or suppress the error and continue. I took the latter option and proceeded to build a Force Group. I set the TVP for the group to 18000, just so I could keep building. Ended up with 15000+ before I decided things were working well.


    I also tinkered with CP a bit and made up a "Rakshasa" for the Ritterlich. Things work ed well, even to saving the file and exporting as a PDF. I didn't try to load it as part of my FM exercise, but I'll give that a shot later today.


    The error popup has occurred after several different actions but I wasn't in the ready to document the specific actions and I didn't explicitly confirmed was the same issue. I'll take that in a future session.

  11. I'm currently working on getting CAVCP/CAVFM running on MacOS Catalina and will be documenting how things are going here.



    I have, in the past, managed to get the apps working by using Winebottler, which creates a WineWrapper that works well enough though there is a number of hoops to jump through and requires a new wrapper for every new version of CAVCP/FM. The hoops are also, for me at least, a bit cryptic. Of course Winebottler is free. The big issue for me right now though is that I am running Catalina and Winebottler, from what I understand, doesn't do 32-bit on 64-bit machines. This has led me to Crossover, which is based upon Wine but the company that produces Crossover has put a lot of work into their code to take advantage of Wine's code and their latest release can run a long list of windows applications on Catalina. The bad news is that CAVCP and CAVFM are not on their list. The good news is that these apps do run in Crossover on Catalina . . . mostly. In a subsequent post I'll provide more info on what problems I have run into. I'd like to pass all of this same info over to the Crossover team. Not sure how much support I'll get as a Free-Trial user, but as the programs work well enough for me to export Force Groups and Squads, I may end up buying the cheapest license and see how much support that might provide.

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