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  1. I got mine but my wife is still waiting for hers.
  2. And today I picked up the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer so I can check for myself what the real difference is.
  3. I picked up the Tamiya Surface Primer at Hobby Lobby today and the can does sY "FOR PLASTIC AND METAL".
  4. I was looking for a primer today and didn’t see either the Tamiya Ultra Flat primer or Fine Surface primer. I did see the Tamiya Surface primer though. Is there a difference between these? Will the Surface Primer work as well? Any thoughts?
  5. The JoRs have some phenomenal art but most of it is not the simple line art I'm looking for. For my purposes I'd need to pull the art into an art program and erase all the gradient detail. JoR 2 does have some simple line art and I have scanned those three and am in the process of cleaning up the scan artificacts. In the mean time Jon provided some art that works for me for now. I'll be using those pieces to work out a basic color scheme for my Almirithil Principality Force Groups.
  6. Thanks! I did a quick look and note these are not CAS:SO models. My primary interest is in CAV:SO models but these do provide additional configurations so I can better visualize a color scheme. It does look like one of the pics didn't come through though.
  7. Greetings Folks! I am looking for line art for any and all CAV:SO models that I can use to test color schemes. I am particularly interested in Almirithilian and Ritterlich models in reality I'll take them all. Does anyone have any suggestion on where I might find such art? Thanks for any assistance!
  8. Unless it's coming from Chula Vista CA.
  9. I was struggling with that as well, mostly because my solutions for CAV:SO 1 and 2 were, uh, insufficient to the task. This time I ordered a number of sterlite containers (good for stacking on shelves with the labeled end showing) so when my mountain of mechs cam in it was easy to sort. What I didn't take into account was the Terrain! In the end I combined like pieces into smaller bags where I could and them shoved everything back into the two big bags. That'll work until I rearrange my overall storage area.
  10. My package is out for delivery! I got some of everything, more of others and crap-ton of the rest! I have a meeting from 12-2. Maybe I'll be feeling ill after that . . .
  11. My box is 2 hours North of me right now and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow!
  12. Order #289, Wave 1 Only at $120 for now but that will change . . . I've got 9 months worth of mini budget to allocate!
  13. When did the PM open? I'm locked in but I completely missed the announcement.
  14. Got my shipping notice just after 2 eastern time but was too busy to run outside, but I did take 10 seconds to do the Big Stompy Robot dance! WOOHOO!!
  15. My wife want's to back it so we likely will, I have the same concerns.
  16. I'm in for the long budget instead of the short one, so my initial pledge will be for the Core Set, but I'll likely, besides everything else I'll pledge for, get an extra set of the Kid Heroes. It hit me about an hour ago that I could use them as halflings!! Though I think I'll have to have my wife resculpt the footwear as fuzzy topped feet! And there's even a small dragon as part of the set too!
  17. Looks like they are inbound to Port!
  18. Only one of everything? I guess it would save me money . . .
  19. BIG STOMPY ROBOTS!!!!! (With soft Squishy Insides!!!) By th way, my puppy ate the f5 key . . . No, not really. I broke it . . .
  20. What would make a better outrider than a halfling mounted on a flying creature. Dragon with a halfling riding it would be awesome! Though I suspect the dragon should be scaled down a bit . . . like maybe to the size of Glitter!
  21. Drakes of all shapes and sizes would be good. As a DM I have a thing for dragon kind but could use more of them that are not Dragons. I guess I could just pick up lots of Glitters and call them gold drakes . . . Sure would be easier of Glitter was in bones . . .
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