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  1. I haven't decided if the big ship is for me . . . I think it depends on what variations they have in mind.
  2. Oh mannnnnnn! I can just see Roderic and Glitter on top of the main mast! ready to destroy any pirates that get close!!
  3. Have no fear! Halfling Hero is here!! Now all we need is a halfling paladin riding a small gold dragon . . .
  4. I like these as well and will likely get an extra set or two. I have only seen pics of three renders here. Are there pics of the rest somewhere?
  5. I just realized something . . . The core set numbering starts with 101 and currently ends with 214. The Add-Ons start with 201-262. I would have expected the pieces to have unique numbers for clearer identification later. Is this how it was done in the previous kickstarters? Honestly I never noticed it before but I've gotten into doing up my own tracking excel, so I spotted it . . .
  6. I have a diorama I want to make based on the Ride of the Valkyrie only I'll call it the Ride of the Halflingyrie, but to do that I need a halfling riding a small gold dragon! Sort of like this, only with a more kinetic pose . . .
  7. Wave 1 #359! I'd a been sooner but I forgot to make sure I had money in the right place . . .
  8. Dire Broccoli! Have mercy on us! Broccolli on it’s own is already dire!
  9. Finally finished the inventory for my Bones IV rewards with all present and accounted for! Bring on Bones V!!
  10. I'd like a bones Rakshasa . . . Do we already have a Bones Rakshasa? If we don't we really need on . . . A male and a female one . . . Oh, and a non-rakshasa halfling named Roderic riding a non-rakshasa gold dragon named Glitter . . .
  11. It hurts my eyes, it does!! It hurts my eyes!!
  12. My wife and I backed the KS with her going in for all of the Ethereal dice, plus a couple of layered, and I going in for three Expanded Spellbook sets, two ethereal and one layered, and two regular sets, both layered. The sets we picked up were as follows. My wife got Ethereal Fairy, Phoenix, Dragon Egg, Living Spell, Unicorn, Mermaid, Nymph, Dragon, Succubus, Saberwolf, Yeti, Banshee, Kraken, Gargoyle, Hydra, Vampire, and Wraith. Of the layered sets she got Vampire, Phoenix, Fairy, and Unicorn. I got Ethereal Vampire (ex) and Phoenix (ex) and Layered Wraith (ex), Yeti, and Kraken sets. In general the layered sets did seem to better match the original art, though not perfectly, while the ethereal sets were more like the later production shots. I did have to pull out pics of both the original renderings and the production shots to figure out which of the ethereal sets were which. My wife had 6 sets that all looked VERY similar, but after using my painting lens and light I was able to differentiate them enough to label them. My wife and I could be happier with the dice in general but neither of us are sorry we participated in the KS. The Gold and Silver glitter sets are really nice too. (Moving forward all of my halfling PCs will use the Gold Glitter d20 as their Luck Dice!) My wife had bought a number of Kraken sets before the KS, which is how she knew about the KS, and after the KS I hit up their site and picked up a number of their sets, including two sets of Absinthe dice, which was the first set of Kraken dice I bought. (I'm a fan of Absinthe ) The next set I bought was their Crimson Midnight set. The Kraken website showed a beautiful set of deep red and black dice that just hit the right spot for me. Thing is, the pic on their website was from the original production batch. That run had sold out months before but they had recently received a new batch. When I got my set I was, to put it lightly, a little disappointed. The dice were more pinkish-black. This demonstrates that Kraken really doesn't have a handle of consistent production between their regular products. Beyond that, I am of the opinion that Kraken suffered from having a too successful Kickstarter. This being their first, or so I believe, they did much better than they had hoped and likely did not sit back and reassess what it was going to take to deliver upon their original, much less ultimate, promises. They have, from their beginning, seemed to a small-batch dice company that focused on running up the hype for their new releases leading to an almost guaranteed sell-out of their initial short (500 sets) dice runs. After the KS closed, and their initial planning for fulfillment was put in place, they went back to their 'business as usual, but I strongly suspect that managing the quality of a small batch dice run is much easier than managing the productions of millions of dice over a product range of 34 new products. So . . . where I am with Kraken is that I will likely not support any future KS that they run. I will, on the other hand, still buy dice from them, from time to time, but will try to do so on their initial release. In fact I had tried to buy a set of their Bloodbath set this last week but RL got in the way and by the time I could hit their site, about three hours after release, they were sold out. I understand that they have already ordered a new batch and expect it in within 6 to 9 months. Maybe demand won't be so high then, but I will likely wait until a few others have picked up a set from that delivery and provided pics. We'll see. As it is, I currently own about 18 sets of Kraken dice . . . I mean, you can never have too many dice, right?
  13. My definition of a halfling vardo is a big palatial two story affair that just happens to be a refitted full size vardo! So, you know, they can fit the whole family inside!
  14. I'm all about more halfling, though I'd throw in a halfling vardo as well as a halfling riding a small gold dragon!
  15. Beg great pardon as I did forget to include that there should'st be a wooly rhino not yet grown to adulthood as well as a sabertooth cub along with the previously mentioned adults!
  16. Midlam is killig me . . . Now I gotta put in another row of burrows and at least one more inn to make room for them!
  17. I say fie upon thee and thy household for saying such for surely there must be a woolly rhino and said sabertooth tiger within Bones V.
  18. I'd like to see a medium gold dragon with a halfling rider in a kinetic pose. Maybe make the halfling a paladin . . .
  19. Wait a minute! Now the waiting starts? So what have I been doing the last October?!?!
  20. I actually made it through the PM closing without making an additional pledge. It was a close thing, but then I decided I didn't really need 16 Haunts . . . As it is I still need to work harder at organizing my game room as I still have most of Bones i, Bones II, Bones III, Bones IV, CAV I, CAV II, and now CAV III to organize . . .
  21. So it looks like the extra Expansions may be going up in the next week. Gotta haunt the Reaper Social Media outlets like a ghoul looking for it's next meal!
  22. Oh god! I forgot about that! I'll need to make sure I watch Reaper Live!
  23. It's been, well, awhile since I got my Bones and I still haven't had the chance to complete a thorough inventory. As of right now I'm planning to take the first week of June off so maybe then. I think I'll schedule a Painting Day with my gaming group as well . . .
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