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  1. 3.14159265359 . . . Call me irrational . . . :-)
  2. I haven't received my Bones yet, and don't expect them until the third wave ships, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Reaper has for their next Kickstarter. I can't imagine them doing something as awesome as the Bones Kickstarter, but hey, I'm all about them surprising me! Come on Reaper! You guys rock!
  3. That is my plan at this time. I also plan to build a number of dioramas for display purposes and for those the appropriate floor tiles will be left off so that the figures can me inserted into the scene when not otherwise being used.
  4. I'm tinking now I should have gone for the Giants as well . . . I'll have to pick those up later now.
  5. As a few folks have suggested before I'll be making my own bases with Hirst Arts molds. I picked up a number of them a year or so ago along with a couple of boxes of Merlin's Magic. Now I just need to pull them out of the nook they were put into the last time we did our "spring cleaning". I just might also try my hand at making my own molds as my wife picked up a two-part silicone mold kit.
  6. Hey Maredudd, Small creatures also use Medium sized bases (1 inch). Tiny creatures use 1/2" bases, and Diminutive creatures are probably best left baseless (their bases are 3/16ths of an inch, so not really worth it). Which creature did you decide was Diminutive? I'm pretty sure everything is at least Tiny. Yep, I'm aware of that. It was convenient though to include all estimated sizes and let the spreadsheet do the counting for me. :-) The Bat, as a familiar, is listed as diminutive. I'll likely put it on a tiny base though, if I base it at all. Once the minis come in I'll reassess the sizes, but I plan on having the bases by then, with some extras just in case. The only minis I'm really concerned about though are the really big ones. I currently have them listed as Huge, for the base, but I may have underestimated them. If anyone has some insight I would appreciate some guidance . . . :-)
  7. Hi Folks! I've done a rough calculation based on an initial estimation of the size for each figure I'm due to get and it looks like this is the distriution for the bases I need. D: 1 T: 10 S: 42 M: 150 L: 39 H: 11 This should gives me a good start at what bases I need.
  8. I too ordered a few Bones from the Online Store and they are already on their way to my front door! I figure I need something to pracatice on as I wait for my Vampire box plus add-ons to arrive!
  9. Hmmm, considering the first time I ever saw the word bonesium was in a thread with pics of a bunch of the new Bones minis, I figured is=t was pronounces like museum, except for "bone" instead of "mus" . . . Then again it might have been better spelled Boneseum if that were the case. . . :-)
  10. I'm with ShadowRaven. And to Bonwim, you can kill the time waiting for the rest of the pieces by painting the ones you picked up . . . Thats what I'd do . . . :-)
  11. This is what I am happily waiting for: Vampire x 1 Ebonwrath x 1 There Be Dragons x 1 Deathsleet x 1 Clockwork Dragon x 1 Red Dragon x 1 Nethyrmaul x 1 Kaladrax Reborn x 1 C'thulhu x 1 Griffon x 2 Owlbear x 2 Mister Bones x 1 Maredudd
  12. So do I, but I know I will. My birthday is late October! Ohohohohoh! That reminds me! My birthday is coming up in late May so maybe I'll get the bones for my birthday!! :-)
  13. So I havn't seen an update lately. How far up the tiers has shipping gotten too o far? I'm expecting a Vampire set plus all the dragons + a few others . . . Should I expect my package in May?
  14. Hmmm, if you're right, that would put me either Tier 4 or 5, as I have a single Vampire plus all the dragons, Cthulhu, and a few other figures. I can wait . . . I can wait . . . I can wait . . .
  15. Looks nice! I'll have to think about this one! :-)
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