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  1. As per a recent post up-thread likely through May. No reason to close it until the factory wants a final count.
  2. I too plan on using a hoard of yuan-ti in the future and picked up two extra sets to go with those from the core set.
  3. Being not wrong and being forgiven are two completely different things. I know because my wife told me so. I’m interested in how much my shipment will weigh. This is by far my largest KS ever, having pledge at Bones2x3 level! (It helps me if I standardize my pledge levels so it doesn’t look like as much as it really is.)
  4. We got an update on Friday, but it came through in the evening.
  5. I did recently pick up the Star Fortress molds, so yes! I also like some of the egyptian molds for bunkers. I’ll worry about filament next year when my wife has informed me that I will be getting a 3d printer.
  6. From last Thursday’s Reaper Live I understood that they had completed the walk-through to optimize the work path but still hadn’t actually set everything up yet. I could be wrong though. That happens way more often than I am comfortable with sometimes.
  7. I’ve got a bunch of Hirst Arts molds that I plan to use to make smaller natural, and maybe not so natural, terrain elements to go along with the KS stuff.
  8. I was thinking about a second terrain pack as well . . Uh, no, wait, I’m done! Right! I’m done. No more for me! Terrain pack . . . Hmmmm . . .
  9. Oh wait . . . Am I correct in thinking the saddle and ladder are the parts that are not removable?
  10. Can we get a pic of the turtle without the pack on? By an earlier comment it sounded like not all of the pack was removable . . .
  11. I have definitely made my last pledge, caving and picking up the set of Aircraft. I'm done! Really . . . We can close the PM now . . . Please . . .
  12. You forgot the comment Ron made about Roderic and Glitter in Bones Black . . . Ok, he may have just been reading some inane fanatics chat post, but still!! It's Roderic and Glitter!!
  13. Just thought I'd note here that the Tracking Page is still . . . . well, still . . . Not unexpected, as the Reaper folks are swapping warehouses, but a guy can hope that the wonderful folks at Reaper might have found the task easier than originally expected . . . This is what I got coming . . . 2017 Core Set Dreadmere Expansion Lost Valley Expansion x2 Fan Favorites Argent Zombie Dragon Rocky x2 Dragon Turtle Dance of Death Skeletal Dragon Blacksting, Wyvern We Will Roc You! Nyarlathotep Skeletal Monsters Thunderfoot Behemoth x2 Blacktooth Terror x2 King of the Jungle x2 King Cobra x2 Rauthuros Narglauth x2 Agramon x2 Rulers of Hell Hill Giants x2 Hill Giant Huntsman Fire Giant Huntsman Frost Giant Raiders x2 Small World Heroes Snake Cultists x2 Wraiths x2 Living Statue Spartan x2 Living Statue Amazon x2 Gargoyles x2 Braziers x2 Skulls x2 Orbs x2 Mystic Orbs x2 Paint Set A x3 Paint Set B x3 Art Book Jen Haley/Anne Foerster DVD What I'm kicking my self for not getting . . . The Boat Mossbeard The Chicken Hut Another Argent Another Rauthros Another Rulers of Hell Fantasy Scenics Another 2 T-Rexs Another 2 Trikes What items from Expansions the I wish had been offered as extras but will now have to wait to they hit retail . . . Mammoth!!!! Mystic Portal The Pack Tortoise!! The Anthro Chronoscope Dinos
  14. That is WAY LARGER than I thought it would be . . . and now I wish I HAD pledged for it!
  15. PSYCHED myself out! Sat down at one of my computers and checked out the Tracking Page . . . !!THEY'RE picking AGAIN!?!? F5F5F5 Then the screen reloaded . . . Stupid cache!
  16. I’m wave 1. I made my first order within the first 24 hours of the PM. Seeing all the pics from our friends from Canada is making me anyzy. I’m fairly sure that checking the Tracking Page every few minutes, in hope that the Reaper Peeps have finished the warehouse setup early and are jonesing to process my package, isn’t helping.
  17. I have . . . a few of them . . . Trying to build the Halfling Faction for Warlord and need my Flying Cavalry!
  18. I have a hobby . . . Once Reaper decides to give me Roderic and Glitter in Bones Black I'll find a new hobby . . .
  19. Is the tracker stuck? It's still showing 8 orders shipped today . . . Aaaaaand now it says 12 Orders!
  20. Well, that would explain one issue I was having. With only 13 waves, well, 14 if you count post KS additions, it looked like they were quickly approaching the end of the Canadian orders, but if they split them between East and West, that would make sense with the 1200+ backers listed on the KS site, even allowing for an average of >1 orders per backer . . .
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