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  1. Airhead, I think you are trying for a little more juice than is intended. In campaign play, you can loot for items or to roll on the loot table for resources, but not both. So you get one chance to loot and that's it. Taking the spells from a corpse as magical scrolls is something I picked up out of the campaign section, by the way. Shak, I get your point about how getting an extra Firestorm late game could really throw off the game. But so does getting 250 points for one model. When I'm running, you can loot the spells and they become "scrolls" that can be cast by a magic user of the same type. So if you loot Mage spells and you don't have a caster, they are useless to you.
  2. Righty-O, I don't see anything that says a one is an automatic failure. However, if you look at the Campaign section, it shows the win/Loss results depending on the size of one force versus another. A one on that table is always a loss, even with overwhelming force. So I'd say that "one is an autofail" is at least implied by this. It would give those characters with a discipline of 9 at least some chance of blowing it. :)
  3. While I was writing this, the thread progressed without me. Ah, well... Decodo, perhaps you should go ahead and paint one or two blisters at a time. Even though the Grunts have the same stats, they aren't the same sculpts. There is enough simularity in the sculpts that you can paint an area, put that mini down to dry, do the same type of area on the next, etc. But there is enough difference from one fig to the next to break things up so you don't get bored. And even though you have no plans to do a 4,000 point army, the dozen or so figs that you will need could take a while if you don't group them together a little. As for the Dwarf Piercers - my son is using the Dwarf Crossbowmen from the DHL packs. They are discontinued, but look at this page for the pack through the Reaper Online Store. You can also get them individually, like this. I'd suggest getting five, just in case you ever run a big enough battle that you could use enough models for a volley. If you plan on going to one of the big conventions and playing in a tournament, eventually these minis will not be acceptable. You would be expected to have the Warlord minis for an official tournament, if they are available. But if all you plan on doing is playing with your buds at the LGS, the Dwarven Crossbowmen will be just dandy. Put them on a 1 inch square base and there you are. For your army, I'd suggest the Warlord, a Captain, 6 - 9 grunts, 4 - 6 crossbowmen, a mage and a cleric. You might also add a sergeant or two, but that's at your discression. So 14 - 19 models, and you will have a nice tidy force. Oh, and the griffon. He's so cool. So about a dozen and a half models or so and there you are. Reven are not evil, but the Goblins ARE. I think all the Reven mages are evil, too. Reven vs. Crusaders? Why not? Reven may not be evil, but they are expansionists. They've lost too much of their territory, been pushed into the worst areas, and now they are ready to push back. Eventually someone's going to get pissed BESIDES the Dwarves.
  4. Under the rules, when there is a casualty, the player dealing lethal damage gets the points for the model. If the game allows looting, then the looting player rolls the appropriate dice and takes that bonus award. OK, so what about spellcasters? The rules say "model", so I assume the killing player does NOT get to get the points allocated for spells. Do they just go poof into the ether, or what? Currently, I allow a looting player to take the spells. If he or she has a spellcaster of the same type, then the spells can be cast by that magic user, as if they were scrolls. This mechanic was mentioned somewhere in the book. I may be misapplying it; if so it wouldn't be the first time I messed up on the rules. Oh, well, live and learn.
  5. Should be - If we can finialize the artwork in the next 4 weeks @Cerridwyn - Again, I have no info about how they will be available yet. I would love to share, but I just don;t know. I am more on the developing end of this product than the selling end . . . No prob, Bryan. The development phase is when you want to hear, for example, "Nice idea, but I need multiple copies of the Fireball, and none of Scare". Maybe a better idea than a printed card would be a disk with the cards in PDF or Excel, so the players could print as many copies as they need of the spells. @Freefall - thanks for the input. I've only used cards a few times in demos, and it does seem to work well. If I find I have only one copy of a spell that will be used multiple times, I just have the player use one card and put counters on it. Remove the counters as you expend the spells.
  6. I've been working on those for a few weeks now, and they are almost ready for release . . . . finalizing the artwork. Anyway, yeah - it's a good idea. I have no details yet as to how we will release them. I know they are going to be availbel within a few weeks of the Rulebook. Will it be a pack of single cards, or will we be able to purchase them separately, like the data cards? May sound like a silly question, but there are some spells that I'd need multiple copies of, while with others one or two would be fine. Say, for a tournament, I might need ten copies of Fireball, but only one Part.
  7. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH - so I just trashed a Cavalry base for no good reason... AND my Warlord Centaur is on the WRONG BASE! WHAAAHHH!
  8. Since it's FOR an Elf army - uh - no. Kinda like Airhead's idea, though.
  9. All of a sudden I see this image of hungry orcs drooling for honey roasted eagle. Hmmm... they could use old Mossbeard as firewood and, of course, rub two elves together to start a fire It would be just like thanksgiving dinner You know, the Eagle is balanced on its tail. It needs more support for it to stand up to the rigors of tabletop play. I was thinking of hiding the support by making it look as if the Eagle were landing on a tree or rocks, but I've got a better idea now. Hide the support for the tail with the body of an arrow-punctured orc, while another one cowers in terror before the Eagle's outstreached talons...
  10. Yep - it's out. It's called (2849) Loryn Stormblade. Tommy. It's a Dark Heavens Legends mini - not Warlord at all. Of course, a 1 inch square base, a little glue and putty, and viola - Warlord mini. Evil laugh.
  11. Thanks for the information its given me alot to think about... and plot First accouple questions 1. I take it that Selwyn is primary an archer right? What is her Troop Size (x-y/z). I'm hoping its at least 3-9/2 (the 2 being the most important for my evil plan) oh what the hay I'll reveal it! What I want to do make a troop with Selwyn Caerwynn Neriodel (at least) 6 Vale archers and I shall call this troop Sylvan Rain Bwahaaahaaha Hee 2. Meridh... hmmm is he melee or range? and out of morbid curisity what's his Troop Size? 3. Can two or more Solitaire gang up? or do they have to be... lonely? Selwyn has Ranged and Melee attacks; I think her Ranged is better, but I don't have the stats in front of me. I think her troop is 3 - 11/1. Selwyn/Caerwyn/Niriodel - can't do it. Selwyn is only allowed one elite. I play her with Caerwyn and several other archers. You need at least four other archers to "balance" the Elite, Caerwyn. If you did have Cearwyn and Niriodel in a troop, you'd have to balance them with a minimum of eight other grunts. They don't all have to be Archers; just grunts or adepts. You could put together a troop with the Prince, Caerwyn and Niriodel. That may seem wierd, since Danathel has no ranged attack; just means he wouldn't participate in a Volley. Keep in mind- volleys go off the lowest RAV for your troop. If you use Selwyn in your Archer troop, either DON'T use her in a Volley, or give her a Minor Accuracy Upgrade (40 points.) I don't remember all the stuff about Meridh. I believe he's Melee based and he gets no Elites. There is currently no mechanic to activate multiple Solitaires or have them activate in concert with other models. They act alone, period (darn all the luck; a Dwarven Bear Cavalry Unit would be AWESOME.)
  12. I'd like to make the whole Trencher thing a little clearer, since there will be new players who don't know what it is. Trencher is a common ability for Warlords and other leadership models. To use the Trencher ability, you need a model in the front rank with the Trencher ability and a model in the second rank, base to base with the rear of the first model, that has the Reach ability. In normal combat, when a model in the front rank is backed by a model with the Reach ability, the first model adds +1 to its Melee Attack Value (MAV). This bonus does not apply when making a defensive strike. The Trencher ability allows a model making a defensive strike to add the +1 from being backed by a model with Reach to its attack.
  13. I pulled out the card last night after I saw this topic. The base listed there is cavalry.
  14. This was addressed in an earlier thread. The base for Centaurs was changed from Cavalry to large. HOWEVER- this was supposedly fixed in the book. And supposedly the book and the datacards are identical. My datacard says that a Centaur has a Cavalry base. I've been grousing about how I'd JUST converted a DHL female Centaur by putting her on a Cavalry base, and gee, I'm going to have to cut it down, woe is me... I finally get around to cutting the base, and my data card says the base for a Centaur is Cavalry.
  15. I was thinking of doing the same thing No really I was... Sure Saint, Sure.
  16. Elf Leadership: Prince Danathal - Warlord Selwyn, Vale Captain - Uniq. Captain Meridh (sp?) - Sergeant Arnise - Uniq. Sergeant No mistake; Caerwyn is a Hero, and Niriodel is non-unique. There are currently no models for Selwyn or Meridh. There was an early typo showing the model for Caerwyn as Selwyn (some blisters are labeled this way.) Since there are no models for these two, there are no cards. The stats are in the rulebook. I'm using a model for Lorrielle Silverrain as my Selwyn stand it. Haven't used Meridh, so I have no stand in for him. Lorielle is in it for the bling-bling. That's why she's with the Mercs, not the elves.
  17. Ditto. If the document is kosher with the Powers that Be, I'd be willing to host it.
  18. Just got a Giant Eagle in the post (datacard included). WOOT! Birdy, birdy, in my hand Won't the orcs hate it when you land!
  19. What about cards for the spells? I've started making my own - I run them out of excel and put the slips of paper in CCG card sleeves that are too worn to be "legal" for playing cards. There is a great advantage to this in demos. First, there is no ambiguity about what spells a person has and what they do. They don't have to try to look stuff up on a sheet or in a book. Second, once the spell is cast, you TAKE THE CARD AWAY. Makes it very clear to the player that spells are a one shot deal.
  20. the initial news post is up in the news forum... here Thanks, Cheryl, you're the man.. er, uh, wait a minute...
  21. Does anyone have a link to the original message posted by ReaperBryan on this? It had the exact postage needed for a full set of cards. I think it was $1.26, but I'm not sure. He also stated to send a craft envelope as opposed to regular #10 as your SASE* if you are ordering a full set of cards. *Self Adrressed, Stamped Envelope. Oh, before you go nuts buying a lot of cards, keep in mind that they WILL be packaged with new blister packs. If you will be buying addtional blisters of, for instance, grunts, you might want to hold off on getting extra cards. I've now got three copies of the card for Necropolis Wraith Havesters, because I bought cards via the website, then got another in my latest blister.
  22. Mossbeard is in the boxed sets: Mossbeard the Treeman. And here's your Eagle. The Vale Archers will have an order number of 14113, when available. These things aren't always listed right away with their faction, so check the numbered list of available minis. Have fun with the elves!
  23. That was exactly the intent. :) Plan your weekend during the week when you should be working and play all weekend. Works for me.
  24. If Merc troops are purchased through the course of the campaign you do not lose faction abilities. . . But in campaign play if you want to keep the faction Abilities you cannot start a Faction company with Merc models, unless it is merc faction . . . . Oops, that's what I meant, sorry if it was unclear. Start with a group that is all a single faction, then hire Mercs as the campaign progresses. How do Generic models figure into this? The same as Mercs, or not?
  25. I've been looking over the campaign rules for Warlord. I have to say it looks like it would be a lot of fun. The campaign reminds me of the old Romance of the Three Kingdoms game, where players (it would support up to eight) would stake out a beginning territory, then battle to try to claim additional territory. Players gained resorces in the form of rice and gold, and had to decide how to expend them to improve thier lands, hire troops, recruit generals, etc. While not exactly the same, it seems to me that this game would have a similar feel. There is a phase where players accure their resource and determine where and how those resources would be expended. After this phase, battles are resolved by dice rolls or tabletop play. Finally, the spoils of the battle are resolved and play moves to the next round. It occured to me that the pre-battle phases could be resolved via internet during the week, with all battles resolved in a weekly meeting. That way the players could concentrate on tabletop play when they get together. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this? Cerri
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