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  1. I've been asking Bryan some questions today, and that's how it works. The number of attacks determines the AOE for an attack. Use page 66 if you're running most factions, the chart on page 110 for an all-elf force under Faction abilites. (hope I got the pages right...). Determine the RAV for your lowest-scored fig. The RAV for Vale Archers should be 3, not 1 as is printed in the book. Roll one attack for each model in the area of affect, equal to your lowest RAV plus any modifiers. Roll one die for each model in the AOE to see if it hits. The opponent declares his DV for each model that's rolled for. If he has any defensive fire abilities, he uses them, then you resolve the damage. Given their ranger abilities, high movement value, larger area of effect, markesman and Sure Shot abilities, longer shooting range, the elves really rock. They are hands-down the best archers in the game, IMO. Of course, they ain't so hot in melee, and their defense stinks. If you can manage to close with them, you can tear them up. But they get an extra +1 for targets within six inches and they move 7 inches where most models move 6, so catching them could be a trick.
  2. With steel, for my dark I use VMC 903 Intermediate Blue and for light 907 Light Blue Grey. I mix in white for the highlights, and use pure white for the glare point.
  3. Thanks, Menqu. And Marksman means you can sacrifice your Movement for an additional Ranged attack?
  4. I find sometimes people don't enjoy painting because the methods they use make it harder. Teach them a few tricks that make painting easier (like thinning their paint) and the enjoyment factor goes way up. He also might feel you are implying he doesn't do it very well by offering to "help". Might be more productive to say, "Yeah, painting by yourself is dull. It is much more interesting if you are with someone else". I paint with my son, and it can be a lot of fun to spend time with a kid that way.
  5. Could I get a little clarification on how Volley works? Looks to me like you pick they guy in your troup with the lowest RAV, add modifiers, pick your spot, and roll once. If the Volley hits the target opponent model's DV, the Area of Affect (where all opposing models take damage) does one point to everything in that area. Or do you target one, then make a role for each opposing model in the AOE? Could someone explain, please?
  6. What are you guys using as stand-ins for Long Thorns? There is a Dark Elf warrior with a pole arm. She actually has no ornamentation suggesting Dark Elves, so I've got one of those. I did take the thorn-looking things off the top of the pole arm. There si also a female Skoli warrior with a pole arm. I hacked off her horns and carved the stumps into hair. Then I shaved the thorns off her knees. I also took the piece off the top of the pole arm and whittled the blade down a bit. She doesn't look too bad. It's just kind of hard to get these two into close formation, which is the whole point of Long Thorns. There is also the Elf Warrior with double bladed sword - maybe remove the sword and give him a spear from Weapons Pack 2. I'd love to hear what else you guys are doing.
  7. Dwarves! You added dwarves! My son will be thrilled - he got his last week. Thanks, Bryan.
  8. No worries, Bryan, I don't take your comments as dictates or criticism. You are trying to help me, and I really appreciate it. Hopefully, lively discussion will help all of us interested in teaching or playing Warlord to do it better.
  9. A scenario could be built around a force of Treemen, but Scenario rules can sometimes supercede the regular army construction rules. Unless a scenario rule allows for this (Scenario: Fight the Forest! - Objective, the enemy has 4 treemen (1500 pts with upgrades/spells) ) then it would not normally fall under viable units. I think you should consider including a scenario like this, if fielding this type of army appeals to you. OOH, Bryan, that's just wicked! Can we run it at GenCon? MUWAHAHA, sounds like a fun scenario to run for a tournament or convention.
  10. Aren't the Unforgiven in the Crusader set breakers? Or do you just ignore that and use them as Warriors, like we did at Origins? So are you saying you SHOULD start teaching magic use from day one? I intentionally held off on this. The units I ran were much as you discribe, except I did allow some of the melee abilites while excluding missile combat and spellcasting. People had a chance to use abilities like Reach and Toughness, wich are fairly easy to understand and make for some great play mechanics. What I've seen is that without spellcasting, missile combat or unit abilities, Elves and Necropolis are at a disadvantage. To make up for this, those units have two extra grunts. Elves and Necros have 8 grunts, while the other units have 6. Pretty much, I gave people three Warriors and Three models with the Reach ability. Elves had 5 warriors and three Long Thorns. The Necros had 8 Skeleton warriors, but had a Flyer (Syphrilla). Everyone got a Warlord. The also had Hero or Captain instead of the spellcaster. I'm sure someone is going to ask "What are these starter packs?". I think Bryan means the Starter Kits that Black Lightning Assault Officers can order. There's no special price on them or anything, it just makes it a lot easier to get demo units, since you don't have to flip through the catalog and search out the basic units for an army. Note to self: make up stat sheets for the Starter Armies and post it on your website....
  11. I've got one of the cheapie $20 hand-held jobs and it works really well for me. I'd love to have an all-the-bells-and-whistles, foot pedal, flexi-thingy, etc. Hmm, the hubby hasn't decided what to get me for Christmas, maybe I should drop the hint... At Origins several people got a kick out of seeing that I brought my mini-dremel with me. That's one thing the mini has over a bells and whisltes job - it easily fits in a toolbox and the battery will last several days, so you can leave the charger at home if you are crunched for space. Anyway, I have a set of very fine drill bits. They are the BOMB for pinning those really tiny bits. I've tried using a couple of dressmaker's pins instead of wire (per Jen Haley) but haven't completely converted over. Someone mentioned using a dremel to grind off mold lines. What bits do you use for this? I tired those little grinding stones, and they get full of metal and don't work after just a couple of minis. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks, Oh Froggy One, that would also make it look more dungeony, and less like cobbled together styrofoam. Another question: What about teaching the rules? I mean, basic rules are pretty easy; you can cover those in just a few minutes and get people kicking butt. But what about the more complex rules? That's why I'm breaking down teaching the rules and doing it over a period of several weeks. What order would you guys suggest for this? My plan was to have Regular Melee first, then Special Attacks and Stunts. Next I'd do Faction Special abilites. Magic is the last that I plan to cover. I'm wondering if maybe I should move Missle Attacks from being taught with Special Attacks and Stunts to being taught with Magic, since many spells are Ranged attacks. Looking for suggestions here! I'm still learning this game myself.
  13. Well, they have a "hunt the Ogre" scenario for CAV that was run frequetly at Origins. I ran it a bunch of times myself. It is a lot of fun and a good way to try the game. If you've got time for more than one demo, there are Advanced demos as well. In Hunt the Ogre, you only run a Dictator. In the advanced demos, you get to run multiple CAV units.
  14. You're welcome. I started this because I'd really love to see more conversation going on regarding teaching the games and running demos. Freefall: The information you give is wonderful! I'll be picking your brains at GenCon, count on it! My real-world name is Melanie, and I was at Origins this year. Do you think a dungeon built of styrofoam would stand up? I bought a a package with six pices of foam at Lowe's. It is about 18"x36"x1". I don't have the exact dimensions in front of me. I wanted to make some buildings, but might also go for a dungeon. Any design suggestions?
  15. I'm not that familiar with the older versions of the rules, but they do give the "reach" ability to currentl models with long weapons like polearms and spears. A model with Reach adds a +1 attack modifier when in base contact with an attacking friendly model. _D A A _R In the diagram above, D is the defender and each A represents an attacker. R is our guy with Reach. He may add +1 to the attack of each of our Attackers.
  16. DOH! Well, at least I can remember that DBC means "Dwarven Bear Cavalry"...
  17. What is LMS? Please explain for those of us ignorant of that acronym. The "hunt the dragon" thing sounds cool. Sort of like the Dungeon Crawl they did at Origins, except that it was a free-for-all, with a dragon in the middle. Also had to contend with traps, kobolds, things of that nature. Man, wish I had the goodies to run something like that. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to formulate scenarios for an up-coming tournament. I'll bounce ideas off ya'll later, but now I gotta scoot. Mel
  18. I think If you decide not to award points for units still alive, and only count points of kills, then aggressors certainly fare better than Mr. Holdback-and-let-them-all-beat-on-each-other. Also - Scenarios can be a good learning tool. Hold control of this terrain feature helps players learn about offensive vs. defensive models. Yeah, Bryan, that's true. I held a guy off for a long time in a LMS by taking a high point in a ruin with only once entrance. It helped I was rolling like a Vegas shark while he couldn't hit half the time or less. If it was points, not LMS, I'd have won, since I was very agressive early on. I just think it would be best to have a simplified points system for Bounty, since it it takes too long to count up, people will get annoyed. Use beads for the five and ten point increments; guy with the highest stack wins.
  19. Hey, Hex, hope to see you at the Warlord demos. The terrain set-ups are beautiful, so bring your camera. At Origins they had a dungeon set up with traps and everything. There was also a village to defend and some open plains to run across. Lots of cool stuff to look at. I don't know if the GenCon setup is as eleborate, since I've never been. We had a lot of room at Origins.
  20. I'd like to hear from other folks about their Warlord demo experiences. What works? What doesn't? Any particular way you go about teaching the game system? I've got a little experience with beginner demos. We usually play a Last Man Standing scenario. But there is an inherent problem with it. The way to win LMS is to hold back and let your opponents beat on each other, then swoop in and finish off whoever is left. This makes for a game that ends up being fun for one person- the guy who holds back his stuff. I've been thinking of doing it as a Bounty guy. The one who loots the most opponents wins. Maybe use a simplified system, like 10 points for grunts, 20 for sergeants/captains, 30 for a Warlord. Big monsters aren't used. Smaller monsters and Solitaires could count for 20 points. Maybe give a 5 point "prime" for the first five minis taken down, so they guy who jumps in and starts swinging first has the advantage. What do you guys think?
  21. I'll be there. Y'all drop by the Reaper Demo area, y'hear. Come play some CAV or Warlord - no minis required, they are provided for you. The terain setups for Origins were really cool. You guys should come by to see that, if nothing else.
  22. Ditto on the "don't use extender" thing. I made the mistake of concocting a wash using my usual Magic Wash mix (flow improver, slo-dri and water) and blue acrylic paint. That stuff took forever to dry! Never again! There are those who make very nice washes uing only water. As for the pro painters.... well, there are some very good painters who are not "professional", as they never sell there work. And there are pros who are total hacks. Maybe "experienced" or "high-end" would be a better discription.
  23. Locktite from Walmart, like I said in the other thread. Find it in the paint section with the other heavy-duty adhesives. Locktite has several products, what you are looking for is a blue cylinder in a clear tube, like a short tube of Green Stuff.
  24. Green stuff has a beautiful, fine consistancy which is great for sculpting, but not really needed to fill in bases. You can get Locktite at Walmart; will work quite well for filling bases and it's much cheaper. It is a blue cylinder in a clear plastic tube. Some warnings: This stuff stinks to high heaven It is very sticky. I use lip balm to grease my fingers before I handle it. When they say if sets in 15 minutes, they are not joking. I cut off a bit, flatten it slightly, then cut the amount I need off that. If you cut off a chunk and knead it all at once, you'll waste a bunch of it. Still, it's cheap, easy to find, and does a great job of filling in bases. I like that bit about inducing a light curve in the tab so it will fit right. That's very cool.
  25. Glad to know when the book will be out! I was kind of worried, since I've got a tournament scheduled for the end of August. Looks like the tourney will coincide with the book release. Yeah! I will definately have to order a copy as well as mail in the OLE. I can't be without a book in the middle of a tourney! As for all you WHIMPS talking about your single factions - HA! I say again, HA! I've got FIVE table ready skirmish groups, from Necropolis, Elves, Crusaders, Reptus, and Reven. Dwarves just came in the post, bringing the total up to SIX. OK, so maybe they aren't the best paint job, and still need some finishing touches. But hey, I've done almost all the minis since the beginning of June; that's a lot of paint slinging. But then again, I'm in Black Lightning, and I need all the little armies so I can teach the game. Looking forward to some serious butt-whopin'.
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