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  1. My co-workers are awesome. When I came in today, my cube was decorated, I had a card and cream cheese brownies.
  2. That's a cool kitty, Anne. Looks like there is a little of the color from the base details on the wings. Is he kind of a youngish cat? Their points aren't as intense as older cats, and they don't have as much of the color on their bodies. One of the first models I painted was the winged cat. Maybe I'll have to go back and paint another one. Thanks for posting the pix. I kind of got going with Intense Brown/Brown Liner before I read this, but chose Ivory for the body. It works very well. I like Blackened Brown a lot, by the way. That whole triad is a great addition to the RMS line-up. Now granted, I didn't dance around the game store crowing, "Anne's BRILLIANT!" like when the first set of liner colors came out, but I do think the whole Classic Browns triad is awesome. Ron: After I posted the pix last night, I went back and worked on the kitty some more. I made him a little darker towards the ends of the points, and added a little highlighing along his back. I also made a wash of 25/75 Intense Brown/Brown Liner to smooth the transistions on the points from the darkest to lightest.
  3. No and I don't want to. His face makes you crazy enough, I don't even want to think of the ...errr.... gunk between his toes. How bad would Cthulhu's morning breath be?
  4. I don't know about blue. I'm kind of partial to a nice bloody red.
  5. Here are some pix of the WIP. Comments and advice welcome. I'm thinking the ends of the points need to be a bit darker. This is a nice sculpt for a Siamese, as he's rather lean and muscular.
  6. That would be cool Anne, thank-you. I used Stained Ivory for the body of the cat. The points are a mix of Brown Liner and Intense Brown. I was trying for a Seal Point but to me it looks more like chocolate. I've also mixed the ivory and "point" mix to glaze over places the coat would be a little darker from bone protruding close to the skin. I'll keep the Stained Ivory/Cream in mind for parts that should be a little lighter. Helltown: White leather with a little khaki would be pretty close to Stained Ivory. I think it would come out looking a little more gray though, since White Leather has a greyish hue. Having lots of colors is nice, but having them where you can see them is better. I find I'm making much better use of my paints since I took them out of the travel cases and have them on Paintiers. If I'm thinking of a color I just give the PT a spin and pluck what I want from its place. Don't worry about the collection; it will come in time. By a few here, a few there, before you know it your friends and family will look at your set and say "Good LORD that's a lot of paint!" CuCulain: Thanks for the pix of the kitties. I've had a Flame Point Himilayan and a Flame-point Applehead Siamese. The applehead was a shelter rescue, the sweetest cat I've ever owned. I was looking for a missing kitten at the shelter when I saw him. He rubbed his face against the cage like, "Take me home, please!" so I did. Is the Lynxpoint in the bottom a ragdoll? Looks like it has some white spotting mixed in with the point colors.
  7. What colors did you use for the gold NMM? It looks very nice. It also looks like you added some more shading on the skulls, or maybe the pix just came out better this time.
  8. I like the way the flesh is coming along now. Can't wait to see how the armor turns out.
  9. Awesome. I would love to see a picture when you're done.
  10. I doubt you'll have any trouble keeping up. I'm not that fast of a painter unless it's tabletop. "Painting for Fieldarchy" - that sounds like fun. Knowing Meg, she'll post WIP of her own. What mini are you working on for the exchange? Meg and I are exchanging the High Elf King by W. Klocke.
  11. I'm not a sculptor, but it is always fun to meet those who are. I will try to drop by and visit once my class ends at 8pm. I'll bring my tools, lights and putty as well.
  12. I'm finishing up a cat that I will add to the base of another model I'm working on. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how you would paint the color pattern for a Siamese? A couple of things that I know about the color patter. The Siamese color pattern represents a type of albanism (that is, and albino trait). The way the trait works is that there is no melenin in the areas of the body that are warmer than others. That is why the color is visible in the tail, mask, and legs. These areas are known as the "points". Color can also be seen in other, cooler areas of the body. The color is not as intense in these areas. Examples of areas that are shaded would be over the hips, shoulders, and sometimes along the spine. The color expression is more intense in older cats. So, how would you paint a Siamese cat?
  13. It IS a pain to cut models off the broccoli bases. Hate to say how many feet I've ruined. But it seems they sell better than the slotted minis, so the dreaded broccoli is here to stay.
  14. I played in a Hackmaster tournament at Origins a couple years ago and had a pretty good time. They didn't get as in depth into the rules as you are pointing out, but it was still a lot of fun. Definately harkens back to the AD&D 1st Ed game, but with some added twists for the sake of humor. Anyway, we may have found an answer to the delima. You see, the person I'm having an issue with has a small child. It is not convenient for him to bring the baby to the gaming store. Also, his "buddy" was just activated and will leave the area to go to Active Duty with the Army in Kuwait. He'll be gone for at least six months. The guy playing the party leader would rather game at our FLGS. He won't go to the other guy's house. We decided to go for the neutral ground of the FLGS and let the players decide if they would show up or not. We met at the gaming store on Saturday and had a pretty nice session. The party leader "fired" the rouge and his cronies and hired a Chaotic Good rouge in his place. We had a new person join in and play the new character. I've suggested to Cedric that he invite his friends back if the problem child won't be back. We'll see if they join in. As long as we meet at the gaming store, the problem player most likely won't come. If he does show up he'll have to generate a new character, as the old one was dismissed. He also won't have his buddy to help him harrass the rest of us. Thanks to the advice from people on the board, Sivrel will have some tools to deal with the guy if he does show up. Thanks, guys. You helped save the game.
  15. Hey, I do that too. Work on one piece while I'm waiting for another to dry.
  16. Mel, that's a really awesome idea, one I think those of us who want to work on Monique should follow through with. We could all assist each other as we are moving along. I'm in, even if it's just you and me that would still be a fantastic idea. Great. I will be flying back into Jacksonville on Aug. 20. If I have any time to work on the model before then, I'll post WIP. I wouln't expect any Work In Progress shots from me before Aug. 21, though. I'll also be starting a High Elf King for a mini exchange with Fieldarchy (Meg). Anyone else in?
  17. That is a very nice paint job. Sometimes these little figures don't have the sculpting details we're used to with Reaper minis, and you have to make up the lack of the sculpt with your painting. The glass dome sounds like a very cool idea. Have you considered a music box in the base that will rotate the figures?
  18. Sue: Is that anything like the method Richard was showing us last year? The one he used with the Necrons? That looked really awesome. Seeing that was why I've started with a base for metalics of ink/paint/gloss sealant and layering up from that. What did you use for the white? White paint with metal mixed in, or a white metalic like RMS Pearl White? Mel
  19. I often seal between painting sessions with Testor's Dull Cote aerosol. I use a very light dusting of the sealant. You could also use a paint-on sealant like the Reaper sealant. As Wren said, are you using some kind of painting gig so you don't touch the mini as you paint? Something as simple as gluing it to a pop-bottle cap can work wonders. A pop-bottle can be used as a "handle" for priming or sealing the mini. You can also weight the bottle with sand, clean cat litter or water and have something nice and solid to hang on to while you paint. I'm starting to like Gatorade and Propel bottles better than regular pop bottles. They have larger lids. This makes it easier to pop the mini off the lid when you are done painting. Just squeeze the sides and it will pop right off. With regular pop bottle tops sometimes you have to use an exacto knife or something similar to get the model loose.
  20. I didn't know there was a hot rod version of Duplicolor, so my guess is you want the regular stuff. On paint colors: figure out what color themes you want for the `nids and spam-in-a-can and buy those. You will also want some colors that are good for making your shadows and highlights. The Reaper Liner colors are great for this. For instance, if you are going for blue (ultramarine) Space Marines, you're going to want Liner Blue and Ghost White to help you with Shadows and Highlights. Get a blue triad you like and you're set. The Cyan blue set might be good for Space Marines. You're going to want paints for other stuff than the 40K pieces. For that, check the existing threads on "must haves". As far as paint additives are concerned, a person could write a whole thread just on that. Since you are just getting started, make it easy on yourself. Get the pre-mixed additives from Reaper. There are two triads that include additives, brush on sealer and two colors of brush on primer, white and black. That might not be the least expensive way to get started, but it's the easiest with the least guess work. Get some droppers and distilled water. One last bit of advice on colors: look in your closet. Look around your house. You have an internal color sense; the colors that you like and that you surround yourself with. Those are the colors you are likely to use on models you paint "for fun". Buy colors that are like the ones you favor and you'll be happy with them.
  21. Sounds like you need to let it dry thoroughly, dust with Dull Coat, and then apply the shadowing after that has dried. You could also glaze just the recesses, instead of an all-over glaze.
  22. What are you using for your green? It looks similar to a mix that I like. The base is a very dark green, more of a green-black. Mid-tone is an earthy green, kind of a bright cammoflage green. Final highlight is a florescent green.
  23. If it makes you feel any better, PTF, I stripped Sophie twice before I got skin I liked. Even now, it's tempting... How about this. After Gen Con is over, we can work on our respective Moniques together. Maybe even post on the same thread. Keep each other going, as it were. Do you think that would help?
  24. At Gen Con last year I saw a Steve Jackson rules set that used Lego characters and monsters to run a Fantasy scenario. I only wish I'd had time to play.
  25. I'm the "mum" in this equation. I can add is that when the "rogue" drove off two of Cedric's friends, that should have told him something. Mitch and Cory have been playing D&D with Ced since he was about thirteen. One session with the new guy and they vowed not to return until he was gone. The noobs play twinked out characters with classes from books Cedric does not have. They have been asked to provide copies to him of the respective classes, and have not done so. The rogue has an "oath bow", and when Cedric researched it he found the item was blatently misplayed. The player claimed the item allowed true strike on command, which it does not. He has given no explaination of how a human character came by a rare item of elven manufacture. The player has ignored that the bow whispers in elven when drawn and screams when an oath is rendered. I'm also getting fed up with the constant rules-lawyering and Out of Character comments. Part of why my friend doesn't want to come back was in the last session, he arranged to purchase several slaves. He could barely communicate what he intended for the interjections of our two troublemakers. I finally got fed up and told them both to can it and let the guy play his character. I told Cedric he could have ended that crap with three little words: "You're not there."
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