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  1. I will be rounding up some Cinci players. Some of the regulars have other plans and will not make it. I will bring some new faces too. I'm really looking forward to it. Tim "Castlebuilder" does a great job with the tournament. It is loads of fun.
  2. dewen

    Dates for 2011

    I need to do some planning to make the trip. Are the dates set for 2011? I saw May 19th-22nd somewhere in the forums. I thought I would ask. The first place I went was the ReaperCon link on the homepage, which showed info for ReaperCon 2010
  3. Thanks to Reaper for hosting and providing awesome prizes. The first place trophy was great. Seeing 13 factions in action was a site to be seen. Let's hear it for Cincinnati (Queen City Kings) for grabbing 4 of the top 5 spots! The best painted armies were very nice.
  4. The street and sidewalk tiles are glued to wood 2x2. I did seal them with matte varnish. The buildings can't be spray sealed because of the foam core that could be exposed. The spray may dissolve it. If you wanted to seal the buildings, that would have been done prior to gluing them to the foam board.
  5. Another shot closer with ApeX and Zenith slugging it out
  6. Combination of Fat Dragon Games and World Works Games. Very inexpensive sets (<$15 each IIRC). They are glued to foam board or foam core for durability and so that metal models can sit on the roofs. The billboards and dumpsters are resin from Armorcast. The small items (bench, trash can, newspaper) are metal from a company I can not recall.
  7. I ran some demos at ReaperCon using what I could find. This is what I had for Origins. I hope those with the opportunity to play with the cardboard box board appreciate this one :)
  8. Weekend before GenCon might be tough, but I will do my best. 31st or 1st is ok with me. I'd prefer the 31st.
  9. That last scenario really did my list in. My tactics definitely involved teamwork between troops. I had to defend the throne which meant splitting up my troops because of the 450pt limit per area :( Otherwise, I think I could have had a better game.
  10. No Menards around here. I have looked at similar products by another company (Lemax) and they were about $20 for the same size.
  11. Great article and an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing.
  12. I made these for my wife. A bit of a rush to meet the deadline, but here they are. They are the pumpkins plus pumpkin horrors. They are mounted on wood pieces.
  13. This is a great batch of greens. Awesome stuff!
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