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  1. I need to do some planning to make the trip. Are the dates set for 2011? I saw May 19th-22nd somewhere in the forums. I thought I would ask. The first place I went was the ReaperCon link on the homepage, which showed info for ReaperCon 2010 :unsure:

  2. The street and sidewalk tiles are glued to wood 2x2. I did seal them with matte varnish. The buildings can't be spray sealed because of the foam core that could be exposed. The spray may dissolve it. If you wanted to seal the buildings, that would have been done prior to gluing them to the foam board.

  3. What PDF terrain set is this? How much does it cost and where did you get it? Awesome job, I have been wanting to do a set up like this for a while.

    Combination of Fat Dragon Games and World Works Games. Very inexpensive sets (<$15 each IIRC). They are glued to foam board or foam core for durability and so that metal models can sit on the roofs. The billboards and dumpsters are resin from Armorcast. The small items (bench, trash can, newspaper) are metal from a company I can not recall.

  4. IIRC the skin is Reaper Master Series Bone Triad.


    I thought of working more on the laces in the leather. Not that I wanted to use a different color but more work to help them stand out. By the time I got to that, I was ready to seal them and get them on the game table. Not going for an award on these just looking for something cool on the table.

  5. Sidekicks or spinoffs of ApeX maybe a robotic chimp, cyborg orangutan

    Sumo wrestler

    Bikers to go with the Biker Boss 50047

    Street Thugs armed with bats, pipes, or chains to run with Street Boss 50053

    More Aliens like Sligg Soldier. Think Star Wars bar scene...man that's a lot of ideas

    American Policemen (already a British Policeman)

    Human in a steam powered, armored suit

    A Silver Surfer like hero/villain

    A smooth masked, caped hero/villain like Vision

    Human Torch like hero/villain

    Big muscular bulky hero/villain like Hulk or Thing. The DHL 2706 Clay Golem or P65 65090 Earth Elemental might already work for this.

    Rubbery stretchy guy hero/villain

    Metal super hero like Iron Man


    Let me know when you're done with that and I'll post more ::):

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