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    I can't wait to see more CAV stuff. Now that I know how to work my camera, I am going to post several pics over the couple weeks.
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    I have not posted here in a while. I have figured out how to get decent pics with my camera. I am going to show CAV some love and post some cool pics. This is my Terran paint scheme.
  3. I have not posted here in a while. I have figured out how to get decent pics with my camera. I am going to show CAV some love and post some cool pics.
  4. Thanks for the tips and advice. I am going to give it a try over my long holiday weekend.
  5. I have some FPG decals to apply to finished painted CAV models. I paint with Vallejo Model, Game, and MSP paint, seal with acrylic gloss (Krylon Krystal Clear), let the gloss dry, and then followup with Testors Dull Cote. After what step should the decal be applied (1 Paint 2 Gloss 3 Matte)? Should I use something like Testors Decal Set before applying the decal? After the decals dry, what do you recommend I coat the decal with? Any advice is appreciated.
  6. I am planning on being there. I am trying to round up a couple more.
  7. Fixed the buggy elite calculation and reformatted the footer. The elite calculation is driven not driven off the qty, so only enter 1. If you have more than one of a non-unique elite, they need to be on separate lines.
  8. Moandain was missing Spy and Tactician. I accidently typed it into Mister Blood. It is fixed now. I am noticing a bug with the column that counts the elites in the troop for the leader (Troop Use). I am looking into it. :)
  9. Wings and cash for a canister of pewter skulls... Is it still exclusive?
  10. At GenCon Reaper sold small plastic containers of the pewter skulls for $2.99 at the booth. I was there and forgot to get them. Is there any way I can obtain some? Thanks, de
  11. The gray/white Katana is my fav in those pics
  12. Very cool and unique. I haven't been brave enough to go with a light color. Most of mine are dark so I don't have to worry about the hard to reach spots.
  13. Awesome color selection. The flesh rocks!
  14. !!!! you never checked in with me to claim your BL packet! you'll need to PM the mailing address now. hmmmm...BL packet.
  15. ditto...Shakhak and I crammed a little too much into one day. My day started around 3am and ended even later :). Shahkak was smart enough to take off work Monday to catch up on sleep.
  16. I had a less intimidating head on the staff but liked the spiked club better. It made the staff look more like a magical staff than a weapon. I figured a Troll is more in to bustin' heads than casting spells.
  17. I have never spent much time with conversions until I decided to do this for the Reptus Troll Shaman. I used the back pack from the DHL Ogre Shaman and had to use green stuff to get a good transition or fit on his back. I used green stuff, added various bits for the staff, chains to hold the back pack on, some armor pieces, and a few spikes on his hunched back. He is primed black and a light layer of white primer. Troll Shaman Front Troll Shaman Closeup Troll Shaman Back Troll Shaman Back 2 Troll Shaman Side
  18. There is errata somewhere giving the armored mortar teams a TC of 2. Can't recall where, but it was somewhere on the forum. Castlebuilder Castlebuilder is correct. I posted this right after the official stat release. The missing TC on the infantry is 2.
  19. Great pain job. Mini is cool too.
  20. That's a nice list. I didn't realize how many conditions require tracking. All Alone could probably be the same as Shaken. Voice of Khardullis (O'lords) only lasts "until the end of this Activation" so I don't think you need a token to track it. If you going to track spells, don't forget Shell of the Coffin, Debilitating Pain ... it could get crazy I am having the same problem with the jpg link.
  21. those are the COOLEST gnomes every created! Awesome job, Reaper.
  22. I thought the models for GW were a little smaller (more 25 than 28mm), but if you already have seen them next to one another you would know. I also think those are mostly plastic if that doens't bother you.
  23. "Detail oriented" sounds better than obsessed :P
  24. Added Point cost for Holy Symbol, Casting Upgrade. Item was present buy point cost was missing.
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