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  1. I do the same and love the stuff. To get more out of a container, I thin it a bit with water and add fine ballast (the train stuff). I have considered the concrete patching but I have been sticking with the pumice. btw, the terrain looks great
  2. Nice! Thanks for the pic, reaperbryan. That helps a lot. Cretus definitely looks bulkier than MoM.
  3. Are the Cretus, Minotaur DHL 2964 and Merc Minotaur Warlord 14007 similar in size? With Minotaurs in Warlord having the option of being adepts, I'd like to have some variety in sculpts. I am also considering mixing the pieces (head and arms) on the bodies to provide even more variety. Has anyone seen these next to one another? I noticed Cretus cost a little more but that may be related to production and not size or amount of pewter. Any input is appreciated. thx
  4. AA and CB on an IA sounds cool
  5. AA and Counter-Battery create interesting situations for Defensive Fire. A model with AA and within 6" of a friendly model being attacked by a gunship. Does the AA model need LoS to the gunship to conduct its defensive fire? I say yes because all the AA weapons are DA and def fire requires LoS. A model with Counter-Battery is within 6" of the center of an attacking IA. Does the Counter-Battery model need LoS to the attacker to conduct its defensive fire usings a defending IA? I say no because IA weapons do not requires LoS. Anyone else?
  6. and the first one is fully annoying
  7. Real nice work, thanks for sharing.
  8. Great job (as usual). The water is cool. VERY creative.
  9. As it stands now, their Reaper section is pretty small, but something is better than nothing. Getting their feet wet is the biggest hurdle. Small is relative They started with 60 CAV blisters and a Warlord starter rack. It looks good next to allllllllllll that GW stuff.
  10. HobbyTown USA in Cincinnati now carries Reaper CAV and Warlord! The LGS has space and a shelf for Reaper. They placed their first order with Reaper last week. This is a nice addition to the newly expanded shop. shakhak and I have been demoing and talking with the managers for weeks. Cincinnati - Governors Plaza 9120 Union Cemetery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45249 Phone: (513) 697-8224
  11. That's the way I read and play it, but it seems as if it was intended to be optional.
  12. That's a great idea. I looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure a cheap towel is less costly than the faux fur I just purchased.
  13. I tried the foil over card stock roof. It turned out ok but the corners seem to chip easily and expose the foil. I have seen the fur roofs and they look great.
  14. Real nice work. Unfortunately, I have only used card stock and foam core for my personal stuff. At our LGS the players are too rough. It looks good. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I agree completely. The last thing I want to do is to find spot floating in the air off the table and then measure a radius to see if the AoE happens to reach the table and the center of a model. I never really thought about it until seeing this post, but I have always played "off the table" is no longer in play. If a drift roll located a AoE off the table, that was it. The radius of the AoE wasn't measured or even considered.
  16. Didn't I hear that they were eliminating the Shock SA? I wouldn't want to see it elimintated but limited so that Mount/Dismount is non-repeatable. I think it is a cool ability.
  17. Nice elves. Now I just need to get my assembled and some time to paint
  18. Indirect does seem weak. Making a 10+ target roll and then an attack roll vs DV usually doesn't result in much. I don't think it is completely useless but definitely needs a boost to increase effectiveness.
  19. Smoke lays down a large area that blocks LoS for 10pts. I agree it needs a point increase or AoE reduction. The Air Strike (no drift) is almost the same area (sq in) as the Artillery which drifts. They both cost the same. I agree with shakhak to increase the cost of the Air Strike or reduce its AoE. Yes, shock is annoying. Limiting mount/dismount to one per actication would restrict the infantry with Shock from jumping out of a vehicle, doing something annoying like FiST or other Engineering thing, and jumping back in.
  20. I had the idea and worked through a few problems as I was building these things. You can avoid the problems I had :) When I get time (where did it go), I plan to post the steps with pics. They are pretty cheap and are not hard to build. I struggled with build vs buy. It was hard to find N Scale that was sci fi. So that's what I produced :). More to come ...
  21. Yep, CHEAP plastic electical boxes. I got these for about $1 each. I have another set of terrain WIP made of $0.79 plastic electrical boxes. The accessories and details are kids plastic blocks, hobby styrene, or N Scale details from model train stuff. When I have time, which is tight right now, I'll get the instructions posted with pics.
  22. Really nice. I like the decorative tile floors.
  23. Do you apply Cover bonus for IA? That seems like it could get a little tricky. If a AoE attack hits in front of a wall which is providing cover for infantry, I can see it. But what if it hits near a corner of a building and a model is hiding around the corner? I think the 25% rule for cover could get tough to determine.
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