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  1. Just metallic paints from Vallejo Game using washes and a layer.
  2. Nothing special. I think the blue background in the pic really helps the colors stand out. It is primed white and I used some Vallejo Game colors and Reapers new Lava Colors.
  3. I painted this one a loooong time ago. Nothing special for the paint job but the model is pretty cool.
  4. I mentioned in another post that I have been tinkering with my camera. This one I tried a gray background. I painted Iks years ago. Notice the Crypt Bat head at his feet.
  5. This was my first mini of this kind or attempting anything like it. I tried to add some color to the base to show light from him but I don't think it shows up that great in the pics. I also charred portions of the bushed by painting them dark brown and walnut.
  6. I painted this a few years ago. I have been tinkering with my camera and got a couple shots of this gal. She's not real colorful, but if you were chained left at see, neither would you ;)
  7. The gold hooves and horn are interesting color choices. I just assembled my bugbear bully last night. Thanks for the motivation to paint him.
  8. Already been said, but I'll say it again...nice work on the snakes. I like the coral like design and how bright they are compared to the dark green body.
  9. You took one of the simplest models and did an awesome paint job. Nice blending, lighting, and NMM. Thanks for sharing.
  10. for a couple hours that looks really good. close to the colors I chose for mine. I really like the base.
  11. There are a few models without support. All of new rules are available for download on their site. Even though I love the game, the rules are a bit frustrating right now. Part of the companies problem is that the game took off way beyond their expectations. They are having trouble with the popularity. In fact they are holding back on releasing their Firestorm so they do no impact Uncharted Seas. There is a plan to produce a comprehensive rulebook. I have not seen any issues with poor quality models. I have a Dragon Lords fleet (starter plus new vessels) and a couple other gamers in my area each have a couple fleets. There was an issue with damaged vessels due to packaging. The resin was getting chipped because of the way it was placed in the clamshells. I think this was mostly with the metal sails banging against the resin in transit. I had a ship with chipped railing. I sent an email and a replacement hull was mailed to me. It does take a little while to get the replacement because it is coming from Europe. I am not aware of a change in material. That seems to contradict their public acknowledgment of the issues with damaged models. They were aware of a problem, acknowledged it, and starting making changes to address it.
  12. Wow, I can't believe I overlooked that . Conversion is a good idea.
  13. I am not sure if this one fits nicely on a large base. From the scale (small triangles on the side of the photo) it probably does. If so, it'll be a nice proxy. 50062 Bathalian Exarch
  14. I think Reven has an awesome variety. I was only mention it for awareness not opposition.
  15. wow, the shot of the backside kinda freaked me out. dude!
  16. What about the River Trolls no longer being a Reven?
  17. I missed it too. That's a bummer having to go to a smaller base. If the base size was changed to a larger one, then you could just stick it on. I'd be tempted to start over and put the giant base one on display I have always thought the Nhoolyan was waaaay too small for a giant base. I even suggested that change but base size. I wonder why only the Griffon was changed.
  18. Nice work. Love the conversion. Until I read the post, I didn't even recognize the fig as a fantasy. I'd do some more work (layer or dry brush and wash) on the base.
  19. Added new pics. Not sure if better
  20. I love it. Great game. Easy to learn and fairly simple rules. Company (Spartan Games) has shown a commitment to customer service and listening to feedback from players.
  21. I tried both a couple weeks ago, and I believe they are repackaged Dupli-Color primers. If you're familiar with those, you'll know exactly how they cover/etc. If not, Dupli-Color is an automotive primer (I buy mine at an Autozone) that goes on very thin and smooth. I have some friends who don't like it for that reason - they prefer Krylon as it dries with a bit more "texture" to grab paint, but it works for me just fine (mind you I'm no great painter!) Living in KC, I've not had much problem with humidity affecting it during the summer. I've only tried one each of the black and white (samples for my local gaming store), so I can't say how good P3's quality control will be with these, but if they are just literally repackaged Dupli-colors, the quality and consistency should be pretty good IMO. Thanks
  22. Interesting and vivid color selection. The tattoo is really nice.
  23. Welcome back to painting. I haven't been able to paint in some time myself. I have been looking at this mini for a while. I really like it now that I see it painted. Nice work IMO. I would have chosen a different color for his hands and the underside of his forearm. It looks too close to his metal armor color and almost appears metallic. Maybe the color of his boots or skirt under his chainmail.
  24. WOW both are awesome. I really like the orc's rusted armor and the colors chosen for him. That's a nice shot of him. That facial expression is great.
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