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  1. The fist and gun are similar in color to the his flesh but not identical. With those strange nubs and metal things in his gut I tried to make the colors close but have one more fleshy and the other more metal The metal is also supposed to have a rusted or tarnished look. I am going to talk to a guy at work who does photography and get some better pics. Thanks for the feedback so far. Thanks for the compliments. I had fun painting this one. I would have liked to see the option of two power fists myself. The gun is cool though.
  2. I am struggling to get decent photos of minis. I wanted to post some more pics but this is the only one that turned out decent. Feedback encouraged.
  3. If you have used Formula P3 - Privateer Press Black & White Spray Primer, I'd like to hear what you have to say about it. How is the coverage, smoothness, tooth, susceptibility to humidity?
  4. Awesome job! I love the flesh and color selection. The base is really nice. How did you do the snow?
  5. Awesome! I love the patterns and spots. Incredible paint job and a really nice piece.
  6. WOW! Great terrain. Thanks for posting the pics. I wish I could have seen that setup in person.
  7. Great work! Nice colors and smooth blending. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I really like the facial expression. Nice job painting the straps on the leg. I like the colors on the leather. Good job.
  9. The more reaper models with paint in the gallery the better.
  10. Heh. I'm looking at 2968 active SKUs in the store right now. This doesn't include the several I know I'm still missing (like keychains and apparel). I can easily expect that to double when I get the boneyard added back in. Seriously. It's coming. Really. And I think you're going to like how it works. Any update on the boneyard? Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated! Thanks
  11. Great work, Gus! We appreciate your dedication.
  12. Busy month. Creative as expected from you. I like the squid head. Thanks for sharing.
  13. nice work and interesting color selection. What material did you use for the sandy base?
  14. Very very slick. Love everything about it (color, blending, display). AWESOME work!
  15. I have always and will continue to favor the 3 packs over 8-10 packs. I love the 3 packs. 3 packs allow you to purchase 2-3 types of solders at the cost of a 8-10 pack, which helps diversify your army without breaking the bank. It is easier to expand (if you like a particular soldier model you can buy 3 more or if you want to purchase another soldier you don't own it is a bit easier on the pocket book). I avoided some of the newer factions because I did not want to buy 8-10 packs. When I wanted to add a new faction to my collection, I strongly favored older factions because I could buy the 3 packs for grunts.
  16. Good point. I do the same and forgot to mention that.
  17. I purchased a wet palette and use Reynolds brand parchment paper that you get in the isle at a grocery store or super store near the baking stuff or baggies, wax paper, and aluminum foil. I tried the artist quality sheets too. I thought the baking stuff was not as slick or had a bit of tooth. The artist stuff also seemed to allow more water through which caused the paints to run. The baking stuff by Reynolds is cheaper and easier to find. my 2 cents
  18. That is awesome! The wings are very cool and the blue is brilliant.
  19. Will the links in the miniature gallery for Warlord eventually contain the models that have been added from the DHL line? DHL 3096 Pegasus Rider is a Crusader model for example. Would it appear in the Warlord | Crusader section of the gallery? I ask because sometimes when I discuss the game with players and they want to give it a try. They don't necessarily wan to jump in completely in the beginning and may not want to buy the book. It is nice to have a link on Reaper's site that shows them the models. Most players I know choose a faction based on the models. Maybe this can be accomplished on ReaperGames or some place. I think a complete page online of models in a faction would be helpful. thanks
  20. With the release so close, you may want to wait for second addition
  21. sweeeeeet gotta love the painted army
  22. The new version of the Brood Rider is awesome! I think Warlord players are going to really like that one. The Skeletal Knight is sweet too. Great job Reaper! What's the idea behind Uglunuk? He looks big. Is he a half-giant or something?
  23. Incredible! Awesome work on that. The color selection is excellent. I love the contrast of the dragon and the base colors.
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