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  1. very cool and creative. Nice work.
  2. Any preview images avaliable of these? If you visit the Miniatures Gallery and select the Privateer that you are interested in, you'll see the thumbnails of the model with the alternate parts. Click those thumbnails. Chain Gun Flame
  3. Awesome! Great work. Love the colors. Now I have to get this one on my painting bench. He's been primed and ready for over a year
  4. This is a cool model. Nice red sunglasses.
  5. Nice work. Great flesh tone. I love the red hair.
  6. Nice work. Yes, he is very yoda-ish. I really like the staff.
  7. Very nice. The gem is sweet. I like the blue. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing. The lighting is very cool.
  9. The base is nicely done. The pouches on the belt are distracting because of the color choice, otherwise its good work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice work. I love Infinity models. The blood splattered in the snow is especially nice.
  11. Cool! Thanks for sharing pics of your giants. Nice color selection.
  12. Very nice work as usually. I was pleasantly surprised by the hair color. Great work!
  13. Nice work Froggy. It is always a pleasure to see your work. Very creative as usual.
  14. Nice paint job. This is a really sweet sculpt. Thanks for sharing. You have given me some motivation to paint mine.
  15. I saw this on coolminiornot. If that is a 2" base, he is a big boy.
  16. I like the unique look of the 3087 Battle Troll . Any info on its size? The new troll in the previews 3407 Hellborn Troll is awesome. When I saw the slotted based, I thought Warlord really needs more trolls. All of those factions and the Warlord line only has the River Trolls. The 2828 Thornback Troll, 2877 Mountain Troll, and 2851 Hill Troll are very cool sculpts. Great job sculptors!
  17. Is 2813 Reaper War a large model? For the image in the painted gallery is he mounted on a 1" square base? That would give me an idea of size. Is his shield sculpted separate? I am looking for a model like him but without a shield. Sometimes a model's shield is a separate piece and can be attached to the arm. Thanks de
  18. It really is a blast. The rules are pretty simple and fast to play.
  19. Nice job and thanks for sharing. Interesting choice ... I also painted the amber dragon as a white dragon.
  20. Another nicely done model Stern. That quiver cover is unique.
  21. Nice work. I have been checking these models out for a lil while. I really like the sculpts on these goblins.
  22. Those rock! Thanks for sharing. I really like the color selection.
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