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  1. Nice work. Bright colors. I really like the blue.
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. It looks like the format is off a bit from the conversion to HTML. The layout will improve when I convert to pdf.
  3. I created the following articles to help players interested in created SciFi terrain in N Scale for CAV. I would consider these a rough draft. Any feedback is appreciated. After getting feedback, I will update and post the final. I hope to get this into pdf. Plastic Buildings Small Garage
  4. I have played a few times. I love the game. It is very different from any of the other games I play. I purchased the Dragon Lords starter too. I just assembled the new releases over the weekend (Heavy Cruiser and Carrier).
  5. Nice job on the model and the base. Those red eyes freak me out
  6. I love that model and you did a great job painting him. The base is really sweeeet.
  7. Nice pattern. Great work.
  8. Those guys are great. Poor lil squirrel
  9. Awesome. I love the subtle details with the charred guns and peeled paint.
  10. Awesome color schemes. Great job.
  11. Thanks Here are a couple more photos of the buildings from a Tournament that I hosted in 2006 The small brown things at the base of the building in the lower middle section of the photo are N scale oil drums
  12. I plan to see how he looks on the 40mm rounded base. From the photo he's a big boy. I like those style of bases. I mounted Crosswire on the 30mm.
  13. Plenty of movement in the game we played. The chieftans traveled the length of the 6ft table. My Armored section got blasted by an air strike from those annoying gunships. I layed down smoke for cover to advance. Notice in the last pic the building blocking the infantry is gone (an objective).
  14. I absolutely love that model and can't wait to get one. IIRC the Preview Gallery has a release of Nov on that one.
  15. From this shot you can see the chieftains at the bridge near the end opposite of deployment. Adon has some pretty good range so there wasn't much advancement on their part. I did get some models to the opposite end of the board but I do not have shots because my camera busted while taking these. A nasty Overlords gunship is in the trees and my armored section is heading up the road and over the hill. The board is 8 ft long - that's a lot of ground to cover.
  16. After getting Shards, shakhak and I setup this big game in my basement. I had to put an extra board on the end of my 4x6 gaming table to setup the 4x8 for the scenario. The yardstick you see in some of the pics is just mark end of th table. Rach was coming up the road and getting blasted by Adon. The bridges are only there for looks because my quickly made road was too short for the table. They also made a nice transition over the lip of the gaming table. The trees are out of scale. They are for my 28mm stuff but they did the job. Here is the Adon view after deployment Rach Close up Chieftains on the bridge More pics Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic
  17. I wouldn't say no one love that model. I think these are cool. I love the tongue. Thanks for putting the multiple pics together.
  18. Very good job. I really like this model a lot. The tattoo is a nice touch. Simple and effective color selection.
  19. I do not have the figure in front of me but I can measure the height later today. I mounted the 2742: Skeletal Giant on a 2" base corner to corner and it spanned the entire diagonal. So the rocky base he is on is about 2 3/4".
  20. I recently purchased the Gothic Ruins building set. It only retails for $20 and it was very easy to assemble. After seeing this one, I may have to get another set. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Armory matte sealer is satin at best. I have used GW matte, which can produce a frosty look, if too much is used or the weather is humid.
  22. I grabbed some MSP Brush-On Sealer at the Reaper booth at GenCon. I have been playing around with it in washes with MSPs. I still get some undesired behavior but it seems the right amount of water and sealer does the trick. Thanks for your help Anne.
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