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  1. Oberfroschmeister, a) Was referring to later action phases. More Detail -> Model A & B are in close combat and B becomes stunned. In another action phase, some Crossbow friends of model B decide to get revenge and fire at Model A. Are the Crossbows firing into melee? We had a game this weekend where several troops were clustered in the center of the battlefield. Losts of questions about rules. Thanks for your input, dewen
  2. Is a stunned model for all purposes considered not there? Examples a) If a model A was in close combat and the model B who becomes stunned, then model A is no longer considered to be in melee given model B was the only one in base-to-base contact. b) If an area of effect spell covers the area where the stunned model (represented by a token or knocked down model, depending upon how you play) is located, the stunned model is not affected. c) A model may move freely through the space marked by a stunned model. Any other examples are welcome. Still learning, dewen
  3. I TOTALLY agree with CanuckWarlord. I have a few Warlord models with metal bases and they are SOLID. I was a little disappointed to see the newer Warlord models with plastic bases. I must admit that due to the cost, I have been mounting my DHL models for the Walord game on plastic bases. - dewen
  4. What exactly is base-to-base contact? Does the entire side of your base need to be contacting the side of another model? For example, if two standard models (1” base) are contacting the same side of a large model (1.5” base). One standard model has its entire side of its base contacting the large model. The second standard size model only has 0.5” of its 1” base contacting the large model. Is the second standard size model in base-to-base contact? - dewen
  5. I have a troop comprised of a Warrior Sarge, 2 Warriors, 2 Crossbows. During the troop’s action phase, does it break any rules by doing the following in the listed order? 1. Move the 2 Crossbow 2. Resolve range attacks for the Crossbows against models in the enemy troop A 3. Move the Warrior Sarge, 2 Warriors into base-to-base conact with models in enemy troop A 4. Resolve close combat for the Warrior Sarge and 2 Warriors against the enemy troops A The idea is to soften the enemy with range attacks before moving in the warriors. When would the damage take effect after the entire troop is finished or would damage take effect after resolving range attacks and then again after resolving close combat? - dewen
  6. What is the Alliance list? I was pleasantly surprised to find the griffon in the dwarf faction. Warlord is awesome!
  7. I have seen the 14080 Guardian Angel & 14086 Giant Eagle in the greens. Nothing to reference the size of the Angel like you can in the photo of the Giant Eagle. Where is the 14110 Centaur Archer from? Pretty good guess the Angel goes to the Crusaders. I wouldn't guess the Giant Eagle is with the elves. I was surprised to see the griffon with the dwarves! - dewen
  8. Any hints on other war machine and mounted models to be released for the game? I have seen the soul cannon (awesome!). What else might there be? Large or giant base models for the elves and crusader factions? - dewen
  9. For example, will elven warriors will have different stats and possibly different point values than dwarven warriors? Will the generic stats be in place for all factions or will each faction have their own? Thanks, - dewen
  10. Any idea when the factions’ “Forces of Taltos” supplements will be available? Will it be printed or electronic? Will the faction specific supplements contain generic stats that are different from the other factions and the those in the beta rules? - dewen
  11. I recently purchased 2742: Skeletal Giant (great mini!). I noticed it fits perfectly to a 2” square base as well as some other DHL minis I own (1" and 1.5"). Are there any plans to incorporate DHL minis into the Warlord game? I have seen sample armies that have DHL as grunts and substitutes because of the limitations of the Warlord line of minis. Are DHL minis only for use with generic statistics like those produced in the beta rules? DHL has some great minis that will definitely make it to my battlefield! - dewen
  12. Great, thanks for the prompt reply!
  13. Still learning the rules. A troop containing a “Stunned” model is about to begin its action phase. The stunned model succeeds in making its Toughness check. Does that model conduct the action phase normally? Does it have to wait until the next action phase? Does the toughness check count as a non-combat action? - dewen
  14. I am with Spartan6. Especially, the comment on GW. Until rules are released and the supplements available for the factions, not many will be on board. I have a gaming group ready to go. We have played the Beta and had fun. Now we are waiting. None of us are ready to make purchases until rules and supplements are available and we can choose the factions that most interests each of us. Another sneak peek in Casketworks like with Razig would sure help me endure the wait. - dewen the patient
  15. Thanks, Mengu I thought that was the correct answer. Not a bad tactic either.
  16. I played my first couple games of Warlord this past weekend. Lots of fun. I played Razig. All of the model stats listed in the Casket works for Razig are undead. According to the rules, all undead models gain the benefits of Fearless Special Ability. Fearless models do not need to make Discipline checks. Does that also mean that Fearless models cannot be shaken? When casting spells, friendly models in the area of effect are automatically Shaken, as if they failed discipline checks. Example: Clarissa (Mage 3/12) casts Scare at a group of friend and foe engaged in close combat. The area of effect (2” radius) reaches some of her undead allies. Are the Undead, friendly models shaken? newbie -dewen
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