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  1. I recently purchased the Lava triad. I will give those a try and let you know how it goes. If I get my camera fixed, maybe I'll post picks :) Thanks
  2. I am wanting to paint something like these, which are 28mm
  3. I need help working on some urban terrain. What colors from Vallejo or Reaper MSP would be suitable for painting construction barrels and barriers? I want the bright construction orange and the refelective white. I think white with a reflective or metallic additive will work. I need help with the orange. What color for yellow stripes for caution or road lines? thanks de
  4. I agree completely. I recently grabbed a few Maitso diecast cars with the Fresh Metal line called Power Racer. They are about 4- 4.5" long, which falls into the 1:43 I believe. I think they look nice next to my Chronoscope models. I only paid $2 each because they were on clearance at WalMart IIRC the original price was around $3.50, which is still a bargain.
  5. Sweeeeet. Love to see CAV in the "Show Off"
  6. The dual color scheme is great. I really want to see this one in true scale.
  7. Awesome job. I really like the colors and the cockpit really stands out. Thanks for posting and showing the front view. I am a bit jealous. I wanted to get some CAV models painted for GenCon but didn't have the time
  8. That freehand is unbelievable! WOW!!!
  9. Like the color scheme. Nice job. Detail on the infantry is awesome. I painted a bunch of those stands and they are pretty small.
  10. wow, that's a surprise ... "There is a Ghast Soldier data card coming up."
  11. Thanks for the explanation. Are there more like him coming? What is a villain without a hero to fight?
  12. I am dying to get a hold of this mini. How much longer will he be a Preview in the gallery? He got passed up by the Sasquatch (previewed after and released before). Are there other super hero/villains coming soon?
  13. I like it a lot. Nice job.
  14. I recently painted DHL ghouls for my Necropolis army. I glued the metal base to a plastic 1" square. I then applied pumice to fill in around the metal base. I even allowed some of the bones on the metal base to show through. After it dried, I painted the base a brown earth color and applied spots of static grass. I will see if I can get pics. Pumice can be a little pricey ... for me anyway. I usually add in some water and various sizes of woodland scenics ballast. The ballast increases the volume so my pumice lasts longer and it creates a variety in sizes of the chunks for a more natural look. It dries hard.
  15. Sweeeet. Post pics of the fully painted section when you are finished.
  16. Real nice job. I like the colors and the base looks good too. I'm glad to see some CAV models in the 'Show Off'.
  17. I like the purple and green. His expression definitely gives him some character.
  18. A big apology to anyone using the list. I realized after seeing gaultj's post that I lost track of my versions and posted an older version...that means there are definitely bugs. I can correct them quicky if everyone makes me aware of the issues. I fixed the following Spell cost Sublists
  19. I have not had the time I wanted to spend on this, but it is up and functional. Besides all the new stats, spells, points, ... the Merc 25% rule was added and accounting for spells for caster that are both Mage and Cleric. I was not able to locate the orginal post to update, so I started a new one Warlord List RC08 b A few features I wanted to add, but did not have the time Mob/Mob Leader counting in troop Champion as an elite and solo If you see any issues, PM or post.
  20. Good to know. thanks. I have noticed the difference in the RMS and VMC when thinning. I am going to see if I have notes to let you know how much water was used. I typically keep notes when painting. For "brush-on sealer" I am assuming VGC Mat Varnish would work? Does the matte medium and the brush-on sealer cause the wash to act the same or are they slightly different? Thanks for the tips.
  21. I should have mentioned that I do thin with water after adding a drop or two of the flow improver.
  22. I typically use washes when painting, especially when I am trying to get several Warlord models painted to a decent tabletop quality. I have had a couple problems. 1> Wash is applied and dries blotchy or uneven. The blotchy or uneven appearance is more apparent on the raised areas. I usually end up fixing this with a more time consuming layer approach. I will see if I can find pics for examples. I had this issue using Grey Blues Triad. 2>When the paint is diluted the colors seem to separate on my palette. IIRC this has only occurred with VMC. The problems do not occur with all my paints - only a few paints/colors. I use Liquitex Flow Aid (clear stuff) diluted according to the bottle for my washes. MSP and VMC are the paints I use most often. Yes, I shake my paints. I have a motorized shaker. Do I need another additive? Do I have a few bad paints?
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