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  1. I had a similar problem with washes not flowing well. When I mixed a less diluted flow improver, it created a white film on the model . I may have been the brand I was using (Liquitex) or another factor but that was the out come. I stick with the recommended mixture.
  2. I am really looking forward to the 3 sculpt goblins shown in the Future Releases. Kobolds are pretty cool too.
  3. Great job. Simple but nicely selected colors. How did you do that base?
  4. Great color selection. Interesting base.
  5. Approximately how long are they? Would they fit nicely on a 1x2 base or are they closer to a 1x1? Thanks, de
  6. The paladin is by far my favorite. Very awesome work as usual Vikinglodge. Beautiful face and sweet armor.
  7. Face looks great. The armor looks a lil rough. Nice choice of colors. Great job.
  8. Awesome stuff. I love Reaper's dwarves. Thanks for sharing the pics. The bear's base is very nice.
  9. WOW! Very impressive. Colors are awesome.
  10. Great shots. Thanks for posting.
  11. Modern weapon packs would be very cool. Great idea Castlebuilder.
  12. I play the following Necropolis default Necropolis Crypt Legion Nefsokar default Nefsokar People of the Desert Wind Overlords default Overlords Onyx Legion Overlords is spending a great deal of time on my painting table and the Crypt Legion is getting a lot of game time. I have not tried Followers of Khardullis in a looooong time. I will have to give that one a try again.
  13. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. Inexpensive and nice looking - exactly what terrain should be.
  14. This is probably in order of most used. Black is listed because I use it to finish bases. I rarely use it to paint models. I love RMS liners. VGC Black (mainly for the edge of bases) RMS Brown Liner RMS Grey Liner VMC Camo Black Brown VMC Chocolate Brown VMC Ivory
  15. I have nothing critical to say about this one. Awesome color selection, incredible metals, blue nearly goes to white, great skin tone, face, and eyes. WOW, I definitely want to get into one of these exchanges.
  16. awesome work. I love the ghoul queen.
  17. Flyers in a dungeon crawl is cool to me. If you are in a large cavern or open area, it would come into play. If it is currently expensive, it could be discounted for dungeon monsters because it is not used much.
  18. I would assume so. I agree. All AA systems are DA which require LoS. Maybe someday a IA system with AA
  19. I think a mini scenario or mission would be cool. Provide guidelines for troop points and setup. Dwarves on a hunt for the Hill Giant dug into a series of caverns filled with other creatures for example. Provide a little background fluff for the mission and an example troop but leave room for players to choose their own force based on point guidelines.
  20. awesome stuff. great job guys. I love to see tables like this!
  21. Nice paint job. The bright green grass on the base does not seem appropriate for an undead pirate, especially with the wood pole at his feet. Maybe sand and/or wood deck would be better? The green base definitely increases the intensity of the red and rusty browns.
  22. awesome job. life like and great skin
  23. Unfortunately, I have never attended. What is the bartering system for trading in pewter? Do you get new models by trading in pewter? If so, at what exchange rate?
  24. Brings back great memories seeing those Chainmail Dwarves. nice job.
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