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  1. I think these are nice. The color selection looks cool, but the pics are blurry.
  2. nice job. very creative. love the shot with the trees. it really shows off the paint job against the horizon.
  3. Cool effects with the flame. Very colorful
  4. I don't recall exactly where Gus posted the change. Grunts lost band.
  5. I am going to take a long trip to a shop that has a good selection of DHL to get a look at these in person. Hopefully, they have them in stock.
  6. I thought Klaus was a perfect add for all the reasons you stated. He is also an awesome sculpt
  7. CB, let's see the flagstone flagship as big as your dungeon
  8. ditto Meeting some sculptors at GenCon was a highlight of my experience.
  9. With all the DHL dragons I kind of expected this. I'm happy about it
  10. I was thinking the same thing I considered adding some fur to one and maybe a nose horn. That's the best idea I have but wanted to see if someone else had better. thanks I am having trouble finding a 2754 Blood Wolf besides online sources. Does anyone have a pic of one that will give me an idea of size? If not, a rough description or comparison to another model. thx
  11. I opened the pdfs and did a search BSG Charnel Grub DHL 3017 Purple Worm DHL 3009 Crusaders Mathew, Blessed of Aurellius DHL 3292 Pegasus Rider DHL 3096 (cooler name coming soon I'm sure) Dwarves Klaus Copperthumb DHL 3099 Elves Argyrian, Silver Dragon DHL 2457 Koborlas Feral Lupine Pups DHL 2872 Wild Wolves DHL 2649 Moor Hound DHL 2817 Mercenary Mika, Samurai Heroine DHL 3058 Necropolis Skeleton Spearman LE 20006 Overlords Thurion, Blackguard Captain DHL 3158 Mageguard Golem DHL 3204 Razig Jaus, Sharkman DHL 2890 Reptus Spikeshell Warriors DHL 3272 Reven Gronk Spliteye, Bugbear Captain DHL 3101 Nor'Okk, Ettin DHL 3137 Bloodmane, Gnoll Champion DHL 3214 Korgug, Bugbear Bully DHL 3245 Bugbear Warrior DHL 2818 Gnoll Archer DHL 3190
  12. For the big horned thing I am looking for a proxy for 14221: Nhoolyan , Hunting Beast. He is not unique in certain lists and I would like to try 2. Any suggestions? I thought about the Rhino man, but I was not sure about his size.
  13. The first time I played the BSG, I got smoked. They are different to play (at least what I am used to). I initially saw nothing "broken". I will continue to play them and see how things shake out.
  14. How big is the 2754 Blood Wolf? Would it fit nicely on a cavarly (1"x2") base? Is there a single wolf in the blister? Is 3020 Barak, Rhino Man more suitable for a 1.5" or 2" square base? Thanks Edit Based on 2754 and 3020 being older and/or discontinued seeing for myself in a shop is unlikely. 3208 is brand new. I plan on checking it out next time I visit my FLGS, but I thought I ask. Dropped the Brass Bull question. Suggestions for a big Reaper model with horn(s) that will fit nicely on a giant (2" sqaure) base. Any suggestions?
  15. This guy goes down pretty quick when a few models with Disable SA are on it. I played with it thinking he was pretty awesome and it played pretty balananced. Not all models are affected by poison either.
  16. I pay close attention to Warlord releases and only peak at DHL every once in a great while. I have to post a praise to Bob Ridolfi for Marise Greyshroud, Wraith Queen. That is a really awesome sculpt. I rarely go out of my way to buy a model for the joy to paint because of my backlog of unpainted Warlord models. She is tempting. Great job!
  17. Very, very cool. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do so. The last pics with the models really shows the scale.
  18. Sweeeeeeeeeet. Awesome job. The color selection is great. I find myself avoiding strong or bright colors, but love it when others do
  19. I really like the gray camo pattern. Nice job.
  20. Great job. Looks awesome. I love the gunner on top.
  21. The wings are painted with base VMC English Uniform (921/141). I washed them with Chocolate brown (872/149). I experimented by adding glaze medium to the base and wash to get an uneven look. I added a layer of Green ochre (914/119) mixed with the English Uniform. I used some RMS Brown liner with flow improver to wash into the deepest spots. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. The bone is pretty white which makes him stand out next to my skellies. My favorite part are the wings.
  22. dewen


    Thanks for all the compliments. The logo is Koda Works (CAV UCOR) and the warning stripes (red and black). Both are water slides from Fighting Pirannha Graphics.
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