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  1. I like the pose a lot. I wish more CAV had varying poses instead of the square, standing straight pose.
  2. close combat starts when a model moves into B2B and attacks. Yes, you continue until destroyed and no other models can activate to intervene. This is one of the most disliked rules in CAV. Suggestions have been posted but there is no official ruling form Reaper. Mil-Net has test rules that address it.
  3. Thanks. I agree after looking back at this model that the horns need some more work.
  4. must have been a long day when I posted this pic.
  5. Athak is really cool. I really like the color selection.
  6. Creative stuff. Great job. I'm impressed with the broken belt-clip.
  7. I have read some complaints about this model's sculpt. I like the model. Here is mine painted.
  8. I didn't spend a much time on this one, but I think he turned out ok.
  9. The cast of the body on the model was pitted. Instead of requesting a replacement, I painted it like it took some hits and is damaged. This pic makes it look a bit shiny. I may need another shot of matte varnish.
  10. These models are some of my first CAV minis.
  11. dewen


    I primed the model with dark gray primer (duplicolor gray) and used that as my basecoat. The blue-gray camo is a mix of VGC 19,48,50,51 1:1:2:1 and when you get done mixing all that it is almost dead on RMS 09020 Twilight Blue . The outer camo line has more VGC 48 and the center of the camo (darker blue-gray) has more VGC 51 (black). Using the RMS triad or mixing a batch of the blue-gray in a bottle will save you some time. The lighter color of the RMS triad would need some neutral gray added to get close to the color you see. I did the lining on the model with RMS 9065. The red is VGC 42 layered with VGC 11. Besides the mixing, it is pretty simple and I am happy with the results. Thanks for the compliments.
  12. Thanks for posting all those pics. I like the different angled shots on the gnomes. Those models look great. Reaper really pulled off some original stuff with these sculpts. The color of the demon is unique too. Great job.
  13. dewen


    Painting CAV models improved my painting skills because it forced me to try and get better at techniques I had avoided in the past. I relied a lot on washes before painting CAV.
  14. I really like the sculpt of this big model. Some of my Koda Works models are painted in this pattern and the others like the Despot and Warden. All use the same colors just applied differently.
  15. Windex? I am new to airbrushing. I just got it. I have some RMS and other brands too (Vallejo mostly). I found a few of my RMS a little grainy or chunky and said no way to airbrushing. For the paints, regardless of brand, that were in good shape, I thinnned with flow improver and drying retarder (both Liquitex). I had good results, but I am very new at this. Windex? I guess I need to catch up on airbrushing.
  16. dewen


    thanks, I like this model in sculpt and play.
  17. dewen


    I have not been painting CAV models very long. I am not sure I have a ton of hints. For the Despot I used Vallejo paints that I mixed and ended up being very close to Reaper's Grey Blues Triad. The only thing I have really learned is that painting CAV models is FUN and washes don't work well for me. Although, some paint, wash and wipe the wash away from the raised or high areas. I recommend something soft if you try that. I think my wife's makeup applicators work well ;) I have painted several fantasy (mostly Warlord models) before painting CAV. The hard edges and flat surface create different challenges. I typically prime black, base (sometimes use spray paint for that), and then pick some spots to layer lighter colors (blue in this model) or pick spots to change the color completely with layers (like the Sultan). I am not sure if this helps, but it is generally what I do.
  18. This is a cool Recon vehicle
  19. I like this model and would love to see it in a bigger sculpt.
  20. All look great. I like the color for the armor on the soldiers. Ivar looks really good. I love the blonde beard.
  21. Wow, quick to paint a new one. The base size puts the model in perspective. Nice job.
  22. Great job on the face. He looks great. I love that Lupine sculpt.
  23. I like the color selection and agree with the other posts.
  24. dewen


    Thanks. When I paint camo, it seems the model needs something else. That's when I work in other colors like the gray barrels or add cool FGP waterslides.
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