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  1. Quick update for the night on the spartan. I went with a more traditional gold base with highlight of new gold. Both were drybrushed over a base russet brown. The stone was painted with intense brown with tanned shadow and tanned skin drybrushed over. The vine and leaves were painted with brilliant green and jade. The mini still needs the final touches but I think I'm on a good track so far. Would love to hear some thoughts and any C&C is welcomed.
  2. New rthread for a new month. I'm still determined to clear my painting queue this year and doing these WIP and getting C&C from everyone really motivates me to keep pushing through. So on to the fun. I was stuck for a few days deciding what to start with so I grabbed a few bones from my collection to get my gears going. First up is Goldar. I had started this guy a while ago in metal but lost motivation after his axe snapped and I had a difficult time keeping it reattached. But I've always been fond of the figure and thought it had a lot of character. I did take some WIP pics but they were super blurry since I'm still taking photos with my iPhone, so here is where he stands now. The next figure is from bones 2 heroes and villains option i think, the female spartan. Started with the reds this time since I tend to have issues blending it the way I like consistently. I think I'll be painting the armor silver with some antique gold highlights and I'm not sure about the stone yet. Maybe an earth tone? As always C&C welcomed and appreciated.
  3. Here is a quick pic with the wings attached. I toned down some of the purple highlights with a breonne blue wash. Apologies for the odd lighting but I currently do not have my light box. As always C&C welcomed.
  4. Finally a day off with time to paint so I decided to work on my shadow dragon. Started with a walnut brown and nightshade purple mix for the fleshy bits and a intense brown aged bone mix for the chest scales. Continued with imperial purple highlights with a touch of amethyst purple mixed in. Chest scales were highlighted with bone triad with a tiny tiny bit of amethyst. All C&C welcomed and appreciated.
  5. So I consolidated my previous thread of endless minis here. For those just joining most of what I paint is for use in our podcasts, Mis-Adventuring 101 and Initiative. Anyway here is Cinder (aka my vacation dragon) mostly done. As always C&C welcome and appreciated.
  6. Great idea. Thanks. Should play well with the wings that will be close to linen white
  7. Finally back again. Since I'm on vacation I wanted to tackle some of my larger miniatures so I started on Cinder. He is pretty far along. I intended to post more WIP pics but really couldn't until I started assembling him. As always C&C is welcomed and appreciated
  8. IIRC - look up the Privateer Press website. I believe they have a few. thanks I'll check it out now
  9. Thanks to everyone for the likes. Got a question though. I need a mini for a were-crocodile does anyone have any suggestions for a mini?
  10. Thank you for everyone's C&C so far. I worked on Desmond a bit more but ended up not liking how the colors were looking so I have been trying to restore it closer to what I had. I did start work on another mini who will be a recurring villain for the podcast. The sculpt was a bit funky with a mild line going staight down the middle of his face but since I'm going for tabletop quality I pressed on. Happy with him so far but what do you all think
  11. Starting this new thread since it seems my pile of minis is really starting to pile up and I need to stay motivated to paint. So here we go! I started working on my podcast character Desmond. Unfortunately my previous WIP pics were out of focus so he is pretty far along in the pics below. As I get some more progress I'll keep slinging some pics up here. Would love to get some C&C on what you all think.
  12. So after a long work week here is another update. 3 more minis that will be for a new mid week campaign. The first is the two weapon fighter. Not sure what to do with the bendy sword. I may have to grab some boneyard pieces to fix this. Next is the Cleric of the group. The mini did not come with the shield so I will have to dig around to see if I have an extra one. Finally the Dwarven King. This one has been a blast to paint. So much so I added a character into the story to use it. So let me know what you think all C&C welcome.
  13. Straight to spray paint. I thought the same thing but after I made 6 2x2 rooms and just changed where the door was for the last 3 it has more versatility. You don't need a ton of cardboard either. I made 30+ pieces from 1 keurig sized cardboard box.
  14. Quick pic update on some new minis that should get some attention later today. Please let me know what you think so far.
  15. Completly forgot to post this pic up last night so here is what they look like up close with minis.
  16. Small update. Not too much on the mini front today. Hopefully some tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to share what I have been working on. I've been building some "3d" modular dungeon tiles. You can check out the thread here.
  17. So since I have to wait to finish up my diorama I decided to start constructing some "3d" dungeon tiles for our next podcast season Forge of Fury. Here are some WIP pics, please let me know what you think.
  18. Small update today. Zoned in and got a lot accomplished. Still touch ups that need to be done and I need to get her based but shes tabletop ready. I have some more minis to paint up but I need some help selecting some minis. We are dealing with an organization that is comprised of rangers and druids and I am having a difficult time picking a varied selection of races to fill their ranks does anyone have suggestions?
  19. Got back to painting today. Started on Valloa. Got her mostly based and her skin is almost done.
  20. I worked on the bridge more. Needs a bit of weathering I think but its coming along. Decided to snap some photos with minis as I was cleaning up so....... I'm thinking about grabbing a picture frame tomorrow to base this thing on, but I'm not sure if that will work. Any other ideas?
  21. Small update. Painted up the bridge some. Not sure what to use as a base for the thing. Maybe a picture frame? Let me know what you think. All C&C welcome.
  22. Here is the link to the rocks - here Here is the link to the bridge - here
  23. Sorry for the delay in responding but I was at work. So to answer some questions. There is space to have a miniature underneath the bridge. It is a bit more turned in only because I haven't anchored the bridge down and that was the closest I could get it to support without looking wonky weird. The piece itself will be used in game for an upcoming episode of the podcast then be re purposed into a display diorama. The smaller "rock" will either have a ladder coming down the side or at the back. I need to clarify this with the DM. From what I understand there will be an encounter somewhere around this bridge so ideally I would have all 4 PC miniatures and possibly whatever we are encountering. For the diorama I would hope to recapture this image of battle. Hope these answers helped clarify.
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