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  1. Boo. 🙂 Ok, thanks though. I was afraid they had been cancelled... And I definitely want them.
  2. I had seen a release date of 3/31 for RPR44200 Barrowgate Town Watch, but now dont see them at all and even a search doesnt pull anything. What happened to them?
  3. I would want something like the (junior nuns?) from the movie, The Little Hours.
  4. The Monks look good, and Midlam always is high quality, but Monks just dont interest me. If they do a sisters/nuns run though I would back for that.
  5. My cannons arrived yesterday... Sunday. Interestingly, these have the barrels already attached, where as the ones I got before they came seperate.
  6. I got notice last night that mine has shipped. All I got was cannons… 50 cannons. yeah… 50 cannons.
  7. My 2 arrived today. Great as usual. Did not realize they were meant to be children. Here is a shot next to a Hasslefree caster.
  8. My stuff arrived today. The Siocast is beautiful. Another Kickstarter in September. Will definitely back again.
  9. I got a shipping notice on my pledge. I ordered the War Elephant, the Cold Steel girls, the Queen, and the Knight Commander... I think I got 2 of the Knight commander... so I can make with both of her head options. I went with the plastic/ Siocast which is why this has been slightly delayed. Looking forward to getting these, and the Creator is talking about another smaller kickstarter later this year. Edit: Just checked Backer Kit... looks like I only ordered one of the Knight Commander... shucks...
  10. backed for $1… you sir are evil… 😉
  11. This is really beautiful... but luckily (unluckily?) I currently lack the funds for it. I had debated dropping out of Bones 6 for this... I guess time will see if I made the right decision.
  12. Almost forgot about this... but finally backed for Rodentina and Hattie.
  13. Ah... well I think that has more to do with the world economy than Reaper... I mean... I spent nearly $1000 on Bones 4... far less on 5... But if I were to do that in 6... It would not be all at once as I have to weigh being able to afford gas for my car... and the kids school, and food vs unlocking stuff... :) So thankfully the pledge manager and being able to add to it there exists... :)
  14. Did something change? Will the pledge manager be different this time? or cant you just do the same thing and wait until the pledge manager again this time? The Lost tombs... it has been said that either they will just release the whole set if it doesn't fully unlock, or the price will be reduced.
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