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  1. Female werewolves are a weakness of mine. Will see if I can swing that unicorn alliance set
  2. These do look great too. And would make good crew for my Reaper Bones ship... Gah!
  3. 3D printable...! Your killing me Smalls...
  4. I’m kind of hesitant to buy a 3d printer because it’s technology and I am old man resistant... I like Artisan Guild. I found a licensed eBay seller selling Printed models. I order my first one last Saturday. Will see how it comes out.
  5. Those amazons are from their last Kickstarter. Amazons vs ogres. I liked the amazons, but didn’t back because they were on the expensive side. These I think were the free heroes, which I think the basic troops look better. Another 3d Kickstarter... if these are the future, then I guess I will have to get a 3d printer...
  6. Not to go too far off topic, but I messaged Impact and the grey resin is now his standard. So yay!
  7. Nice! Did you specify you wanted grey or did it just come in that material by default? I may have to order another mini. The quality was great but translucent just irks me.
  8. tasso. Have you filed a claim with FedEx? You should be able to get the value of the items from them. https://www.fedex.com/en-us/customer-support/claims.html FedEx makes it easy to file lost package claims. If you ordered or shipped something from the US through FedEx, you can file a lost package claim online. FedEx is also pretty speedy. It normally takes just five to seven business days to resolve a claim. As the sender, recipient, or third-party, you’ll have 60 calendar days to file a claim for damaged or missing contents and up to nine months to file lost item reports. Just make sure you keep any and all packaging or evidence because FedEx might ask to see it.
  9. This is a super deal, I dont need any of the mooks though so am passing. I do like the half orc bard with rapier. One of my gaming buddies is backing though so i may be able to trade him something for it.
  10. well, just added Shadows of Ravenhome.... so I guess you guys inspired some interest from me...
  11. Absolutely. I was quite pleased with the Shield maidens and regret not getting the goblins,
  12. I like them too. But... I had thought they were going to be multi-part plastic... mainly because that’s what I think of when I hear Shield Wolf, not because of anything they had said. Now, while I would get a box of multipart plastic just to have around for kitbashing rpg characters, I don’t really have any use for the resin guys that only have the standard pose presented. And at $20 for 5, it’s a little more than I would want to spend just to have some cool minis on my shelf. Still look really cool though.
  13. A final girl is more common but Nightmare on Elmstreet Part 2 had a final boy. I don’t think it has to necessarily be a girl. I can get on board with that, But... one of the rules in generally not doing any questionably bad moral decisions. Having a “redeemed” final girl kind of breaks the rules.
  14. Happy May the 4th. the last movies had a darker sometimes horror theme. In order to defeat the big bad, they needed a hero. Rey. Was she a final girl? She followed the rules of a final girl. What do you think?
  15. Ah, ok. I guess I’ll wait then. Since we are playing via discord I don’t really have a pressing need right now anyway. And when we were playing in person I was using a converted Reaper Bones Cassie,
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