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  1. Yeah with 5 days left for people to be able to make a decision, this seems not a great position to be in.
  2. Yeah... not sure what to make of this... Was there a big call for Santa?
  3. I was wrong. I actually liked 4 minis from the chronoscope set. the andromedan queen the andromeda’s vizier the Andromedan warrior the IMEF bulldog I occasionally check ebay for the bones bulldog... but none of these are retail yet, I do plan on buying them once the become available. looking at 3-5 bulldogs 1 queen 2-4 viziers 10-20 warriors the bulldogs arr just cool. Will likely never use them but I want them. The Andromedans I am thinking will be an aquatic race in my pathfinder game... coil rifles. Maybe as Nerieds or a custom aquatic race. I really like the look of them. it’s weird. I spent nearly $1000 on bones 4... but even though I am at $120 in bones 5, I am really at $0 on what I want. Will see what the ship comes in At tomorrow. The 2 sea expansions are starting to grow on me though.
  4. I kind of disagree with this. If what they offered was not appealing to the point where many people who may have had interest didn’t buy it... it sounds like they blew it. Not the consumer. I like reaper and support them. But I am not just gonna throw away money on something I don’t want. If it had been more desirable (to whoever or whatever) then more people would have bought it. I like 3 models in the chronoscope expansion last time... I don’t think my not paying $50 for those 3 figures is me blowing it. i do agree that they need to make money though. So if they can’t find a way to listen to what people are actually asking for in a chromosome (or pure sci-fi, or whatever) set them it does make sense not to offer it... but again I don’t see the customers as the ones who blew it on this.
  5. I’m tempted by the zombies. 4 for $5 is pretty good. Though I do have about 300 modern zombies of various shapes from the various zombicide games...and around 200 fantasy zombies from Black Plague and green horde... including female, orc and dwarf zombies.. still zombies are a good staple monster. 40 zombies for $50 is not bad...
  6. reaper Jon stated that the ship may just be a buy option (without and actual unlock goal) when it’s revealed. He wasn’t sure but said that may be the case. If so, then it may not actually occupy a place on the map... or it may. This post helped no one... just made things more unclear... I’m not me when I’m hungry...
  7. Its pronounced "Smokestack"... ... not buying it... dang...
  8. Hello. I may be way off base, but if that was a cry for help, I am a good listener. I have known depression, and... I dont want this to sound corny. So if i read that wrong I am sorry.
  9. So, if not many people buy the busts in the PM. Will they not be produced at all? The KS states "Lastly there is the risk we will not produce a specific model shown. This will only occur if there is not enough interest in a specific model measured by the number of backers that actually pledge for to back it verses the cost to produce it. This event has never occurred in any of our previous Kickstarters, but is nonetheless still a risk. In the event this situation develops you will have plenty of time to adjust your Pledge Manager." I think the busts probably have a target audience, but I dont think the bones audience is that target. Wonder what will happen.
  10. Yesterday on Reaper’s fireside chat, ReaperJon answered a question about the boat and said it would be revealed next week... so it sounds like we will get a chance to throw money at it soon. I am not die hard about anything in this ks... but have no doubts that all the expansions will be fully realized by the end.
  11. Everything in the kickstarter is very nice. I can see benefit in owning everything.... However, as others have said... my need this time is just not there. There are a couple gems that i love... but i am undecided on getting them now or waiting until retail. The Spider, the blue dragon, the kids, the mammoth. - Love em The villagers, the troll bridge, the war machines. - Great. i want em The other dragons, catfolk, other bits and bobs. - They are nice, I like em. But, My main love and want in the ship, and baby ship. If those are something that turn out to be reasonably priced and in a material i like, then the above stuff will likely come during the PM stage and be bought through this KS... but if teh Ship turns out not to be viable for me, then the rest of teh stuff will end up being bought at retail, and I will likely just drop out. That is not to say I dont lke the stuff or dont like reaper, I am just not super behind any of the stuff this time. Do really like that spider though...
  12. You backed out? Its like i don't even know you! Was our whole relationship a lie?!!!
  13. @Glitterwolf regarding the Ship. Jon said it is still undecided about Translucent, Solid or both... so still in the air.
  14. I think the reason Starwars worked for us, is our game was the edge of the empire stuff. We were low life grifters and bad people so it didnt feel like we were bogged down in Starwars. My character was an ex-gang member and sort of crazy... didnt feel like we were just walking in teh foot steps of the movie characters. Starfinder though. I tried to enjoy it. I like Pathfinder. But i just couldnt get in to it. It didnt help that almost every monster in teh adventure path tried to inprgnate one of us with some parasite or mutant bebe...
  15. My group has enjoyed both Starwars and Starfinder.... but we are more of a fantasy group... Still some of the chrnoscope stuff has great crossover appeal even for fantasy.
  16. I am kind of in the same boat.... see what i did there? I am at $120 because I wanted Wave 1.... but not sure if I will stay in.
  17. Yeah, I think every child in Maryland goes on a field trip to Fort McHenry, the Shot tower, Betsy Ross's house and the Constellation. And now i don't live far from John Wilkes Booth house here in Bel Air. Though as an adult I have passed these things, I havent been to them in 30 years...
  18. With my eyes continuing to get worse..,.. My last eye exam i had bleeding in my Macula but not Macular degeneration... but the Doc did not want to prescribe glasses until my next eye exam in 4 months to see if the swelling goes down... I have not really painted in a couple months and the last things I did paint I did not enjoy... So, With the ship. I think having the ship in bones color looks fine for playing. But if I have to put effort in to painting on it just to be able to use it in a game, that is a big turn off. Sure i could probably spray paint in brown and dry brush or apply a wash or something... but that's more effort and will still leave it looking not great just to be able to use it at all. And if all the things involved like canons are also translucent then it would require more than a simple spray, unless I am spending effort to have brown cannons an ship. I am happy that people who want translucent ships will get them, but admit that I am disappointed. Who knows though, i may still get one if its clear, but i doubt it. Wagons, that is something i want though... Unless of course people want ghost wagons and they become translucent too... or ghost catapults... or ghost greeks...
  19. Twitch made it sound like they may only do ship in translucent... but you can always paint it if you dont want translucent... That means it will be a pass from me. Not confirmed yet, but that comment did not sound promising...
  20. Well, April 2021 is the estimated delivery date. So, maybe if you contact them after that they will still try to fufill but cant guarantee they will have everything on hand to be able to deliver. ESTIMATED DELIVERYApr 2021
  21. The showed a graphic that had Yephima and said Greek expansion 2... I wasn’t planning on getting the Greek expansion so this probably means I have to wait til retail for her. But who knows what I will add in the PM. they also said they will talk to Ed about a cannon pack. I am excited for a canon pack.
  22. Reaper live show just spoiled that the Cloud Giant/Yephima’s mom is in the Greek set part 2.
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