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  1. I lived on Java for 5 years. My wife is Indonesian. My daughter was born in Jakarta. Besar means big but can also mean important or in charge. Not sure what Pulo means or if it’s just a name,
  2. well it has a natural "launch" system, with self refilling ammo... Would not want to get hit with that...!
  3. What are the minis made of? Resin or metal. I am liking them too.
  4. I just hope the mammoth's wings dont droop. Nothing worse that a mammoth with wing droop.
  5. I want the bridge so my murder-hobo pc has a place to live, Hobo no more!!! I like the vampires and villagers and children...
  6. Hard to keep up with comments, but I love that little goat too
  7. Looks like 30 figures. 2 large and 1 huge. And then 18 bones 4 kobolds. So 48 figures for $120. I know it will get better as more stuff is added but that initial offer looks lighter than previous. I have been getting 2 cores each is 1-4. May pass on the core this time. Don’t need any more kobolds. I do like the dragon, the fat mayor looking guy, and the stag though. And Krampus. But don’t really need a krampus. Oh, and need a couple snake sword ladies to go with all my other snake people from 4. Too bad no gorilla ladies.
  8. Bones V is future me's problem. Present me only has to worry about $1 for Bones V... (hopefully)
  9. Pledge Summary £250 REWARD Elf Army - Elf Command Set 40 spears 40 crossbows 40 swords Hydra with crew 20 Bright Riders 3 Assassins 2 Bolt Throwers with Crew 3 Elf Chariots 10 Fliers 40 Hexes 10 Shadows 10 Gorgon Spears 10 Gorgon Archers 10 Alternate Command Mounted Hex Sorceress 20 Golden Guard 20 Slayers 20 Brigands Add-ons 40mm Round Bases x 20 Qty: 2 x £2.00 Skeleton Jackal Alpha Qty: 1 x £6.00 Skeleton Tomb Jackals Qty: 1 x £20.00 Skeleton Jackal Horrors Qty: 1 x £20.00 Elven Sunblaze Hexes on Velocigators Qty: 1 x £25.00 Carnevale - Egyptian Foreign Noble Qty: 1 x £7.00 Elven Sunblaze Hexes Qty: 1 x £20.00 Elven Sorceress on Terrorgon Qty: 1 x £15.00 Elf Queen Qty: 1 x £5.00 Elf Ranger Adventurer Qty: 1 x £5.00
  10. I actually felt bad about backing. I mean, I had already told my wife I was. Spent less then I had quoted. But.... We had a few surprise expenses come up, as well as expenses that we knew were coming... but... still felt bad.
  11. The children are nice. I wouldnt mind non class children too. Like generic townsfolk children, or orc children, etc...
  12. It wasn't a bad game. My group played about 4 times. It was fun. We did stumble on a character/gear combination that was really broken looking. We couldn't find anything in the rule book, and initially found conflicting arguments on the web. after about 30 minutes of the game coming to a halt for us to look it up, we eventually did find an official ruling and we were in fact doing it wrong. (I dont remember the specifics but one player got a relic thing that let them do damage anytime they entered a square to all enemies... It did damage to all enemies... and the damage amount basically killed all enemies in teh square... The character had an ability that let them move out of squares with enemies and move into a new square... So the player moved into a zone. Killed all the enemies, then moved to another zone and killed all the enemies their too. So, all the bad guys were getting insta-killed and that player was getting lots of loot and xp... Once that was resolved the game got back on track. I have not been interested in CMON games in a while. Still like the minis. If i thought it would be worth the effort, I would sell Zombicide ,1 2 and 4, as well as the Others, Blood Rage, (and while not CMON) would also sell Conan and Mythic Battles Pantheon. Edit: Would probably only keep Zombicide Black Plague/Green Horde and Massive Darkness.
  13. Well, as we all know, the pyramids were power plants gifted by our ancient alien astronaut visitors that served as Tesla Towers and helped the flow of Vril across the empire. This Pyramid/Vril battery is small, because it is on the outskirts of the empire and power needs are modest. We just need some Dendera light bulbs to complete the scene. Though this one could also be in disrepair as the working one would have been encased in polished limestone and had a smooth reflective surface and been capped in gold. Perhaps the shifty Halflings stole the gold, and dismantled the limestone to be used in other construction, not realizing what the true purpose of the pyramid was. Maybe the undead, once an ancient advanced power, took the secrets of the pyramids with them in their eternal sleepless slumber. Or, maybe the elves, knowing that mankind could not be trusted with such power, now wage an eternal war to rid the world of all traces of this dangerous technology.
  14. I filled out my Backerkit. Will try to add more before it closes in December. I want the Lynx girls, Maybe the Heavy Cavalry, Maybe the Bath on Triceratops and Maybe the Desert titan (or big desert titan).
  15. The Pledge manager opens today. They are waiting on approval from backer kit. They posted a link to the preorder store that is supposed to be what teh PM will look like. I wont post the link though since it is a commerce link. They also added 2 new Pyramid scenery items.
  16. I am just finishing my Council of Wyrms game this Friday. It was Greek/bronze aged themed with a party of all dragons. So... I probably wont need greek minis or dragons anytime in the near future. (though will still likely be interested in dragons, especially "Large or smaller" 50mm or less. I like asian themed miniatures, but... havent played an asian inspired game in over 12 years... Not since a 3rd edition Oriental Adventures/ LOt5R game. So not sure if I would get an Asian themed expansion.... But Undersea? Yes! Pirates? Yes! Pirate Ship(s)!!!!!? YES!!!! Demon girls? Yes! I am not sure what I am looking for in this, but I do know that I don't use the epically big minis often.... Even in a game with a party of dragons, the largest we encountered was a Gargantuan T-Rex (thank you bones T-Rex). So it will be interesting to see what catches my fancy this time. Edit: Having a Gargantuan T-Rex swallow whole a large silver dragon was pretty fun... But ultimately spelled doom for the T-Rex as the dragon was able to full attack from inside the belly.... where the natural armor was weaker.... that meal really turned against him...
  17. A ship doesn’t have to be big. A Brig is a good size ship. I got one in MDF in a different Kickstarter. Size wise it’s comparable to the bones barge. I wouldnt mind something like this in bones. Here are a couple pics and a scale shot with a frigate.
  18. Another interesting thing is, they have another project going on right now for minis too. The other one is for Steam punk humans and bondage elves. The Steam punk guys look like they could fit malifaux. The elves are kind of dark elf-y. With the female ones a little more on the bondage side (and less clothed) than the male. Not a criticism, just an interesting choice. They even mentioned that you can combine shipping between projects as they will be produced and fulfilled at the same time.
  19. It is interesting that the resin models are the same price as the .stl files. You do save on shipping though. I kind of like the fish lady. Not really enticed by anything here though.
  20. Haven’t received mine yet. Comments state that he should have up to #40 sent out this week. I am #50. The creator is putting backer numbers in the comments when he ships out but the last one was 2 weeks ago.
  21. I do hope they have the $1 pledge level again this time. I just backed a pretty expensive ks and my wife took issue with it... I guess having a daughter just enter college and a son who will be entering next year will do that..., so so I really can’t have much of a visible presence on this one. Though by my birthday and tax refund season I will be fine...
  22. So, the project before this one, the lost minis project, has not delivered yet either. I have not received anything yet... he did say that he would hopefully have up to backer #40 done by the end of this week. I’m backer 50... so hopefully soon... I guess delays have caused both projects to be behind but find it odd that he is fulfilling orders on a subsequent project before finishing the earlier one...
  23. Its worth a try. The packaging was pretty bad, but they countered comments in the ks saying “well it was free shipping”. This is true, but they did not offer any alternatives for shipping. The creator did say they would offer tracking numbers in future projects (at buyers expense upon request). I put in the comments “ On that note. Jean Christian Sokol had items that were damaged in delivery. Your response was "nothing glue cant fix". I am a little disappointed by that response. Most companies would ask for pictures and some would offer replacements or at the very least an apology. Your position seems to be "oh Well" which i find disappointing. I think you guys are a good company and I really like your products but people stick with companies based on customer service and your responses seem to be a bit... cold.” the response was: “About customer service, all people that contact us by PM, not in public, get all they need, i think nice people first ask by PM about problems and if didn´t get solution, is logic, talk in public, but if some throw hate is rare get love. Otherwise, thanks for contacting privately, we take our work very seriously and hope to do our best from here on out. We are sorry if any answer from us has caused you a problem. Thank you for supporting us.” edit: just want to restate that I didn’t have any damaged models. The minis were rattling inside the box, so I likely just got lucky. But all mine were undamaged.
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