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  1. It does look cool. Is it undead or a construct of some sort? I cant really tell from the render.
  2. I'm impressed with the giant. This is looking good. I thought the halfling fliers would have a desert theme... these look more european. Not a bad thing, just not what i was expecting. They don't fit with the Halfling raiders. So that's at least one set i can probably skip. They haven't said the Elf Bath is still coming, but his comments keep heavily implying that it will.
  3. Got my minis today. I know @Gadgetman! got his as well. There was a complaint about the packaging and some damaged minis. Mine arrived in one piece (or rather without damage for the multi-part ones) but I agree that the packaging was not great. The minis are gorgeous. I will post some pics later. I will back more projects from this creator. edit: here are 2 minis I picked at random. I like that the female is one piece.
  4. Yeah, I had an Idea for making a pathfinder character based around enlarge person shenanigans. But...its about $50 for 1 x 75mm and the 1 32mm mini.... Plus about $20 shipping. $70 seems a bit much for that... I am not sure now.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/josemox/forever-myths-fallen-maidens?ref=discovery&term=miniatures Morana, 75 mm Morana was once a champion of the sacred order of the Radiant Fist. During a mission, the dark wizard Shahrivar cast a curse over her and traped her soul in a gem. Since then his body has become the wizard´s tool, bringing death and disease wherever she goes. Akanksha, 75 mm Heiress to the throne of Shin Kingdom was always known for her diplomatic skills and her sword mastery. In one of her many diplomatic meetings, she received as a gift a pendant in the shape of a heart and, since then, there has been no desire which have refused or a lover that have rejected. It must be said that the tensions between the neighbouring kingdoms are more relaxed than ever. Najwa, 75 mm At another time, Najwa was the high priestess in the Sharated Temple. The Great Tremorrevealed an ancient buried room in the depths of the temple that contained writings from a thousand years ago. She was the first to study them and learned dark and forbidden knowledge which poisoned her body and soul. The high wizard Lucianus tried to save her but it was too late, she destroyed the temple and was lost in the night. Here you can see a comparative image of the projected height for the miniatures in both versions. Has you can see, the 75 mm scale will offer an excellent miniature for your shelf and the 32 mm scale will fit in any boardgame and wargames that you can imagine. In adition, some parts have been changed from the 75 mm scale to the 32 mm scale to avoid too small details and give the best painting experience. Here you can see the reward levels offered in this campaign. You can find the full information about every offer in the reward list of the campaign and, if you have any doubt, don´t hesitate to ask. Here you can see the stretch goals that are planned for this campaign and they correspond to new extra characters that will be fully revealed during the campaign. When we reach the corresponding objective, their miniatures in both versions will be added to the available Add-Ons. All those who opt for the Fallen Maidens reward may access to a special offer of these characters. Although only tree Strech goals are scheduled, I would add new characters in case the campaign reached higher goals. If this happens I will consider your suggestions to create new characters that captivate you. The add-ons are additional items you may be interested in adding to the rewards that correspond to your pledge level. To include an add-on, simply add its specified value in € to the amount of your pledge. When the campaign ends you will receive the backer survey where you will be able to specify which add-ons you want to include. Here you will find the available fantasy football products. If you missed the Asgard´s Sons campaign, this is your chance to get them and obtain exclusive characters. All shipping will be delivered by ordinary postal mail. How is it possible that there is a great disparity in the size of the packages, the shipping costs will be calculated according to each order to be fair. When the campaign ends and once the survey is done, the backers will be contacted to collect the shipping costs through Paypal just before sending each order. We can not ship to PO Boxes. If you come to Pamplona to pick up your order you will save these expenses and we can also meet in person! So you can get an idea of how much these costs will be, here you have a list of the estimated value of the shipments. I will do my best to keep these cost to the minimum possible. The shipping is planned to begin in March 2020. However, depending on the production requirements, it might change. For those who opt for the Add-Ons level, it is possible that they receive their rewards sooner, It will depend if I have already available what they want to purchase or it must be manufactured. Further information will be posted on the updates of this project. The master model of every miniature will be printed by 3DA Impresiones, a company that specializes in prototype. The resin miniatures will be manufactured by GRX Creations known by his high quality. Risks and challenges All designs are not a final product and can suffer changes during the manufacturing process. Due to production requirements, the planned date to begin the shipping process might be changed due to the amount of the pieces needed and other factors out of my control. However, I will keep you updated on any changes. If you do not accept the terms of the campaign, please do not pledge on this project but instead wait for the general release. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ
  6. I am thinking of ordering that egyptian stamp roller you guys talked about on the KS. Just not sure I am painting these up as Egyptian yet.
  7. Well, the good news is that the majority of the stuff will be available at retail. So Its not like you need to get everything all at once. I am hoping to be able to put more in at the pledge manager stage. I can't really get the Raiders or halflings right now...
  8. What are you getting? I am pretty sure its Jackal related, right?
  9. Yeah i like the art. This is on my list, though I will admit I am not really a fan of the crossbows,
  10. Less than 4,000 til the cauldron/ err bathtub of blood... 2 hours til the end...
  11. Phoenix goal achieved, wonder if they will add any last minute goals. Still 16 hours left. the last update mentioned some possible “big” addons for tomorrow.
  12. Pledge manager will be open until December. It is a super good deal, but.... they did the same deal on the halfling Kickstarter and delivered. They are an established company and have 2 known and supported lines (Rumbleslam and Carnavale) and are also known for their mdf terrain. Troll Trader also has a 2nd hand miniatures shop that has been around awhile. Of course given other other established companies having failed (soda pop/ ninja division?) that is no guarantee, but so far no red flags on this.
  13. the Desert Titan. Standing at approx 120mm he casts quite the shadow. I kind of like him too. He would make a good Avatar of Khaine proxy for my Elves. I like it more than the burning lady.
  14. Your list looks similar to mine. I am passing on the Queen on Carnogon and the Cloud slicer though. The Queen I just don't think I would ever use, and the slicer looks like it will be really fragile in resin. I may add on an extra Hex Unit So I can either have 2 units of 30 or 3 units of 20. I really like the Hexes. Edit: I am not sure on the Heavy Cavalry yet... As I am getting 20 regulars with the army, and 10 hexes as an add on. I am not sure I need 40 Cavalry... and I like the hex riders more than the heavies.
  15. Ok, so this is my choices while this is open: If I have cash before the pledge manager closes, I will add:
  16. Yeah the Elf army is saving me about $60pounds vs 2 elf battalions and add ons Edit: I do lose out on 1 Hydra, 1 Gorgon commander, 1 sorceress and 1 standard, but I didnt need those duplicates anyway.
  17. Gah! I really do like those halflings. And a combined Human, halfling, giant and ogre band would make quite a nice army...
  18. So Barring any more add-ons, and also barring an Elven Army deal on Friday, I am thinking: 1 Mercenary company 2 elf Battalions Jackal Alpha 20 Tomb Jackals 5 Jackal horrors 20 elven slayers Elf Queen Carnavale noble 20 Elven Brigands 10 sunblaze hex riders 10 Gorgon Spears 10 Gorgon Archers 10 elf heavy cavalry Barbarian adventurer That would require 321 x 25 mm bases so 4 packs 32 40 mm bases so 2 backs With Shipping thats 466 pounds or $559.20 If I add another Mercenary company it comes to 526 pounds or $631.20
  19. So. Not counting the elven flier... if if I get: * 2 elven battalions * 1 of each elf unlock that doesn’t come in the battalion * the jackals, jackal horror and Jacakal hero * the mercenary battalion * the halfling battalion * the halfling spears and veterans * the giant * the sand ogres * the halfling camel cart * the flying carpet halfling * the carnivale Noble * 5 packs of bases it comes out to $815.00 which, whole not as much as I spent for Bones 4, is really more than I want to spend. And we haven’t seen all the unlocks yet. Sigh..,
  20. No, These live in my unfinished room in the basement. Coolest place in my house. No windows in the room. Basically my overflow hobby space... Though my wife seems to think its ok to put christmas decorations, tools and my daughter's old american girl stuff here too. I think its just gravity, the other wing touches the ground now too, it probably would be worse too if not for that. The wings are really heavy for the connecting area.
  21. Yeah his right wing. Here is s pic. His wing now drops below the shelf level so he does not sit flat on a flat surface. Gauth started out straight but now his head touches the ground. The Roc has head droopage and wing droopage. I still think Argent is a great figure, and he looks fine on that corner of the shelf anyway. So? The Roc and Gauth are not my favorites... Though I have used both in my pathfinder game. The Roc as a Roc, and Gauth as a mutilated White Dragon, that my PC's (who are dragons) rescued from a band of Goblins.
  22. Yeah my primary motivation these days are to make them look cool on a shelf. Though I do use my minis is RPGS... Never really with teh number I have, but I get them.... just in case... You never know when you might need 20 Jackals... For you know, Jackal emergencies...
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