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  1. I love both the Hellborn Paladin and the landsknecht. Probably my favorite minis in this KS. to borrow from @ksbsnowowl 1) Dungeon Dwellers: Not much here of interest for me that I dont already own. I wouldnt mind the plague docs though I ALREADY have in Metal. 2) Greek Odyssey: @Rainbow Sculptor 's fauns may push me over the edge on this. But I have plenty of greek minis from a board game kickstarter. Mythic Battles. 3) Dark Depths: This is on my list. Love the Seadevils and merfolk. 4) Fan Favorites: This has my 2 favorite minis in the KS, so is my #1 choice. Will buy extra landsknechts at retail. 5) Brinewind: Love this set, my #2. May try to get 2. Will get extra Doxies at retail. 6) Daimyo: No interest. My group hasn't done any eastern adventures in 10+ years. Not enough characters for players. 7) Chronoscope: There are 2 minis (almost like Bones 4 chrono) that I want... but everything else is of no use to me. The trailer is interesting. Not sure if I will get at retail or not. 8) Brinewind Extras: Another great set. I am planning on getting 3. 9) The Ship. Planning on getting 2. This will be my first lock in when the PM opens. Need 2 for ship battles. 10+) the little encounters. I love most of them. Of them the vampire one is my favorite. Again @Rainbow Sculptor... i am getting 2 of that. I also like the ghoul encounter. Not getting the dwarf one or the spider one. Still considering the Yeti one.
  2. I thought I was slick. My friend backed and i was able to add a couple minis on to his pledge. So another friend and myself are out 2 minis worth each and my first friend is out his pledge... :( I got the Bard and the druid... or at least that's what I have paid for. Wasn't really a fan of the druid but he had ordered it for me thinking it was one I wanted so... I still want the bard though.
  3. So, I can understand about a concept changing being disappointing. Back during the original Relic Knights kickstarter, the one ran by CMON, they had a Candy miniature wearing a karate Gi. I liked the concept. It was simple, I had a plan to make a monk character for my pathfinder game..., Half way through the campaign, the concept art was taken down. I did not think anything of it as there was no reason to change the concept and nothing had been stated about a change... towards the end of the campaign they started showing a concept of Candy dressed like Chun-Li from street fighter. which is what they ended up going with... not what I wanted... But, on the bright side, all the minis came out mostly crappy anyway so I would have been disappointed no matter what... :( As far as the halfling. I don't really see an issue, but... if you no longer like him, contact the creator. They may let you switch him out for something else.
  4. So, i was gonna post this very thing last night... but I decided not to get the halflings so didn't comment. I think he is a little more round in the face, but not really "old" looking. So the original render is different but I don't know if he is really younger looking. I am still debating on the 220mm Desert Titan. I don't have a practical use for it... But I want it... Problem is I have too many other wants right now too.
  5. Fury of Dracula is a lot of fun.
  6. I’m looking forward to the pirate ship the pinnace the female landsknect the doxies
  7. This thread needs a picture of the female landsknecht.
  8. the Bones V fan favorites female landsknect! Too bad she’s so far away. I know you aren’t looking for a mini, but Hasslefree also makes 2 versions of a female landsknect that matches that description. the world will be a better place when there is a bones female landsknect in every household...,
  9. Variances in height are fine. As said, a human that is 5' is not unusual next to a human that is 6' or even 7'. But in D&D they would all 3 be medium creatures. The base sizes should be the same. Though admittedly because i use minis from several sources my medium bases are 25mm, 30mm or 32mm. I use to have a good source for 30mm (the old confrontation bases) so all of my heroes, major villains and important npcs were on 30... while mooks were on 25's. large i also do 40mm - 50mm. A lot if WoK large minis were on 40's... though now with 50's being more available/cheaper, all my newer large are on 50's. If the succubi/incubi are the same general size as a human, then i will just rebase them.
  10. Well... I see both sides. A lot of my friends just run adventure paths. The monsters are established and codified. So, while they could make up their own monsters, it defeats the reason they are running adventure paths... (quick and easy to run without as much prep). I run a homebrew game. So, I am much more likely to create my own monsters... Using Doug's example above. That ghoul could have class levels. Wait, its a ghoul Samurai?!!! Also I use monster alignment as a stereotype, not a hard fast rule. So my players encountering a Red Dragon (or the ghoul samurai) never go in to the encounter knowing if it is a bad guy or potential ally. Though I will say, I find things like the Wolf dragon/ dragon wold less helpful. As while I will make it a monster, sure... I will probably only use it once... Unless for some reason it becomes the focus of the game... and i dont find the sculpt that provocative to base a whole campaign on. As far as traditional monsters... If something is supposed to be human size, i expect it to be human size. If its not, then its use become limited. And if i see my use of something is limited, it moves it down on my priority to buy list. So the succubus/incubus on 40mm moved down a notch for me. Again, I could make a reason for them being larger in my game... but then would i use them in another game? Yeah these succubi also drank that akchemists experimental growth hormone... just like the ones in that other game... there really shoild be a warning label....
  11. Please do me a favor and don't make these awesome. I am not planning on getting the Greek Expansion, and if these turn out really cool, then I will either have to rob a bank for another $50... or deal with the trauma of missing out on them.
  12. Wow, lots of good stuff here. The ships look nice. I would be intimidated to get one though based on my assembly skills. :( the Cannons are pretty nice
  13. Blood and Plunder also sell packs of swivel guns. They are probably closer to scale with reaper stuff (28-32mm). I bought a couple packs of their light cannons. they also sell ships but the bigger ones are on the expensive side compared to reaper. So I looked up “armed pinnace” I think the brine wind small ship would be perfect. 1 regular cannon fixed facing forward, and 2-4 rear swivel guns.
  14. Was the barge from bones 4 regular bones or Bones black or something else? I have 2 Barges and didn't have any warping. I would have been happy with a pirate ship the same general size as the barge. Though, I am super excited for the large pirate ship. I still hope we get some cannon packs in the pledge manager. I can always use more cannons.
  15. Nice! I love the female ruler's sword... nice heated steel/ burning effect.
  16. Here is my current list, though if they add Sophie or other things in the pm this will change. Player Characters $22 USD (x1) $22 USD Dreadmere Personas $8 USD (x1) $8 USD Elves $12 USD (x1) $12 USD Kid Heroes $16 USD (x1) $16 USD Holloween Free-bees $3 USD (x1) $3 USD Loot Golem $3 USD (x1) $3 USD Dragon-Lion $5 USD (x1) $5 USD The Overgourd $4 USD (x1) $4 USD Dragon Folk $10 USD (x1) $10 USD Townsfolk $20 USD (x1) $20 USD Troll Bridge Encounter $18 USD (x1) $18 USD Mammoth $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Ballista $6 USD (x1) $6 USD Shavynra the Slayer $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Arakoth the Ancient $10 USD (x1) $10 USD Kalanzar the Wicked $14 USD (x1) $14 USD Pirate Ship $100 USD (x2) $200 USD Sirens $12 USD (x1) $12 USD Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen $16 USD (x1) $16 USD Shadows of Ravenhome $14 USD (x2) $28 USD Demonic Temptation $12 USD (x1) $12 USD Foerster's Favorites MSP paints $18 USD (x1) $18 USD Brinewind Extras $25 USD (x3) $75 USD Dark Depths Expansion $50 USD (x1) $50 USD Brinewind Expansion $50 USD (x1) $50 USD Paints $18 USD (x1) $18 USD Fan Favorites $50 USD (x1) $50 USD SUB TOTAL: $708 SHIPPING: $52.24 TOTAL: $760.24 i think I am in love with @Rainbowsculptor, her stuff was all great and are all on my list.
  17. Ok. So assume you have to add $600 more to your pledge (since I don’t know how much you have already put in.) we will also assume the pledge manager is open for 9 months since we don’t know exactly how long it will be open. so. That’s $66.66 dollars a month. Or $16.67 per week or $2.38 a day. So, if you skip a coffee or lunch or not see a couple movies, etc., it is not that big of a burden. I am about the same. I think I want about $760 in loot now... and spent $120 so far... so only need $640 ish more... so no Chinese food at my Friday night pathfinder games. That’s $20/ week right there.
  18. I hope the boat is just an add on so i can buy a couple
  19. Thoughts, *The pre-estimate for shipping is a lot more than what it was last go round. I was at $960. and my shipping was around $13. This time I am at a third that total and 3x the shipping. No really a complaint as the shipping is still not bad though. * I wasnt interested in as much this time. I do like the encounters. They are more outside the standard and i guess thats why. * I ennjoyed the reaper twitch, but also missed the reaper interaction in the comments. I avoided the comments for the most part this time, but did chime in occasionaly. * I liked the social goals and what not. * I really dislike all the translucents. Personal taste. * I also dislike the goofy just to be goof minis, like the dire cabbage. * Overall, this was a fun campaign. The ship being included sealed it for me. Hope we get more ships next time. Well, what I am thinking so far: Kid Heroes SKU: 1509 $16 USD (x1) $16 USD REMOVEADD Holloween Free-bees SKU: 1518 $3 USD (x1) $3 USD REMOVEADD Shavynra the Slayer SKU: 265 $14 USD (x1) $14 USD REMOVEADD Arakoth the Ancient SKU: 284 $10 USD (x1) $10 USD REMOVEADD Pirate Ship SKU: 323 $100 USD (x2) $200 USD REMOVEADD Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen SKU: 332 $16 USD (x1) $16 USD REMOVEADD Shadows of Ravenhome SKU: 343 $14 USD (x1) $14 USD REMOVEADD Brinewind Expansion SKU: 700 $50 USD (x1) $50 USD REMOVEADD SUB TOTAL: $323 SHIPPING: $31.86TOTAL: $354.86
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