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  1. 42 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

    I wouldn't mind buying a few of those minis, but the game iself?   no. 


    Actually an 'All the Heroes' pledge would be just right... 

    agreed on both counts. And apparently others feel the same way as the question about just a pledge for minis has been asked several times on the Kickstarter but the creator has said no. 

    so yeah I’m not interested in the game, and the cost is just too high for only using the minis..,, so it’s a no go for me. 

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  2. New update


    Alright guys, based on the research from the backers, and looking at my options for molding, we are going to cut the obstacles once more. 


    If we reach 6k, we will create a Satyr 4x6 mold, and combine the Scythians and Amazons into a 6x9 mold, allowing us to make 8 miniatures per sprue and with 50+ parts. Creating 8 sprues would net 64 models, allowing the original 32 and 32 as intended. 


    Focusing on the two molds would achieve a lowered mold cost overall, while achieving the same goal. As the more we mold, the more the anticipated sprue sales come (the real money maker for the factory). 


    For you

    • Amazons become an option at 6k. The difference needed would be covered by myself. If we can raise more, we can then round out the horses. 
    • We would honor the $20 Scythian box pledges with the same combination 32/32 (Scythians and Amazons). 
    • Progression tier would benefit fast, allowing themselves to have access to Amazons and Scythians much faster, and the base Satyrs. So if you have a steppe desire, the progression tier is going to rock your world. 


    So if you got the $20 box of Scythian, you get 32 Scythian and 32 Amazons?

    What do you get at the $40 progression tier?

    The Scythians and Amazons would be put together in one box, thus making 64 models. Two boxes would be available at the bare minimum. Thus, if wanted, you could nab two of those boxes for 128 models. Or 64 and 32 on the Satyrs.

  3. 2 hours ago, Melbourne Mew Mew said:

    I will back this if it gets to Amazons.

    Yeah, I am backing at the $40 level, and only really want the Amazons... but if this reaches minimum funding level then thats 2 boxes of hard plastic minis for $20 each... I am not sold on the beast men, but I could see getting some of their fauns... and $20 is not a bad discount. 


    At $12,000 the amazons unlock, and the $40 nets you 3 boxes. And at $18,000 the horses unlock and nets you 4 boxes. Which makes them $10 a box. If the Amazons unlock, then I will get all amazons... if it reaches $18,000 i may do 3 amazons and 1 scythian... but if they only reach the $6,000 and are too short to reach the $12,000 needed for the amazons, I will keep my pledge and just get some fauns.

  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/farsidegames/epic-seven-arise-the-board-game?ref=profile_saved_projects_live


    Looks interesting. Though i dont really have $95 or $120 to throw at it right now. 


    The Hero minis are said to be 35mm - 40mm. The minion monsters look pretty cool. Apparently its based on some digital game, but i have no actual experience with that. Just think the minis look cool.






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  5. 1 hour ago, Kuroneko said:


    I paint for fun and for our Pathfinder game. The big, fancy minis naturally get more attention, but I occasionally pick one mini from a group of monsters to get a really fancy paint job and then watch my players scramble to target the obviously important mini ::D:



    Yeah, we haven't had a game since March :down: 


    My housemate and I have a running bet on what will happen first - Bones 5 delivery or our weekly game restarting. My bet is on the big box of minis to be honest.


    We stopped gaming in person in February (shortly after my birthday), but continued playing on line... We did most of Rise of teh Runelords that way. When things kind of got back to normal here in Maryland we went back to in-person gaming. man i hated playing through Skype and that other one... (forgot the name). We did a Starfinder campaign and are now doing a starwars EOTE campaign. Honestly if playing virtually became the only way to cpntinue playing, i think I would probably quit. 


    I am looking forward to minis coming, but this year's gaming issues probably contributed as to why i didnt go very big on this one. 


    Only got the Ship, the henchwoman, the vampire encounter. the ghoul encounter, the halloween knight , the kids and the demon sex clubbers.


    Just added another Shadows of Ravenhome...

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  6. Hello, does anyone have any of the female legends of Signum models? If so could you possibly give a size comparison next to a reaper mini? 

    I am looking to buy Aurora Corentyne the Sword of Aria... but the site says she is 43mm tall... which sounds like she would tower over everything else and be if no use for me... but I can’t find any comparison pics on line. Any one got any?


  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rgdgaming/28mm-hard-plastic-satyrs-and-scythians/?ref=kicktraq

    these guys did the plastic fauns set. 


    This time Its satyrs and Scythians. With unlocks for Scythian cavalry and Amazon’s. 

    im in for the $40 level. It starts at 1 box, but unlocks a second at $6000 and a 3rd at $12,000. Not bad for $40. Shipping is a flat $8. 

    You can mix snd match.., so if you want one each of the plastic sets or all Amazon’s. 


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  8. I didn’t get any free undead halflings... though from the comments I probably should have, the creator seemed surprised that I didn’t. Not a big deal for me as I have no use for undead halflings. 

    my sorceress on flying mount had a big air bubble on the mount’s torso where the rider torso would attach to the mount. It basically ate the waist and saddle meaning the rider can’t attach. I emailed them and their customer service is great. They said they would replace. 

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  9. 7 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Not pleased to hear the Alpha Jackal is not medium sized as he was supposed to.

    The Jackaks were medium. The Jackal horrors were large. The Alpha should be large. And he is large... but mostly because of the base pillar thing he is on, but he is smaller than the horrors. He could probably pass as medium but won’t fit on a medium base because of the pillar. 

    Edit: I had the Kickstarter photos that showed the units as advertised... but I can’t seem to get the photos to work today... so just imagine... 


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  10. 1 hour ago, ksbsnowowl said:

    Thanks. Good to know. 

    So, someone pointed out that update 13 says this “

    We plan to keep this open for as long as possible until we need to confirm information for fulfillment. So, it should be open until at least June of 2021. “

    so looks like it will be open until June. 


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  11. Mine arrived today too. Sucked up most of my attention. I was able to play a bit with stuff at lunch. The sorceress on volocigator is pretty awesome... though I managed to break her so I converted her a bit with some dark elf bits, pretty happy with the stuff I got. Though I have no idea where I will put stuff. I am only 2 units in of like 20 and already no space.


    oh and I love the jackals but... the jackal alpha is smaller than the jackal horrors... I had thought he would be at least as big as he was more expensive and supposed to be on a 50mm base. 










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  12. Got access to the pledge survey today. It’s been open since last Monday but there was a bug and some (me included) hadn’t gotten the link, or access, but that’s now been resolved. 

    the survey is pretty nice and straight forward. I finalized my pledge and then promptly went back in and added another box just to make sure I could. 

    I plan on adding another box of soldiers, and maybe a native box and cavalry box before it closes for good. 

    currently I am set for:


    i basic game box.. that has

    2 ships

    2 sailor boxes

    Blackbeard and Maynard

    snd a loot box


    as well as

    1 more ship
    2 boxes of militia

    1 pirates of legend

    1 soldiers box 

  13. 12 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:
    12 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

    Actually mine came in the mail today, so no tracking info for my order was ever emailed


    But at least it came to the right address

    well, that’s better news! But kind of makes what they have been saying ... not universally accurate. But my order has now been updated as “picked up by carrier” so ... ah least that’s something. 

    the hydra pic in your other post looks great. I have one of those coming too as part of the elf army. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Sirithiliel said:


    Hmm so mine might still be sitting around too


    dang it i really hate not getting a tracking code. How do i know if it's been delivered? how do i know if they ACTUALLy updated  my address like i emailed them asking them to? how do i know if it hasn't actually shipped to my old address, because i dn't have any actual tracking info to check?



    I had a big long response that got eaten...


    so here is my summed up response. 

    it seems like there are several steps to their “shipped”. The pm stating shipped isn’t the final step. 

    from what they have said on the message section. Once the pm says shipped, your order is moved to the packing area. There it is packed by the packing team. That team then sends to the shipping team who contact whatever shipping company is used for your area. They then contact that shipper who sends out an email to you with tracking. So it’s sounds like your order is still at the packing stage. Mine is at the shipper sends out email stage. But mine hasn’t shipped yet either. It still just says label created. 

    so.., I think you will get tracking, it’s just not at that stage yet. So we still wait... 

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