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  1. Was it the deck of many fates? Mine tore a bit on opening too.
  2. Received mine yesterday. Lovely cards. Glad I backed.
  3. This is my plan too. I started a DoK army... but the expense was too much, the witches / sisters of slaughter are $60 For 10... so I only ended up getting 10 of each. The doom fire warlocks were more reasonable at 5 for $35 being cavalry, so I have 2 of them... and then I got the cauldron and a unit of the flying javelin throwers... that was around $300 ish... the elves here are so much cheaper. So... my old DoK have become vampire themed. These will be actual elves. May use my old DoK exclusively for Warcry.
  4. If you are serious, I say go for it. Try to live there. You only live once, and if your wife supports you, then research how to do it. I am 44. I have been living back in the US, since 2001. Before that I lived in Indonesia for 5 years and before that Venezuela for a year. I met my wife in Indonesia and my daughter was born in Jakarta. I was an ESL/EFL English teacher. It was a great experience and the only reason we left was I wanted my daughter to go to an American school, and could not afford JIS (Jakarta International School) which I believe was $25,000 a year at that time. If you can afford to live below your income level for a year, I would reach out to some English schools in Japan. I am sure you can find sponsorship and at least enough money to stay/live comfortably. Especially if your wife also gets a job there. You wont get rich, but it would probably scratch your itch to be able to stay. I was 21 when I first went so was a poor kid any way. :) I was 19 in Venezuela... Was in Indonesia when Suharto was overthrown... Interesting times... Anyway, good luck. My kids are now 19, and 18... My wife and I still plan on retiring back in Jakarta, Or Solo.
  5. I guess I do need them... Or do I? I do! Maybe! Your not making this easy...
  6. Got permission for this from the wife. Its been a while since I have looked forward to a kick starter... so I hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment.
  7. The previews of the next kickstarter arent really looking like my cup of tea. Guess thats a good thing. Still debating on adding the rumbleslam team. But only really interested in Cleo and perhaps the Scorpion king... Seems like not enough to warrant $30. Also never added the Lynx girls or the heavy dino cavalry. Cavalry wise I already have 30... 20 bright riders and 10 Hex... so not sure i need 10 more riders. The Lynx girls are nice though... Just they waited too long to confirm we could add,, and now I am sort of saving for Massive darkness 2.
  8. Yeah this might break my CMON hiatus. Massive 1, was really nice. The minis were great. The game was fun... though only lasted a while in my group. the updated kind of hinted it was demon themed. Face your demons... sounds demon themed! I’m excited.
  9. With the name, are these supposed to represent trans or gay characters? I’m not really in to the figures but would support if it’s for a cause.
  10. The Fauns and centaurs are already available through their RDG gaming site, as well as Wargames Atlantic. Edit: I have considered buying a sprue from one of the Ebay sellers that split boxes. How Dainty? Do they look out of place with other 28-32mm minis?
  11. Female werewolves are a weakness of mine. Will see if I can swing that unicorn alliance set
  12. These do look great too. And would make good crew for my Reaper Bones ship... Gah!
  13. 3D printable...! Your killing me Smalls...
  14. I’m kind of hesitant to buy a 3d printer because it’s technology and I am old man resistant... I like Artisan Guild. I found a licensed eBay seller selling Printed models. I order my first one last Saturday. Will see how it comes out.
  15. Those amazons are from their last Kickstarter. Amazons vs ogres. I liked the amazons, but didn’t back because they were on the expensive side. These I think were the free heroes, which I think the basic troops look better. Another 3d Kickstarter... if these are the future, then I guess I will have to get a 3d printer...
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