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  1. edit to above, the gun hatches are still a pain if there is something above them, but... it was pointed out to me that i had assembled them backwards... so they do fit... just it takes some effort on some of them.
  2. So I assembled mine today.... I couldnt find part numbers on individual pieces. Sorry.
  3. I assembled my Sophie’s revenge… though am thinking of calling her “Witchcraft”… some thoughts. fairly easy assembly… but… hatches… any hatch cover that has something above it, is hard to fit, and has to be in a “half open” state as it can’t full open… so I did not add all the hatches… cannons… the cannons themselves are pretty cool… but… you can’t put them on both sides of the gun deck… you have to remove the upper deck to put the cannons, as they won’t fit just though the hatches. So to get them In to the gun hatches you have to tilt the ship an
  4. There is a series of really bad movies, the first one Called the Gingerdead man.. and the sequels are more or less titled the same with some extra words added... There is even a crossover film where he fights the Evil Bong... I think they are on Amazon prime. You should watch them so you get the nuances of portraying such an intricate character in games.. Just a warning though, they are filled with gratuitous nudity, violence and drug use,.. And also, the mini is pretty cool, good job.
  5. What piece are you missing? I can see if its printed on the piece.
  6. This is delivering soon for the US (I think Canada too). But... the company has advised that the shipping costs have gone up significantly due to shipping container shortages and delay due to covid. They are charging backers an additional shipping fee based on a percentage (i think 13%) of your total kickstarter order. My extra shipping came out to $28 canadian... which is about $21 US. Not Ideal, but not horrible. I have heard people on the comments with big orders say they had an extra $100 shipping fee. Triton Noir is also offering those who want it, a
  7. The pledge manager just opened for this. I upgraded to the double revised tier which is 8 boxes for $120 + $8 flat shipping. The Steppe Warhost box comes with 32 Amazons, 32 Scythians and 8 cavalry for 72 minis per box. The Satyr box is 40 Satyrs per box. Which I think is roughly 50% what these will go for at retail. Each box was $20 but you basically got some free stuff doing the deal pledge. So, this comes out to 224 Scythians 224 Amazons 56 cavalry that can be Amazon or Scythian 40 satyrs 544 minis total for $128 shipped. Whi
  8. yeah, no… :) I have no knowledge on the subject. The guy on Dakka started a good thread, so all credit goes to him and the other posters… :) https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/799743.page this is Orlanth’s thread on Dakka. Lots of good info on ships and nautical gaming. As well as where to buy cannons, ships, crew, etc. the thread was just started yesterday in response to interest in the Reaper ship.
  9. There is a good post on Dakka. The guy states Sophie’s revenge would be an older 6th rate ship of the line. And while capable of carrying more, would probably carry 20 (18lb) guns on its its gun deck. maybe some smaller cannons on the main deck. the actual model has 30 gun ports. 9 on each side on the gun deck, 5 on each side of the main deck and 1 on each side of the cabin. you can put more st the from and back, so probably 38 total with out it looking too crowded. From Orlanth on Dakka This makes the vessel a fairly reasonab
  10. yeah, I looked at the pledge manager but had decided I didn’t really need anything else. But then the cannons came… I really wanted more cannons, and a $1 a cannon is really too good to pass up. The wizkids cannons are the only thing close, and the cheapest I have found them is like $6-8 without counting shipping… I didn’t actually mean to buy 50, I ordered 20 and then thought to order 10 more but I didn’t think the order had gone through … and … well when the dust cleared it was 50… shipping was $7.85, $3.48, and $.60. So about $62 total for 50 cannons…
  11. yay! 20 more cannons ordered. Will try and order another 20 next month. Edit... bought 50 cannons... Ok, no more next month.
  12. Haven't backed any from these guys before. If I back the 2 mini level, will I be able to add the other 4 girls in a pledge manager? Dont really want the males... The woman will go in to a halfling army,
  13. Its slightly annoying but overall I’m not super bothered by it. There is a noticeable gap… but the ship itself is impressive enough that it draws attention away from the gap. For its sheer size I am impressed that it doesn’t have more warpage. And for the price I am happy with it. the Renaissance games ships, I still have another le decision and … the big red one who’s name I am blanking on… in plastic as well. I may have bought too much in that KS. I have kind of done one a year…
  14. Some pirate ship pics. The ships around it are from Renaissance games… who sadly are no longer in business. The reaper shop is huge, and looks like she could take all the others at the same time,
  15. So, obviously “work” in this case doesn’t mean hard labor or hours of paperwork, but yes, I would consider the effort involved in getting wave 1 was work. From my experience… the day the Kickstarter started, I took off from work. I forget the time the ks was supposed to start, but let’s call it 11:00 for this. So at 10, I had Kickstarter opened to reapers created page and was refreshing the page every so many minutes waiting for the start. At the same time, I had my labtop opened to the reaper forums and my. Well phone open to Facebook. Looking for any info and participating with the
  16. Its at the bottom of the Kickstarter page. It says: YOUR BACKER RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS KICKSTARTER If you do not log in and confirm your pledge in the Reaper Pledge Manager by August 31, 2020 you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. However, we may, at our discretion, refund or ship your pledge if you contact us and confirm your pledge after August 31, 2020. Unconfirmed pledges make it difficult for us to plan production and logistics. If you confirm your pledge late (after April 30, 2021) some items may not still be availab
  17. My order arrived at lunch. It was pretty small. I got the pirate ship, the ghoul pit, 4x ravenhome, the kid heroes, the slutty guy and girl demons, the hench women and the extra Halloween. All of the minis except the pirate ship were in a small box. The pirate ship (which I haven’t opened yet) in a big box by itself. I really love the ravenhome and charnel pit terrain. The demons are fun and I like the kid heroes. Most of the kid heroes, demons and most of the hench women are one piece or otherwise preassembled, same with the ghouls and vampires… just a couple th
  18. I wonder if they should do away with waves for Bones 6. they do create a false sense, especially if you are a new bones backer. Being wave 1 implies that you are first served and prompts people to back immediately instead of fence sitting.., “there are only 4 slots left on wave 4… if I don’t back now I will have to wait til wave 5!” but.., then this turns out not to be true. You are wave 1, all the items in your order are in house. But then you see people in lower waves getting there things and enjoying their items, despite them literally waiting until the last day and being
  19. it would be great if they did. I had been clamoring for them to do it in the original pm. Both to fill out the pirate ship, but also to arm all my play mobile ships. I’m not sure what the reason for not including them as a power up item was. But I would add them if they were made available.
  20. Misread the update. Thought the pledge manager was reopening today… but it actually says “the week of July 5th…”
  21. Ha! From the bones 3 thread On 5/18/2017 at 7:42 PM, Pezler the Polychromatic said: Me, I'm going to make victory bacon in anticipation of my notice. are you going to make victory bacon this time too? “I will share with you the recipe for Maple & Coffee Glazed Bacon. The two powers that fuel this universe.” you never did share this!
  22. Not during that one. 🙂 which I think was one of the controversies at that time. Reaper (being good) sent all of Canada first with the thoughts that by the time they shipped the US, they should arrive around the same time… but… shipping went much quicker than anticipated and Canada in general got there deliveries before the US had started. There was a big controversy at the time and lots of angry people posting. I… 🙂 posted that I was a bit annoyed (see a trend) that Canada wave 12 or 13 people were getting stuff and posting pictures before wave 1 US went out… which really made wave 1 US wave 1
  23. And I just got my shipping notice. It’s in 2 shipments. Total is only 15.5 pounds. 1 is 11.9 and the other is 3.4 which doesn’t add up… 😅 both supposed to be here on 7/7
  24. Was it me? I posted this: “Yeah... a bit annoyed. I mean I didnt pay anything extra to be wave 1, but I did take off work that day and camp kickstarter to be able to get wave 1. I mean if it ships tomorrow, i only had 2 extra days wait... but still kind of rankles. Not as much as I am sure EU and Canadian stuff having to pay extra does though...” I don’t think it was that over the top. I mean I’m a fan of reaper, but think if you are disappointed it’s ok to say you are disappointed. I’m not mad at you for calling me out. 🙂 and I’m not that annoyed… just a bit. And yes I
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