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  1. My stuff arrived today. The Siocast is beautiful. Another Kickstarter in September. Will definitely back again.
  2. I got a shipping notice on my pledge. I ordered the War Elephant, the Cold Steel girls, the Queen, and the Knight Commander... I think I got 2 of the Knight commander... so I can make with both of her head options. I went with the plastic/ Siocast which is why this has been slightly delayed. Looking forward to getting these, and the Creator is talking about another smaller kickstarter later this year. Edit: Just checked Backer Kit... looks like I only ordered one of the Knight Commander... shucks...
  3. backed for $1… you sir are evil… 😉
  4. This is really beautiful... but luckily (unluckily?) I currently lack the funds for it. I had debated dropping out of Bones 6 for this... I guess time will see if I made the right decision.
  5. Almost forgot about this... but finally backed for Rodentina and Hattie.
  6. Ah... well I think that has more to do with the world economy than Reaper... I mean... I spent nearly $1000 on Bones 4... far less on 5... But if I were to do that in 6... It would not be all at once as I have to weigh being able to afford gas for my car... and the kids school, and food vs unlocking stuff... :) So thankfully the pledge manager and being able to add to it there exists... :)
  7. Did something change? Will the pledge manager be different this time? or cant you just do the same thing and wait until the pledge manager again this time? The Lost tombs... it has been said that either they will just release the whole set if it doesn't fully unlock, or the price will be reduced.
  8. From the FAQ " Will the Core Set be broken into options like previous KS's? Never say never, however at this time there is no plan to break it apart."
  9. If they had such a queen, AND offered the core set "queen" for individual sale as "warriors" that would be just about perfect.
  10. Yeah... I dont really consider the Owlbears an encounter pack when comparing to the encounters in Bones 5. I mean... I guess a single Owlbear could be an encounter for a low level party... but yeah, not really the same category as what we had in 5. I could be biased on this too, as I have actually run this encounter... but at a higher level.
  11. I am waffling, but will likely get the Core set. I didnt get the core in Bones 5... after getting 2 core sets in 1-4. I am really only wanting the core this time because they arent breaking it apart... if they did, I likely would not get the core... I wonder if that is also a factor in their decision. The thought that people just wont get the core if they can just buy the pieces that they want. The one major thing i am missing in this is teh encounters. I thought they were the best part of Bones 5... but we have not had a single encounter and with 4 days, 5? left, it doesnt look like we will get a single one this time. There is still more than enough in this Kickstarter for me to keep my pledge... but I will admit, i thought about dropping out and backing Anastyr instead.
  12. That dragon is nice... I am definitely getting 1, but if the pledge manager is open for as long as 5 was, i will try and get a couple... maybe even one for each of the 5 guys in my gaming group. The Lich is cool, but i wont likely use him with the dragon.
  13. This is great. If the expansion has more of this then it’s a definite for me…
  14. Well... reaper Ron and reaper John keep saying in the comments that the best is yet to come... It does not look like they are in a panic to change how this is going, and the next stretch goal went up to a $45,000 stretch (vs the $40,000 we had been on). So it could be that they are confident that things will pick up with later reveals... or it could be that they are content with a slower/lower overall finish this time. If they have a minimum they want to achieve and are confident they will get there, but at the same time dont want the crazyness that massively overfunding might bring... No idea, just thinking out loud. Things I really like so far: Dragon, Pig guys, Crayfish, Ants. (I like the green Griffin set but I dont "like- like it. We are just friends) Things I really liked in Bones 5: Pirate Ship, Brinewind, Brinewind extras. Ravenhome, Ghoul encounter. Canons. The Landsknecht... I liked the mermaid set but didnt get it. This was brought up in the KS comments. But the Landsknecht was my favorite mini from Bones 5... I ended up getting her on ebay. A unit of female landsknechts... (a set of 6) with say options for a drummer and a standard... at $14 would have me instantly drop another $70 for a unit of 30...
  15. I already have the Incubus and Succubus sets from bones 5... 😐 why are you trying to rehash stuff we already have!!! 😝 Though along those lines, (sort of) I wouldnt mind an expansion pack of entertainers... Jugglers, musicians, actors, etc... that might be at the Green Griffin on any given night.
  16. The giant crayfish is cool. I will proxy it as a giant lobster... If i can get multiple at retail, I will have my party go to an all you can eat giant lobster buffet... where the lobsters rebel and fight back... There is an all-you can eat lobster buffet in CT (about 6 hours from me... The Nordic. Its $125 per person and a 2 hour limit... My wife says "no!" as it would be $500 to eat with our 2 kids... so I will make my players pay for me not getting to go there!!!
  17. the thing about the core set is the perceived value. The expansions are great and are usually the better models imho but you don’t get the $/mini value in them that you do with the core set. That core set is very appealing and helps draw people in. And they never require you to buy it. if they divided the minis from the core set into $50 expansions, it would still be the same minis offered but at a less attractive price and people would still not have to buy them. So I can’t really see an upside to it and can only see it having prices for the same minis be more expensive. Not trying to rain too much on your idea.
  18. That $2.33 is those other companies retail price vs reaper's KS price... meaning after kickstarter the reaper ones are likely to be more expensive... and thos other ones give you 5 times as many options... ( I am being generous as its more like 20 times...) I am not saying the price is horrible... but if the prices are the same (or close to it) then I am going to go with the one that has more options... Edit: To be fair as some have pointed out, the reaper guys are larger than Frostgrave (though not really when compared to fireforge) and if that is a concern then that could be worth the extra money to some. Its not a huge concern for me. I am still going to get the reaper ones as I like reaper and am curious... but I still think they are on teh expensive side when compared to the market it seems they are trying to enter.
  19. Yeah its discussed a little after what you quoted. $14 for a character... maybe... $50 for 5 orcs (or kobolds) ... no... never. no
  20. Fireforge is heroic 28mm. Their northman and fantasy stuff always was, but they have started making their historical range in that size as well. Frost grave is smaller though. and $5.99 is the retail price... these are kickstarter prices. I am comparing kickstarter reaper prices to retail Fireforge and Frostgrave... So presumably the reaper multipart guys will be more expensive outside of kickstarter.
  21. You get 3 heads (x2) and 4 sets of arms though. Those others give you like 20 heads and many more weapon options. The amount of stuff you get is vastly different. Yeah... I am not sure what they were thinking with 5 orcs for $50... The $15 for a single,... maybe... 5 orcs for $50... no thanks
  22. I agree with this. Unless you are coming on and telling people "dont back this, or dont support this" then saying what you like or dislike helps reaper to know what worked or didnt so they cant do things different in the future. Though there was a guy on the comments of KS doing that... someone said it was the guy "Tupperware" from bones 5 with a different name...
  23. So from a price point... I think the reaper multi-part guys are kind of expensive. The 6 multipart figures for $14. Not a horrible price, but if we compare to other places. Frost Grave wizards 2. 8 multi-part figures for $22 so 3 sets (24 figures) is $66. 4 sets of reaper (24 figures) is $56... Fireforge Northmen. 12 Multipart for $24. 2 sets of reaper (12 figures) is $28 GW Greatswords 10 multipart for $50. 3 sets (30 figures) is $150... 5 sets of reaper (30 figures) are $70... So other than GW, the Reaper guys are more expensive... or close to the same price but with far less options.
  24. Get it. In the mean time you can get the other tavern set you want and use immediately. Have in your game the players get to know the bar/tavern you bought. Have it become familiar in all your campaigns to the point that they consider it a second home (for their murder hobos). In 2 years when you receive this one, set up a Cobra Kai style rival bar open up across the street. Then you can uses both sets and have them have meaning. At $50 over 2 years... thats less then $2 a month. Just cut back that $2 on your gaming budget every month and it will have paid for itself.
  25. So... I know the Green Griffin is not for everyone, but I like it. Its definitely on my list. I hope we get an expansion to it like the brinewind extras, My wishlist for it would be * Stools for the bar for patrons who wish to sit at the bar. * More food choices for the tables. Bread, chicken, etc... * female patrons, both standing and sitting. A female adventuring group at rest (no weapons in hand) or with drinks in hand * A male serving wench * A female Bartender * A dog to lay in front of the fire place * So rowdy patrons/Thugs startin' trouble * Some bouncers and a cooler. The Bouncers are nice (until its time not to be nice... but they wont know when that is, the cooler will let them know.)
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