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  1. 2 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    Hmm... It looks like, at least for "human" sized miniatures, buying the STL from Heroforge and sending it to Impact would mostly wind up costing the same amount. I guess if I backed this KS for a bunch of half-priced STLs, it'd wind up a bit cheaper, but otherwise, it's mostly a wash.

    The premium plastic is $29.99 which is about $35 with shipping to Maryland. 

    the digital download was $7.99. Impact was $12 with shipping so about $20 total including the download from hero forge. It was actual a bit cheaper as I had gotten the digital download on sale... but $20 comparatively now... this is for a human size non mounted model. 

    so $20 vs $35. I will say Impact prints on translucent which I am not thrilled with as it means I have to at least prime before I can use in a game, but it did work out cheaper. 

    also it gets cheaper still if you buy more than one as the shipping is flat rate for impact. That $12 include $5 shipping. 


    Edit: If you are not getting the premium plastic, then yeah, it will cost about the same... but Impact's prints are high quality, so would be more comparable to the premium plastic for that same price. 

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  2. I have a couple Hero Forge, and another in my gaming group gets them on occasion. Only had one mishap where his character dropped of the table and shattered. 


    Price vs Quality. Thats a hard one. Having a custom mini is great, but the sculpts do not compare with the premium boutique resin minis... and are in general more expensive. Having a $20 resin min from Mierce/Darklands or Hasselfree works out cheaper than a hero forge mini... and usually looks better, but the $34 with shipping Hero forge mini does have all the options my Pathfinder character does... So, its a wash i guess. 


    As an aside. There are some companies, Like Impact Miniatures, that offer resin printing for your hero forge mini... I did this, and it worked out to about half price vs ordering direct from Heroforge. I bought the .STL, uploaded it to Impact and got my mini from them.  My next Heroforge mini would likely go this route again. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    I might the the minority but adding to that Fireforge's "communications" and the stance they sometimes took towards criticism,...


    This I can also agree with. :( On the Facebook page there was a couple over the top complainers. They did have legitimate complaints, but their feed back would include calling the fireforge guy that was responding, a liar and he had no morality or integrity, etc... I imagine it was a stressful time, and that most likely did not help with the stress. Not an excuse for them, mind you. Communication is important, and you have to be able to take criticism, especially if you have performed under expectations... and they were delayed and did not give accurate updates quickly...


    On my personal experience. I got mt stuff quickly and what I received was as advertised and up to my expectations (other than the free resins guys). I will back again. I like teh company and their products.  

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  4. I disagree about the quality of the plastics and the scale. Scale wise, they are just fine. Quality wise, they are on par with other hard plastic multi part kits. I have Shield Wolf's shield maidens. I would put Fire Forge above them for both sprue options as well as poseability/ and scale. The Pieces are easier to assemble as well. And the poses look more natural. The Shield maidens had some very wooden, unnatural looking stances... and the limited options made them look more samey... Plus the Shield maidens were huge compared to just about every other hard plastic troop available. 


    Of course this is just my  opinion. Here are some pictures of the riders. The riders are in scale with the horses. The unpainted pics are mine. Posted on the Forgotten World facebook fan page. the painted ones are not, but also posted by fans on the fan page. I am not an expert modeler by any means, and the builds were pretty easy with no gaps... I am not sure if you just got a bad batch?


    I do agree on the resins. though. The unmounted ones were not horrible, but I threw the resin mounted hero out. 










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  5. 8 hours ago, Citrine said:

    Mine just arrived, I got the 3 sprues of folk rabble, 2 sprues of cavalry and a bonus sprue with archers.  They look great, and you can easily mix and match with the Frostgrave army boxes.

    I am still waiting in my 3 boxes of folk Rabble. They have shipped though...



    Fireforge is actually going to start another Kickstarter next month. This is for their historical line. Byzantines. Though they have stated all of their models will now be in scale with their forgotten worlds stuff, so a bit larger than regular historical minis.. 


    anyway, I really enjoyed this Kickstarter so will likely back for some byzantines. 





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  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stonehavenmini/pop-up-fantasy-settings-kit-vol-ii?ref=discovery&term=miniatures



    I love pop-ups. It never fails to surprise me when a pop-up unfolds into 3D space from seeming nothingness. I hope you guys will have some of the fun that I had when I got to put these together. These kits are part miniature model, part 3d puzzle, and all paper-craft! As you build them, you'll be guided by the instructions and labels found in the kit, and also full instructional walk-through videos where I build them with you step-by-step. I put a lot of work into making sure these designs would work consistently and look good. It makes me happy every time I see them!

    These pop-ups are a great way to fill your table up with neat working terrain that doesn't break the bank and is easy to carry around and store.

    This time around, we are only offering the digital files. That being said, these files are designed to be printed on both A4 and American standard 8.5 x 11 inch letter-sized paper. All of the files (at least those that are completed at the end of the Kickstarter, including the first 5 settings) will be made available to all backers as soon as the Kickstarter funds are distributed to us (Usually within 2 weeks of the project end date).

    After printing, the pages will look something like this:


    You'll need additional supplies such as a hobby knife, double-sided tape, and backing material in order to assemble your pop-ups.  Once you put them together, you will be able to combine them into fantastic miniature worlds!


    Our initial funding goal will cover the design of the first five settings and one flat terrain peice. These will include the Mageboat, the Market Square, the Traveler's Wagon, the Castle Wall, Charlie's Castle, and the Mysterious Grate Flat Hex. 



    The Mageboat is a watercraft designed to be steered and propelled by magical means. At a 28mm scale it would measure 50 feet from bow to stern. Take your adventures to the high seas with this sturdy vessel!


     Market Square

    At the Market Square, you can find food, drink, weapons, and a host of other curios. This is probably where that stolen painting wound up, now coated in a thick layer of dust, after nearly 2 decades.


     Traveler's Wagon

    The travelers are the continent's most prolific traders, and are always a welcome sight. But this cart seems to have been left unattended. Its team of horses and usual occupants are mysteriously missing. It was probably the giant ants. Again. Yes . . . that was what happened.


     Castle Wall

    The castle wall is the perfect place to hatch a "storming the castle" plot. All you need is a wheelbarrow and a holocaust robe. You probably already have both! Print out and assemble 6 copies of the castle wall and you'll have yourself a stronghold!


    Charlie's Castle

    Charlie's castle is a very small castle (more of a fort really) that is mostly used as a customs checkpoint these days. It's fortunate that you adventurers came along, you can clear out the tribe of goblins that have set up camp within its walls. 


     Mysterious Grate Flat Hex

    Not technically a pop-up, this hex tile provides some space for your characters to cross on their way to somewhere else. Because is it really a journey if no one journeys? Also, what's going on with that mysterious ground hole?


    We are excited about making as many pop-up settings as we can to be included in this kit! That's why we are going to keep adding more stretch goals as these ones are met. Our current plan is that every additional thousand dollars pledged to the kickstarter adds a setting to the digital kit!


    CORRUPTED SHRINE: $3000 Stretch Goal

    This shrine honors the great philosophers and scientific minds that together founded the Elipsiconian council. Unfortunately, the shrine has lately become the site of several unexplained deaths. It's up to you to discover it's dark secrets! (This setting is a redesign using the basic structure of the Gazebo from our previous Pop-up Kickstarter.)

    WATERFRONT FLAT HEX (Unpictured): $4000 Stretch Goal

    This flat hex serves as a transition from land to water. Here you can fish, swim, and relax as you prepare to head back into the nearby ruins.

    LONE TOWER (Unpictured): $5000 Stretch Goal

    This lonely tower is where the orcish sniper is holed up, shooting hapless travelers as they move along the nearby roadway. You guys should head up there and make sure he (OR SHE! Petra asks why it couldn't be a female orcish sniper. Girls can be snipers too!) is stopped. 

    As we reach these goals, more will be added to the kickstarter. We already have some pretty awesome stuff planned, but we also want your suggestions for the terrain you'd like to see in the set!

    We are excited to get these pop-up files completed and have them in your hands so you can make them too! 

    Risks and challenges

    Because the focus of this kickstarter is the creation of digital files, there will be very little that can go wrong. That being said, we could get sick or something. That could cause some delays. As with all digital files, backers might have difficulty opening and printing .pdf files on their end. We will do everything we can to ensure that backers can access and use the files from this kickstarter to make some awesome pop-ups.

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  7. Dear backers,

    It took us longer than we expected to publish this update. The last days were a real rollercoaster for us. Agreed deadlines for delivering printed components has changed few times but after this long break  we're finally back with a great news:  Shipping time is just around the corner.  The last missing components (cards for expansions) will reach our warehouse in Monday and Tuesday, so we can assemble all sets and starts sending packages.

    First packages will be sent around 17th-18th of December. It's because we need a couple of days to prepare initial bath of expansions (few hundreds of each) and when it's done some of us will start preparing and addressing packages while rest of the team will continue assembly process.

    Shipping process will take few weeks. We can't tell you how many exactly, but please believe us, we're focused on delivering you everything as soon as it's possible must be very careful though, some orders contains 40-50 products and we want to avid unnecessary mistakes due to rush.

    Before we starts shipping.

    1. Please check if you have paid for shipping/extra items bought in Pledge Manager. There are about 25 orders which still need to be paid.

    2. Please check if your phone number is included.

    3. If you want to change delivery address please send it to Michał ([email protected]) . You will receive confirmation when it's done.

    4. If you have any special wishes like "please do not send my package via courier but via post" (there are usually similar requests from our Canadian backers) please also let Michał know about it.

    5. If any of you want to add anything to your pledge please contact Michał to let us know  what you need.

    6. If - from any reason, like changing address - you would like we do not send your package now, please also let us know.

    7. If you still didn't fill Pledge manager, please contact us and we'll try to fix it.

    In case your data is incomplete, no worries. We'll not just send it hoping it will reach you but we will contact you for missing details. We'll try to reach you both via pm at KS and via e-mail (to get answer as soon as it's possible) so please do not wonder that you are receiving two messages. Please also do not wonder when you receive e-mail not from wargamer.pl but other domain (the reason is few emails operators - especially in Germany - blocks our e-mails so we need to find other solutions like using personal e-mails).

    As soon as your package is sent you should receive notification that status of your order has been changed to "sent".

    Next update will come in a couple of days, stay tuned.

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  8. On 11/30/2019 at 11:10 AM, ksbsnowowl said:

    A few previews from yesterday's Bones 5 Live episode:


    The Fan Favorites Hellborn and Landsknecht 3d renders:






    I love both the Hellborn Paladin and the landsknecht. Probably my favorite minis in this KS.


    to borrow from @ksbsnowowl


    1)  Dungeon Dwellers:  Not much here of interest for me that I dont already own. I wouldnt mind the plague docs though I ALREADY have in Metal. 


    2)  Greek Odyssey:  @Rainbow Sculptor 's fauns may push me over the edge on this. But I have plenty of greek minis from a board game kickstarter. Mythic Battles.


    3)  Dark Depths:  This is on my list. Love the Seadevils and merfolk. 


    4)  Fan Favorites:  This has my 2 favorite minis in the KS, so is my #1 choice. Will buy extra landsknechts at retail.


    5)  Brinewind:  Love this set, my #2. May try to get 2. Will get extra Doxies at retail.


    6)  Daimyo: No interest. My group hasn't done any eastern adventures in 10+ years. Not enough characters for players.


    7)  Chronoscope:  There are 2 minis (almost like Bones 4 chrono) that I want... but everything else is of no use to me. The trailer is interesting. Not sure if I will get at retail or not.


    8)  Brinewind Extras:  Another great set. I am planning on getting 3. 


    9) The Ship. Planning on getting 2. This will be my first lock in when the PM opens. Need 2 for ship battles. 


    10+) the little encounters. I love most of them. Of them the vampire one is my favorite. Again @Rainbow Sculptor... i am getting 2 of that. I also like the ghoul encounter. Not getting the dwarf one or the spider one. Still considering the Yeti one. 


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  9.  I thought I was slick. My friend backed and i was able to add a couple minis on to his pledge. So another friend and myself are out 2 minis worth each and my first friend is out his pledge... :(


    I got the Bard and the druid... or at least that's what I have paid for. Wasn't really a fan of the druid but he had ordered it for me thinking it was one I wanted so... I still want the bard though.

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  10. So, I can understand about a concept changing being disappointing. Back during the original Relic Knights kickstarter, the one ran by CMON, they had a Candy miniature wearing a karate Gi. I liked the concept. It was simple, I had a plan to make a monk character for my pathfinder game..., Half way through the campaign, the concept art was taken down. I did not think anything of it as there was no reason to change the concept and nothing had been stated about a change... towards the end of the campaign they started showing a concept of Candy dressed like Chun-Li from street fighter. which is what they ended up going with... not what I wanted... But, on the bright side, all the minis came out mostly crappy anyway so I would have been disappointed no matter what... :(


    As far as the halfling. I don't really see an issue, but... if you no longer like him, contact the creator. They may let you switch him out for something else.

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  11. 40 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    I really do not see that big of a problem:






    Don't paint the beard white/grey, but black and I doubt that wizard looks THAT old.

    Furthermore: Concept and sculpt and Kickstarter ...

    and: it's a miniature that will probably be smaller than 28mm ... so I don't really care that much about one or two more wrinkles in the face.


    Personally, I don't the the sculpt as "older", I see it as more "jolly".

    So, i was gonna post this very thing last night... but I decided not to get the halflings so didn't comment. I think he is a little more round in the face, but not really "old" looking. 


    So the original render is different but I don't know if he is really younger looking.


    I am still debating on the 220mm Desert Titan. I don't have a practical use for it... But I want it... Problem is I have too many other wants right now too. 


  12. 5 minutes ago, haldir said:

    A future example is a NPC, that the players are gonna encounter. She is a tax collector that is forced into being the new leader for the town the PCs are in. Book, she suppose to have half-plate & a great-sword. Looking at my stash of minis that is a hard combo to find. 

    the Bones V fan favorites female landsknect! Too bad she’s so far away. I know you aren’t looking for a mini, but Hasslefree also makes 2 versions of a female landsknect that matches that description. 

    the world will be a better place when there is a bones female landsknect in every household...,

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  13. Variances in height are fine. As said, a human that is 5' is not unusual next to a human that is 6' or even 7'. But in D&D they would all 3 be medium creatures. The base sizes should be the same. Though admittedly because i use minis from several sources my medium bases are 25mm, 30mm or 32mm. I use to have a good source for 30mm (the old confrontation bases) so all of my heroes, major villains and important npcs were on 30... while mooks were on 25's.


    large i also do 40mm - 50mm. A lot if WoK large minis were on 40's... though now with 50's being more available/cheaper, all my newer large are on 50's.


    If the succubi/incubi are the same general size as a human, then i will just rebase them.  

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  14. Well... 


    I see both sides. A lot of my friends just run adventure paths. The monsters are established and codified. So, while they could make up their own monsters, it defeats the reason they are running adventure paths... (quick and easy to run without as much prep).


    I run a homebrew game. So, I am much more likely to create my own monsters... Using Doug's example above. That ghoul could have class levels. Wait, its a ghoul Samurai?!!! Also I use monster alignment as a stereotype, not a hard fast rule. So my players encountering a Red Dragon (or the ghoul samurai) never go in to the encounter knowing if it is a bad guy or potential ally.


    Though I will say, I find things like the Wolf dragon/ dragon wold less helpful. As while I will make it a monster, sure... I will probably only use it once... Unless for some reason it becomes the focus of the game... and i dont find the sculpt that provocative to base a whole campaign on. 


    As far as traditional monsters... If something is supposed to be human size, i expect it to be human size. If its not, then its use become limited. And if i see my use of something is limited, it moves it down on my priority to buy list. So the succubus/incubus on 40mm moved down a notch for me. Again, I could make a reason for them being larger in my game... but then would i use them in another game? Yeah these succubi also drank that akchemists experimental growth hormone... just like the ones in that other game... there really shoild be a warning label....

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