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  1. 3 hours ago, lexomatic said:

    That's a free stretchgoal box

    sorry. Yes. They label things a little differently in this.


    Their “stretch goals” that are reached by reaching a certain pledge level, aren’t free. They are added as add-ons that you can add to your pledge. 

    The free “stretch goals” are called “box of plunder” and are added free to the levels that include the box of plunder. These goals are not reached by achieving a certain funding level. They are unlocked by doing social media stuff. Like posting pictures of painted pirates, singing sea chantys and posting them, sharing your favorite book about 18th century, etc. 


    You can purchase the box of plunder if you want additional copies or are at a pledge level that doesn’t come with it. It currently has an alternate black beard miniature, and one of the current goals is a priest. Though my favorites are cannon crew arms and extra heads and command options that will fit their sailor or militia boxes. 

    Other than the little tease about female pirates in the comments, there hasn’t been any other mention so I doubt that will be a thing in this Kickstarter, but there is still the possibility of plastic native Americans and plastic soldier cavalry. People have asked if the plastic natives will be northern natives or Caribbean natives. I don’t know if that’s been answered yet.  

  2. They added a new pledge level for Roleplayers. its $64 and comes with one box of miniatures of choice, 1 plastic ship, and the stretch goal box.


    A bunch of stretch goals have been reached adding some crates, extra heads, animals, weapons and such.

  3. The following is a list of units that can be built using just the parts found in the sailor box:


    This box will include tons of options for players to create sailor miniatures of any European power from the 17th or 18th century. Check out just some of the options available in beautiful detail :D



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  4. I saw Knight of the Dinner table asked in the comments about how big the plastic minis are. They answered 31mm to the eyes. 

    The creators had a live chat last night. I only caught the end on it, but they mentioned that the campaign is doing better than expected and it was asked if there would be another ship in this campaign. The answer was it’s possible but the campaign would have to do extremely better than expected and even then they would have to be sure as to not delay what’s already here. So I would read that as not likely. 

  5. 40 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    Not interested in the game nor in the ships. Nice that I can get the plastic boxes as add-ons without a pledge for the main game.

    im not interested in the game. Well I kind of am but doubt I can convince my friends to play. But I do like the ships and the crew. Just the ships and crew come to $101 if you buy separately. So for $17 you get black beard, Maynard and the stretch goal box. Plus the game mat looks good.


    though I could just get a bunch of crew...


    anyway, I’m in for the $119 now. Will see though.  

    just realized the unit boxes come with 12 figures... so the base game is actually valued at $126 for just the 2 ships and 24 crew. I will probably keep the base game pledge. I actually don’t like that all the metal heroes have to be purchased, I only really wanted Anne Bonny and Mary Read. 

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  6. Saw an info video they had posted on YouTube. The starter set will come with 2 ships. Multipart plastic “Bermuda sloops” that they said were around 10” in length. It will be armed with 8 cannons and 4 swivel guns. Stretch goals may include some  sail options. Amongst other things. 

    the starter set will be under $150. And come with 2 crews. 

    they also teased some metal heroes. Including Jack Racham, Stede Bonnet, Anne Bonney and Black Beard. 

    I’m definitely interested. These ships will make cool small ships to harass the reaper ship in a Pirate game. Or perhaps the reaper ship will be the pirates and my players can have one of these smaller ships. 

    Kickstarter starts tomorrow at 2 pm eastern time

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  7. 2 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    Frostgrave minis are ... true 28mm (they seem a bit small to me) ... if these here are, too, it should not be a problem.

    I plan on getting some ghost Archipelago crew if I get the firelock ones. I don’t mind if they are slightly smaller or larger. I mixed some frostgrave wizards with shield maidens and the size differences looked more pronounced but still kit bashed well. The only reason I haven’t gotten the ghost archipelago crew yet is their lack of black powder weapons.

    edit: there is a metal bit upgrade you can buy for the ghost archipelago crew but I prefer plastic bits 

  8. Dear backers,

    Our campaign is over. We would like to thank for for your generous support.

    Overall we're quite happy. We have gathered slightly more money than in the Season I, we have also much more backers than previously.

    Obviously it doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. I'm sure that both we and you feel that result could be little bit better. Happily we know what to change – w have received a lot of feedback from you so we know how to improve our campaign in Season III.

    Yes, there will be season III. And its design will be more similar to Season I than to Season II as its clearly your will :)

    We can blame covid too. Many of you strictly expressed that due to uncertain economical situation could afford just few miniatures instead of full Season II. We fully undestand it and are deeply grateful that you decided to support us in this circumstances.

    As we didn't manage to unlock Fujiko, she will appear in Pledge Manager as add-on.

    She and Misaki will receive rules to use them as part of Hot and Dangerous faction in Anno Domini 1666. More details in the next update.

    Please expect an update in 2-3 weeks. We'll open pledge manager and explain how to use it (Our returning backers should be familiar with it). In the Pledge Manager you will be able to add miniatures to your order, we'll also have entire range of Anno Domini 1666 sets available :)

    Thanks again for your support!

    Wargamer Team

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    While I have no use for her, the DUST figure is the first one I really like.

    She looks nice!

    ( apart from that machine gun, don't point it in my direction please)

    Yeah. I didnt really look that close due to no interest in the time period (for minis). I still really only like 2 in this... Well, 3 I guess. The mounted figure is cool, in that it is mounted, but not really an interesting one for me

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  10. 3 hours ago, ced1106 said:


    That's b/c they're also using daily reveals, like they did with Zombicide 2nd edition. OTOH, If Z2's distance between goals isn't as high, yeah, the SG's are far apart.


    Anyway, looks more promising for Gloomhaven proxies. I also like this variety of demon types, including fallen angels


      Reveal hidden contents

    In GH, angels are good for Sun Demons, and Naga for giant lizards.


    I wasnt sure so just went and looked. Zombicide 2nd edition started at $30,000 stretches, then $40K then $50K. Massive darkness started at $150,000 stretches and is now at $200K stretches. 


    Looks like Zombicide 2nd edition's largest stretch was the last one at $110,000. The vast majority were at the $30K range. 

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  11. I am in right now. Not sure if I will stay or not. I do like the angels in the expansion (the ones with regular heads) and I like the demon ladies... But not a huge fan of the other minions.... the weird leg stretch goal monster, and the snake people stretch goal are also kind of meh... and only 4 base characters so far... Will keep an eye on it though.


    And the $ between stretch goals seems really far... 

  12. I will wait to see what the rest of the bad guy minis look like before deciding, but the art style on these isn't really drawing me in. Especially the head/face on the fallen angel. I really did like the Massive darkness 1 minis but this seems like a big departure. 


    I do like Feidra though. I can see her being a character in pathfinder. 

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  13. So, I am not really interested on the more modern figures. This one will include rules to play with the DUST game, which is WW2 with werewolves and gorrila soldiers? I am not sure, but I have seen some interesting minis for this game... including school girls and ninjas? So i am imagining its not a historical game.


    They are supposed to have a scale shot this week to show that the mini is compatible with the DUST line. 

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