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  1. Viking Encounter pack * 1 Viking Long ship * 4-8 vikings. 50/50 Men and women in realistic looking viking clothes/armor, no full plate no chain mail bikinis * Some crates and sacks to represent Viking loot * 2 Prisoners, bound * 2 Jotnar (giants) in Norse style to battle the crew...
  2. You should be able to find it soon as they are reprinting on demand, and announced that it will be regularly available again later this year at the original price. Still not really comparable to a $50 bones expansion though.
  3. True... though at a higher price (3 x the price ?). But I missed out on Cursed City the first time, and am contemplating buying it now that its coming back.
  4. Yup, that was me... I did get an official answer from reaper... Reaper Miniatures April 2, 2022 "I don't really know what the plan is but from the image it looks like you get two of each body and two sprues of interchangeable parts to mix and match with." So while the answer wasn't sure, it does seem to confirm my suspicions that you basically get 2 sets of teh same 3 minis. There is customization of course, but not to the level that I would want in multi part figures. So while it does look good fir what it is, its not what I am looking for.
  5. Briarwood Vale expansion looks good, but I really only like section 1, 3 and 5 of it... But i think that will still make it worthwhile to get. The Men-at-arms option. Are all the options (head, weapons, shield, etc) in there for all 6 bodies, or is it 2 copies of the 3 options for the 6 bodies? Meaning you get 6 total heads (and other options) so have to use all 6 heads to be able to complete the 6 men at arms... If its the latter then you really dont have options as you have to use everything and make the same 3 models twice... Like can I make all 6 minis with the horned helmet? Or can I make 6 minis with different heads, but all with bows?
  6. In the Live/opening thing for the kickstarter yesterday they did say there are plans for more pathfinder (including the iconics for pathfinder 2) in bones... just not for this kickstarter.
  7. Not ideal, but maybe break the core set and allow extras to be added only for those who select a core set? That way they arent risking people not getting a core set because they can just buy the parts they want? Right now only the ants seem like something I would want more of, but maybe teh gnomes, the Mudmen and the rageclaw wolf guy... actually definitely the Rageclaw guy. I could use a war party of him to harass my players.
  8. I am currently just with teh core set, but the Green Griffin expansion is likely (as i dont have any tavern terrain). The Briarwood expansion is probably likely as well.
  9. +1 Though I guess they have a good strategy as I had not planned on getting the Core set, but because it wont be split up. I am now. So there is that.
  10. I am kind of interested in the 28mm but this seems a bit expensive. $5 for 30 bases. Especially for a Kickstarter price. I just got 100x 30mm for $10 from Impact. And it’s not hard to find similar prices on Amazon or eBay. I mean it’s not outrageous but at the same time not really a big incentive to back. Same for the 3 x 100mm… I will just save my money for bones 6.
  11. Latest update has a production copy of the pirate ship assembled.
  12. Ok, I like the Fire newt guys, but the little mushroom guys above are great. I will get a bunch of these if this is core and they make them available for additional purchase. They will make good leshy or enemies for my plumber themed adventure path... I like the Owl statue too
  13. Yeah, you are right. I didnt really look to closely at that set. This one I think Stonehaven is just doing the casting? As the sculptor is a 3D modeler. I am not really interested in these but Stonehaven has always been good and always delivered. well,..., I am sort of interested in the werewolf and vampire hunter.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stonehavenmini/stonehaven-presents-tytantroll/description
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impactminiatures/affordable-miniatures-bases-25mm-30mm-and-40mm?ref=user_menu "We are starting with 3 different bases. 25mm slotted bases 30mm flat bases (with pre marks for slot or circle cut outs) 40mm flat bases (with pre marks for slot or circle cut outs) The bases are firm plastic ... they are solid designs that should not warp, bend or break easily. The bases have a textured top to make it easier for glue, paint and flock to stick to the surface." They are offering 120x 25mm or 100x 30mm for $10 and 1000x 25mm for $40 or 600x 30mm for $50.
  16. Another bones kickstarter. I will of course be in... but Bones 5 didnt hold much for me. The pirate ship was pretty much it, though I did like the ghouls encounter and the Vampire encounter and got several copies. And ended up getting 80 cannons in the 5.5 offer. I like bones for rpg encounters in my pathfinder game. Which is kind of my i have never gotten the Chronoscope sets. Individually there have been pieces i have liked in all of them, but never in teh quantities i wanted to be able to use them. If they had smaller focused sets like others have mentioned, I could justify getting it and even doubling up on the focused set for the numbers I need. I am strangely excited for Bones 6 even though 5 was my lightest showing.
  17. A little more complicated. Some GW units like the Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard are on 25mm bases. Some like the new howling banshees and sister repentia are on 28mm bases. Some like the sisters of battle are on 32mm bases. And some like the Custodians are on 40mm bases. The 28mm bases arent that far off from 25mm bases. In my pathfinder games I use 25mm bases for most npcs and minions and 30mm for PCs and boss enemies. They dont mess up playing on a grid unless your grid is super crowded. I dont think I am interested in the base kickstarter, not because of the sizes but because the bases dont look that interesting to me. But i will definitely take a look at the KS once its live to see if anything interests me.
  18. Update #28 Ahoy! We hope you've had a wonderful, safe Holiday season! We have some good news. All 4 (4!) parts of the Bermuda Sloop molds have been finished. Out of all items in this Kickstarter, we believe that this ship was easily the hardest to make. We've had to adjust this model several times in order to get it perfect. It took a lot of fine tuning, but its finally done! With this out of the way now, we expect the rest of the production process to go smoothly. We are still on track with our updated schedule.
  19. Received my game today. Its massive, and the components top quality. Soooo many beautiful miniatures. It was delayed about a year, and teh company shipping is pretty slow... But overall I am well satisfied and would likely back another Assassin's Creed game from Triton Noir.
  20. edit to above, the gun hatches are still a pain if there is something above them, but... it was pointed out to me that i had assembled them backwards... so they do fit... just it takes some effort on some of them.
  21. So I assembled mine today.... I couldnt find part numbers on individual pieces. Sorry.
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