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  1. 10 minutes ago, Canadian Brandon said:

    I haven't read it, but I assume it's great as I love his other books. It also reminds me of the mummy 3, and Uncharted yeti scenes. 

    I haven’t read the book, but the movie was pretty good. Tim Curry, Ernie Hudson. Cast was pretty good too. 

    Congo, that is... and Amy is a good gorilla. 

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  2. I want to participate in ship naming, but its either something that would be universally popular involving a Reaper name (and thus already suggested a lot at this point) or something personal and really only of interest to the one who suggested it.


    But, here we go.


    The Second hand lady. -   She has been on the seas a while and under other crews... but she is still strong and full of dignity.

    The Second Star, or Second Star on the right-   I like it since the Falling Star, was the first, but ours never has to grow up.

    The Raven-  Go Baltimore

    The Adventure Path -  Like Royal adventure but more rpg themed


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  3. I like bones for using in RPGs. Which is why i liked pre-assembled. I can just throw them in a box and pull out as needed. This was what I liked most about Bones 1-3. Then in Bones 4, I invested heavily and... a lot of my loot is still in the box in the basement. The assembly is not that bad, its just the volume of assembly. I have assemble all the big stuff, and all the things I was really interested in (like the apes and the snake people). And will get everything assembled at some point. 


    I liked the static poses of the townsfolk. THey were mostly one piece... I think one was in a couple... and they fit better on a table grid if they are more static... and since they are not the focus of my game, they dont need to outshine the PC's anyway. 


    I like the D&D / pathfinder unpainted minis, but for PC minis I tend to buy more expensive minis and only use Bones or D&D as NPc's so the D&D ones dont get purchased a lot as they arent really NPCs...


    The Ship. I hope it stays the same (previewed) size. I will likely get it either way, but the size is a definite selling point for me 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    The point might be that the figure would cost 50% or more at retail due to increased  mold complexity in order to produce it as a single cast piece.

    Some poses just can't be done in a single cast without unnecessarily complex molds.

    This part of the "magic" is something that people who haven't studied the design and production end of miniatures  rarely fully appreciate.


    Possibly. But comparing what was one piece and what wasn’t I don’t think that is universally true, 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Dan Goodchild said:




    To be absolutely fair, Ron went out of his way to say the info was not 100% certain for today; just probably, hopefully today.

    Enthusiastic backers just didn't hear that part.

    How dare you use logic and reason! How am I expected to be outraged if you throw “fact” and “disclaimers” at me?

    edit: gave up trying to make that purple on my mobile.


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  6. I think what put the most disapointment on this, was the completer lack of explanation or sense of "oh we promised"... and even the actual date was non commital... Oh it will be either tomorrow or maybe wednesday... without any concern. Just seemed to not really be concerned at all. 


    Have to say this has really soured me. I was already on the fence... 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

    I am firmly in the 'assembly is half the fun' camp too, but I do get where people who just want minis to game with are coming from.

    i didnt enjoy assembly on the medium and small minis. Didnt feel like it added anything either.


    I mean, on a multi-part plastic mini... its great. You can assemble how you want. But on a small kobold that can only be assembled one way, whats the point?

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  8. 1 minute ago, Darsc Zacal said:

    I have to admit that if Reaper doesn’t have all the logistics for the ship now, then cancel it for this kickstarter.

    I don’t want a half broccoli ship with design problems and manufacturing issues.

    I want Reaper to spend the necessary time to put out a superior product, not an inferior one.


    This is ship is sounding rushed and not planned out. If they’re not able to clearly inform the manufacturer what is wanted, then I see bad things happening.


    Do the smaller boat for now, have the big ship ready to go for the next kickstarter, and not tacked onto Bones V like an afterthought.


    I fear that if they screw the ship up and as a result it doesn’t sell well, that they’ll blame in on a lack of demand and not on their own lack of preparation and not go forward with future similar projects.

    Yeah with 5 days left for people to be able to make a decision, this seems not a great position to be in. 

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  9. 11 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    RE: Chronoscope---My apologies if anyone misconstrued my post yesterday as accusing anyone of whining. As Inarah noted, I was simply reminding people that you need to spend money to support what you want.

    For everyone that 'only liked 3 of the figures':  have you bought 'em yet? Or do you intend to buy them as soon as they get released if they aren't currently available for purchase?

    I was wrong. I actually liked 4 minis from the chronoscope set.


    the andromedan queen

    the andromeda’s vizier

    the Andromedan warrior

    the IMEF bulldog 


    I occasionally check ebay for the bones bulldog... but none of these are retail yet,


    I do plan on buying them once the become available. 

    looking at 3-5 bulldogs

    1 queen

    2-4 viziers

    10-20 warriors


    the bulldogs arr just cool. Will likely never use them but I want them. The Andromedans I am thinking will be an aquatic race in my pathfinder game... coil rifles. Maybe as Nerieds or a custom aquatic race. I really like the look of them. 


    it’s weird. I spent nearly $1000 on bones 4... but even though I am at $120 in bones 5, I am really at $0 on what I want. Will see what the ship comes in At tomorrow. The 2 sea expansions are starting to grow on me though. 

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  10. 34 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

    About the whole Chronoscope thing from a few pages back: 


    You had your chance to show them that there was a demand for it, and you blew it. Yes, they're all pretty cool people, and yes they want to try to give you what you want, but if they do, and then you don't buy it, that's on you, not them. They want to give you what you want, but they also don't want to lose money in doing so. That seems pretty fair and reasonable to me.

    I kind of disagree with this. If what they offered was not appealing to the point where many people who may have had interest didn’t buy it... it sounds like they blew it. Not the consumer. I like reaper and support them. But I am not just gonna throw away money on something I don’t want. If it had been more desirable (to whoever or whatever) then more people would have bought it. I like 3 models in the chronoscope expansion last time... I don’t think my not paying $50 for those 3 figures is me blowing it.


    i do agree that they need to make money though. So if they can’t find a way to listen to what people are actually asking for in a chromosome (or pure sci-fi, or whatever) set them it does make sense not to offer it... but again I don’t see the customers as the ones who blew it on this. 

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  11. 12 minutes ago, Corsair said:

    Okay, the new map is interesting just for numbers. If you take the amount of stops, we still have 4 parts in Greek, Depths and Brinewind, plus three more listed encounters. Guesstimate, the ship will be on here too. A couple for Core set , the last seige engine and maybe , just maybe, we can make it to map 6 for a Chronoscope encounter!

    reaper Jon stated that the ship may just be a buy option (without and actual unlock goal) when it’s revealed. He wasn’t sure but said that may be the case. If so, then it may not actually occupy a place on the map... or it may. This post helped no one... just made things more unclear... I’m not me when I’m hungry... 

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  12. 24 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    So, does anyone know, do we need to use all the money we pledged to lock in our first order in the pledge manager? Lately I have not felt excited about anything (not Reaper or kickstarter's fault, it's just me), and who knows if i'll even be here in 2021. Maybe I'll feel better, maybe not. Anyhow, if anyone know, it would be appreciated. Thanks everyone. 


    Hello. I may be way off base, but if that was a cry for help, I am a good listener. I have known depression, and... I dont want this to sound corny. So if i read that wrong I am sorry. 

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  13. So, if not many people buy the busts in the PM. Will they not be produced at all? The KS states "Lastly there is the risk we will not produce a specific model shown. This will only occur if there is not enough interest in a specific model measured by the number of backers that actually pledge for to back it verses the cost to produce it. This event has never occurred in any of our previous Kickstarters, but is nonetheless still a risk. In the event this situation develops you will have plenty of time to adjust your Pledge Manager."


    I think the busts probably have a target audience, but I dont think the bones audience is that target. Wonder what will happen. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

    Also, given the amount of time and effort Reaper has put into the development and promotion of the pirate ship, I would bet good money (figure of speech, not endorsing betting on the forums) that we will certainly see it before the end. 

    Yesterday on Reaper’s fireside chat, ReaperJon answered a question about the boat and said it would be revealed next week... so it sounds like we will get a chance to throw money at it soon. I am not die hard about anything in this ks... but have no doubts that all the expansions will be fully realized by the end. 

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