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  1. Hmmm. So I am wave 1. Backer 614. I don’t have any of the items on the delay list… but have not received tracking… but a wave 2 has? That’s not worrying at all…
  2. Have they said how many orders got processed today? Or what backer number they are up to?
  3. If Brinewind is offered I may get one. And the accessory set. I had been in kind of a funk towards the end of the open pledge and didnt really feel up to a lot of what I now want...
  4. I am wave 1… the only power up I got was the henchwomen… 😞 if some one else gets their minis before me because of the henchwomen… those henchwomem will get all the worst npc jobs in my pathfinder game! They will get eaten by dragons, get kidnapped and suffer abuse thst only the pc’s can save them from! They will rue the day that delayed my order…
  5. Ok, here is mine… this was my smallest Bones yet… but still wave 1..,
  6. Landsknecht ogres won! I am surprises but happy. Sorry your idea didn’t win, @Great Khan Artist but it looks like you still have a chance. They will pick a second choice.
  7. I am backing for just the minis too. I kind of wish there would be a bigger picture list of all the unlocked minis.
  8. I Dropped out. I am still following though. Pretty light in new minis.., but… they teased a 3D obstacle pack that has tables, barrels , market stalls , etc. these elements will have special rules that you can interact with… like searching the stalls for items or rolling barrels etc… also two new game modes. A solo mode, so you can play by yourself if say a pandemic hits…and a new campaign mode where you can combine factions in like a grand alliance game. the Solo mode sounds interesting… and I wouldn’t mind several packs of the 3D terrain… but am not back in just yet.
  9. The war elephant has been unlocked. He is big and elephanty.., and pretty good price at $20.
  10. Hmmm. I hadn’t considered this set would include females, as wargames Atlantic has said in comments that they may do female sets but wouldn’t do mixed sets of male and female. They have said it would limit choices for one or the other as they would need to be distinct and seperate parts. I didn’t vote for cultists as the Frostgrave ones are not bad, and plastic. I voted for landsknecht ogres… as I can use them in my pathfinder campaign and there was not a whole lot of other fantasy choices. That and I think these will look cool. But since the majority of things that made it to the final round are scifi…I’m guessing a sci-fi choice will win it.
  11. I did the Minis only pledge ($35) and the stretch goals add on ($31) so $66 plus shipping fo all the minis.
  12. Hmm... ok. So, will probably select the metal then as they are charging the same amount for both.
  13. The Creator advised that Effin Cool is still waiting to get their new SiOCast machine, but he will post examples of other company's SiOCast minis in their next update. Doing some searching on Google, it looks like its a way to use plastic (actual plastic not resin) with metal molds. The review i saw of the 15mm minis said that they are crisp and good, with some slight flexibility. But also said that mold lines are a bit difficult to remove. So it kind of sounded like something similar to BONES Black material. Does anyone here have any experience with it? It looks like it has been around for at least a year, but I will admit that I never heard of it.
  14. I dropped out... the new Addon, the Cardinal's Guard, look really good, and $15 for 3 sculpts looks like a fair price... but in general it looks too expensive for what I would be getting and the miniatures the core pledge arent super enticing. I like 2... The good swordmaster and the Noble lady with frog... I kind of like reloading servant boy with musket too... Will keep an eye, i may still be lured back in.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkmaenad/dark-maenad-fire-and-steel/description A kickstarter for basically 2 warbands with access to the minis from their first kickstarter as well. Interesting part is they are available in 3 formats. .STL files, Metal and injection plastic using something called SiOCast. The physical minis are being produced for them by Effincool Miniatures. And the desert girls will be featured in a miniature game produced by some other company. The 2 warbands look cool. The black powder girls... look very Empire/landsknechty... and the Cold Steel girls, look very Araby... All of the new minis are safe for work, but some of the addons from their last campaign (which i did not include pictures of) have some female frontal nudity. I am interested in the SiOCast minis... I saw a review of some 15mm in that material. I only backed a $1... right now. But I like both new warbands and the original one they did... so I will see what i want in the pledge manager.
  16. I have to agree with the current value. I am in for the plastic set. $66 for 11 plastic miniatures and no new boards, does not seem like a great value. Though the creator said the stretch goals will make it a good value… however… I don’t like the Arnold mini… I mean I do like it, but it really does not seem to fit. Someone pointed out that arm grafts were around… ok.., but articulated robot arms with working fingers… to that sophistication… no. And the next stretch goal is more cards for the commoners… I may not stay in this one… or if I do I may just get a couple metal minis…
  17. On the preview page, they changed the 3 of each to 2 or each. But looks like some other minis will be added. I asked them on their facebook page if there will be a minis only pledge. They advised no. But did state that the minis will be available as an add-on. So you could just back for $1 and add the minis... just no stretch goals.
  18. Hammers, maces and axes... I like the hammers the best.
  19. Dwarf warriors with hand weapons and shields
  20. This one is on my radar. I will look into getting the villager minis. I don’t need more guard minis... but I don’t not need more guard minis either... and all of the previews look fantastic.
  21. vutpakdi. What minis did you get that had the issue with the hands? I kind of want to go and check now. :) I didnt look too hard when I got them. I kind of just did a once over... did some hot water straitening on a couple, then boxed them by gang type/nationality. Which shows the mindset i was in when i got them... I was kind of on a hobby break and just going through the motions... Yeah... i feel that too. There are 3 kickstarters in April (this one, Fireforge Dwarves and Dungoens and Lasers)... after not really doing any for the last couple months. I havent played a single game of Anno Domini. I liked the minis, but they are teh tiniest bit smaller than my other gaming minis. They will be used next time i run my Pathfinder game, but i already have plenty i could do that with...
  22. Last campaign, Milady D'Winter was the exclusive. There were a lot of tribute figures too. We got a Tyrion Lannister and a deseperado inspired Antonio Banderas among others.
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