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  1. Why aren’t these playing pieces? I Have used several from season 1 as Pathfinder characters. I will be using these as well for that. And the conquistador and landsknecht in s Warhammer cities of Sigmar/ empire army. They are sturdy solid metal minis. Campaign has reached 50% of what season 1 did. next stretch goal. Warrior nun. The Netflix show was good if you make it past episode 5.
  2. The sword is longer than it looks in the picture. They have the video with the model turning around in the update. And here is the next stretch goal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1263001724/hot-and-dangerous-season-ii/posts/2909419 here is the link to the update where you can see her spin around video.
  3. Not sure how they are doing stretch goals this time. Last time, it opened the new girl as an option you can choose to buy. But the creator said this in teh comments of this one "There is also no reason to choose girls from SG as you will get them for free :)" This prompted me to upgrade to the pick 10 level
  4. Yeah, I would have much preferred a resin option. 1 interesting thing. The pick 10 level is for 1 of each of the initial 10. Last time the pick 10 let you pick any 10 you wanted (so could double up on models). I picked 4 copies of the swashbuckler last time. I asked in the comments and the creator said that you could message them During the pledge manager stage and work something out. so I may do the pick 10 level. 1st stretch goal teased
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1263001724/hot-and-dangerous-season-ii?ref=profile_created live
  6. It sounds like everyone is really excited for this! Worry not, it starts at 3pm eastern time tomorrow. Despite myself, I am rather excited too. Though with Massive Darkness starting next week, I am not sure how deep I will be going in on this. Will at least get the conquistador...
  7. I prefer the actual minis poses and proportions to that of the art... but prefer the faces in the art on every one.
  8. So... I am really only 100% interested in the conquistador currently. The Aztec and the Swedish infantry are maybes... The Greek and Persian and possiblys... I did really like what i got from the last kickstarter though I do wish they had found a better middle ground between pin up and Serious.
  9. The comments on face book. Someone said the sculpt looks like a man in drag. I don’t know if I would go that far, but the sculpt does lack the girlish Youthful quality The art has. I still like it though. This one is probably on my list.
  10. Wife gave permission for this one. So, looking forward. Will be my first big kickstarter this year.
  11. I havent seen one yet. But if it follows like last time, then it will launch after they have revealed the initial 10. Since they are on the 5th reveal, I would guess probably Aug 3rd. But that is just a guess. EDIT: They are on the 7th reveal... So maybe next week. But my guess would still be 1st week of August. Both can be true... . I like her... but her face is a little masculine. The art has a more feminine face. But I still like her. Dont know if she will make the cut though.
  12. I would be surprised if they didn’t offer them as addons. They did during their Anno Domini Kickstarter. I didn’t get Azumi but here is Ailsa and Olenka with a reaper guy for scale. Sorry for bad lighting,
  13. I checked. That is one I got. And yeah, I do remember the banner being a pain because it was heavy.
  14. That’s a cool looking helmet. But are you saying that when Scooby doo fought the ghost conquistadors, that wasn’t accurate? Yeah that makes sense. If they had said “these are fantasy” then there wouldn’t be an issue. I didn’t have any trouble with gluing the ones from ks 1. I just used regular super glue, I am not generally fond of metal but these I didn’t Find that difficult to assemble. No super small pieces or super heave pieces with small connection points. Though I only got the girls that were pre or early 1800’s so if the layer ones were different I wouldn’t know.
  15. I’m not sold on the Aztec. But, a company (Wargames Atlantic) is coming out with plastic conquistadors and plastic Aztecs so I could get her to make a leader for an Aztec warband. yup, your odd.. just kidding. Yeah I get that. I like my stuff to look consistent so if 90% of your guys look one way, I can see wanting the remaining 10% to follow suit,
  16. Since I’m not going into this needing to be historically accurate I am not really concerned about that aspect. It is kind of a weird choice on the helmet. I can actually see it as an ok representation of the picture, if you zoom in you can kind of see a crest on the second helmeted guy, but... basing it off that picture seems like an odd choice when you consider the icon image of a conquistador. But again for me, not really a concern since this figure will either be fighting dragons in a dungeon or be part of an army that has gryphons and wizards and fights animated dead and demons... but I understand for those needing it to be historically accurate. As far as the names go, I agree that a unit name should be accurate, don’t call a Knight a knighter... exc. but the names of the girls, again not really bothered. It is interesting though for Francesca as in their last Kickstarter they did have a girl in the Spanish faction named Francisca. Maybe they just didn’t want to repeat the name? overall my interest in this will be pre-1800 girls. So the ww- 1 and newer girls dont interest me. I think Francesca looks good and definitely has a place in both my pathfinder games and in my fantasy Empire army.
  17. shame, I am thinking about buying 10 of her to make a small unit. Of course that will depend on what else gets revealed though, and what the price is this time.
  18. Ok, this one is definitely on my list.
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