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  1. Anno Domini 1666 was a Kickstarter for a swashbuckling board game with some magic and supernatural elements. Players run a "gang" of characters based on literary heroes... like the 3 musketeers. You have objectives and can use skills and combat to acheive objectives. The game takes place in a fantasy Vienna. I was satisfied with all the minis I got in the first Kickstarter, though due to certain world events never have gotten a game played ...yet. so they will be kickstarting an expansion. Just got a preview of one of the exclusive characters. On a side note, I had no idea that Alexander Dumas was biracial. His father was a noble and his mother a native. Being of similar racial stock, I find that interesting. “And here is a miniature of Alexandre Dumas (3D render to be more precise). Alexandre Dumas will be our Kickstarter and convention only miniature. Well, we hope there will be any conventions we can visit in the future... He will be also narrator of our campaign and you will be informed about some events from his perspective (or rather from the perspective he wants to impose on you - be careful!). Dumas is not an amazing fencer. If necessary, he can draw a sword or shoot a pistol, but he believes that a feather is more powerful than a sword. Charisma (quite high), Intelligence and Connections help him with his reporter's tasks but his most powerful weapon is his modest notebook. It may happen that the story told by Dumas looks completely different than in reality and the heroic deeds will be forgotten or even presented in a completely negative way. In the game's mechanic, this means that once during game you will be able to prevent your opponent of getting point(s) for killing your character. Obviously only if Dumas manages to survive to the end of the game and will describe the situation in the way he would like it to be presented to a wide audience...”
  2. New pics of 2-handed weapons from Facebook.
  3. Hmmm, ok, thats good to know. Ok, so maybe i wont be getting the halfling maidens
  4. Gonna wait and see but I am interested in: OGRES * 2x female giants (110mm) 30 pounds * 6x female ogre warriors 20 pounds * Lord of the feast. female ogre character and 2 gnoblar staff w/ cauldron Halflings * Mounted halfling maiden 7 pounds * Halfling Maiden 5 pounds I am starting a halfling army using Wargames Atlantic multipart halflings. So i can use some halflings... but the helmet design is very different so i dont know if will match up well. The knights may be useful though. The Maidens would make a good wizard for the army.
  5. I will back for a couple halfling heroes, but its a bad time as i am saving for some fireforge dwarves. Still, I have a GW ogre army, so adding some female ogres would be cool. And the 210mm Giants, I wanted a gargant army... and 3 giants here are 150 euros... which less that 1 of the GW ones.
  6. There will also be halflings... and a pigasys... yes a winged pig!
  7. Command options im not sure if I like the fathered hats, but I do like the one on the female commander.
  8. I have never been a dwarf guy. But I like these, probably because they aren’t comically fat or with super long beards that seem like would get in the way. I mean I guess that’s why I have never played a dwarf in an rpg or collected a dwarven army. So I get why these may not appeal to classic dwarf lovers... that’s sounds weird... I’m excited for the females too... I like the matchlocks on the fusiliers and the flintlock pistols on the rams. This will be starting in April. I was gonna get the new GW vampire themed box game, but will likely be going in on this instead.
  9. Fireforge games will be launching their dwarf faction for their Forgotten World range. I really enjoyed their northmen line which were basically game of thrones not Stark warriors. They had undead in that same Kickstarter. so these will be heroic 28mm hard plastic multipart figures. This is what’s been shown so far. There will also be foot troops with spears and hand weapons. And both male and female will be on sprue. they haven’t confirmed yet, but if it follows with their other Kickstarter, there should be resin shields and resin heroes available too.
  10. Funding has been reached, so the Satyrs, Scythians and Amazons will be produced. The $40 level gets you 2 boxes. You can choose from the fauns or centaurs they produced in the first kickstarter, or the Satyrs (32 in a box) or the amazon/scythian combined box (32 amazons and 32 scythians per box for 64 total). If you add $20 to your pledge, you can choose a total of 4 boxes. this works out to $15/box but if you choose the Amazon/Scythian box since he is including both sets per 1 box, you are basically getting a box of 32 minis for $7.50 each.... This means that if you choose the amazon/scythian box for each of your 4 choices, you get 128 amazons and 128 scythians. You can also double your pledge for $120. which would net you 8 boxes or 256 amazons and 256 scythians. There is on 59 hours left in the campaign.
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jobhermes/goblin-miniatures-0/description .STl campaign. Its 15 euro for the whole set of 5. 4 "Goblins" and a bugbear. I think the models look great, but not really reading as goblins. I don't have a 3D printer, but these look pretty cool so I figured someone here may be interested. They would make great halflings... I wish the creator offered a reward for printed minis...
  12. Looks interesting. I may get it to try and adapt to my Pathfinder 1 game.
  13. They emailed me saying it was a mistake, and refunded €6 . So the shipping was €7 as they had said.
  14. yes and yes I actually added a 4th one. I plan on using the 4 Raven Home ruins with the one Charnel pit I got in the center. We rotate story telling. My next run is still a year off, but my recurring game sees my players going to a Ghoul kingdom following a group of vampire that kidnapped one of the pc’s nieces (the pc and niece are natural werewolves). So I will definitely be using the vampires as well... but the terrain looks like I can get a lot of general use out of it. And $14 is a steal. I kick myself for not grabbing at least one more pit or bridge. I had a feeling it was on the way out, glad I grabbed # 4 when I did then
  15. Well, just added a 3rd Ravenhome. Wonder if I will get a 4th in before it closes...
  16. The pledge manager just opened. My one guy was estimated to cost €7 shipping but was €13... the mini was €9 so shipping cost more than the mini... oh well, but that convinced me to only stick with the one.
  17. agreed on both counts. And apparently others feel the same way as the question about just a pledge for minis has been asked several times on the Kickstarter but the creator has said no. so yeah I’m not interested in the game, and the cost is just too high for only using the minis..,, so it’s a no go for me.
  18. New update Alright guys, based on the research from the backers, and looking at my options for molding, we are going to cut the obstacles once more. If we reach 6k, we will create a Satyr 4x6 mold, and combine the Scythians and Amazons into a 6x9 mold, allowing us to make 8 miniatures per sprue and with 50+ parts. Creating 8 sprues would net 64 models, allowing the original 32 and 32 as intended. Focusing on the two molds would achieve a lowered mold cost overall, while achieving the same goal. As the more we mold, the more the anticipated sprue sales come (the real money maker for the factory). For you Amazons become an option at 6k. The difference needed would be covered by myself. If we can raise more, we can then round out the horses. We would honor the $20 Scythian box pledges with the same combination 32/32 (Scythians and Amazons). Progression tier would benefit fast, allowing themselves to have access to Amazons and Scythians much faster, and the base Satyrs. So if you have a steppe desire, the progression tier is going to rock your world. So if you got the $20 box of Scythian, you get 32 Scythian and 32 Amazons? What do you get at the $40 progression tier? The Scythians and Amazons would be put together in one box, thus making 64 models. Two boxes would be available at the bare minimum. Thus, if wanted, you could nab two of those boxes for 128 models. Or 64 and 32 on the Satyrs.
  19. There are daily unlocks and stretch goals. The Free mini stretch goals seem to only be for teh $120 level.
  20. Yeah, I am backing at the $40 level, and only really want the Amazons... but if this reaches minimum funding level then thats 2 boxes of hard plastic minis for $20 each... I am not sold on the beast men, but I could see getting some of their fauns... and $20 is not a bad discount. At $12,000 the amazons unlock, and the $40 nets you 3 boxes. And at $18,000 the horses unlock and nets you 4 boxes. Which makes them $10 a box. If the Amazons unlock, then I will get all amazons... if it reaches $18,000 i may do 3 amazons and 1 scythian... but if they only reach the $6,000 and are too short to reach the $12,000 needed for the amazons, I will keep my pledge and just get some fauns.
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