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  1. 1 hour ago, Tordelback said:

    You're a crazy bunch, Reaper! The margin on that ship must be getting frightening. 


    And now I want the ship even more badly. So maybe not so crazy. 


    Incidentally, assuming those are tiddly 6- or 8-pounders, to successfully fight even a 20-gun ship you're going to need at least 100 pirates for gunnery crews, and another 20 or so to sail her into combat. And that's without a boarding party! That's a lot of Brinewinds... 

    I remember someone linking something about the ship being a 6th rate frigate? Does that sound correct?




    if so. That crew amount sounds correct, says 150 crew all in. With up to 30 guns. 


    Sixth-rate ships typically had a crew of about 150–240 men, and measured between 450 and 550 tons. A 28-gun ship would have about 19 officers; commissioned officers would include the captain, and two lieutenants; warrant officers would include the master, ship's surgeon, and purser. The other quarterdeck officers were the chaplain and a Royal Marines lieutenant. The ship also carried the standing warrant officers, the gunner, the bosun and the carpenter, and two master's mates, four midshipmen, an assistant surgeon, and a captain's clerk.[1] The rest of the men were the crew, or the 'lower deck'. They slept in hammocks and ate their simple meals at tables, sitting on wooden benches. A sixth rate carried about 23 marines, while in a strong crew the bulk of the rest were experienced seamen rated 'able' or 'ordinary'. In a weaker crew there would be a large proportion of 'landsmen', adults who were unused to the se

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Auberon said:

    I ordered it just for the ship, so I will accept your offer of 20 bonus cannons.  What use I shall ever have for said cannons remains unknown.

    You could send them to the pirate front line... to help defend against the forces of darkness. That front line is Maryland. I can provide you with the address... 

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  3. 31 minutes ago, Rob Dean said:

    I am thinking that I originally ordered this without any particular expectation of cannons at all...

    I know some people didn’t want cannons as they were looking for a more fantasy ship or don’t like gunpowder in their fantasy. All of the counter points are valid and reasonable. The pictures shown and those in the pledge manager show the ship with 30 cannons. Whenever the ship was mentioned it was never mentioned that “we are showing how many it can take, not what it will come with, or will be available”. So my assumption was, this is what you are purchasing based on that pledge manager picture. Now I know what happens when you assume... but reading comments on the ks message board area, I think this is a pretty common assumption. Especially when reaper will usually put a disclaimer when they have things in pictures that aren’t included. Like sir forscale...

    Again though, I would be ok with buying more cannons through the Kickstarter. If they were available. I had been hoping for the opportunity to buy extra anyway when I thought the ship was coming with the number shown. Of course this is not ideal, as I thought the price of the ship was based on what they showed... but it would at least be better to be able to get what reaper has been showing. 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, bojesphob said:


    You could always find one of these that you like, print a bunch up for really cheap, then sell the ones that you have coming with the ship to pay for the STL and the resin/plastic to print:


    Here are some more:

    https://www.stlfinder.com/3dmodels/naval gun ship cannon 3d models/

    nice! I don’t have a 3D printer but if I did that would definitely be the way to go. 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    That's still a 40-75% increase in the base cost depending on how many you get at $4.50 USD per pack, and they've specifically said they won't be offering extra cannons.  Then add in shipping costs on top of all of that.


    So now you're forced into having a lack of cannons, or mis-matched cannons.

    honestly that’s the biggest thing for me. The having to settle... whether it’s fit mismatched cannons or not enough. If they had said they could not afford to include 30, I would have still been disappointed but if they offered the ability to add more at a reasonable price I would have been better with the situation. 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:



    Disappointing as the cannon situation may be, I still don’t get the “glad I didn’t get it” or “I want a refund” attitudes. The ship is going to be awesome, regardless of needing to get more cannons for it later. There will probably never be another miniatures ship to rival it for game-play usability (to my knowledge it is the only such piece ever made to this scale and level of detail, while having multiple separable decks, to maximize RPG game utility).


    The WizKids unpainted ship is more expensive than this ship, smaller, less detailed, has cardboard decks, etc., etc...


    Would I like it better if it came with 30 cannons? Obviously, yes. But it’s still an amazing deal, even with only 12 cannons. 

    The ship looks nice, yes. But. To make it usable for what I wanted will cost at least $75. $75 to make a $100 item usable... is a bit of a bitter pill. Is the ship worth $175 to me for the purpose I wanted? I am not sure. 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, haldir said:


    There is always the Wizkids Unpainted cannons, but yah.


    Yeah, Amazon has them listed at $8.44 for 2... So if the ship comes with 12... and has 30 gun ports... that means you would need 18 canons to fill it out, or 9 packs... so only $75.96 to het the ship up to full compliment, and even then the canons would not match. The ship looks great but i kind want to ask for a refund on it now. 

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  8. I am backing for this guy as a pathfinder character. 

    He would be a beast man. But would pick up girls or do cons telling everyone he is a human prince that was cursed and promising them stuff if they help break the curse... but after the girl sleeps with him, or he collects money he laments that they were not the chosen one or special enough to break the curse...





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  9. Last 24 hours. For every 25 new backers they will double an unlocked stretch goal.. (plunder box reward)


    so for example we are getting a set of artillery crew arms and items. So we would get 2. We are getting 4 leader heads, we would get 8, etc...


    there is also a stretch goal for a monkey mascot with a musket. 



  10. 3 more days. 


    The native american (Caribbean) set has been unlocked. That's 4 sets now of multi-part hips that are available. 





    Caribbean natives


    These sets are $25 each and come with enough bodies to make 12 figures each with lots of head options and weapon options...


    But... I had misunderstood about the character models and stretch goal. All of the figures in this kickstarter are multi-part HIPS plastic. So Blackbeard, Maynard, the alternate Blackbeard, the priest, the unlocked heads and weapons, etc... as well ad the "pirates of Legend" box. That comes with 10 multi-part HIPS pirate characters. So. Even if you were not looking for a "Stede Bonnet" or "Anne Bonnie" mini... being multi-part plastic makes it easier to convert into something you do want and can use.... So that is the Pirates of Legend set added for me...


    My all in while this is live is $258.00 which includes the bases set (game, 24 sailors, 2 pirate ships) the box of plunder, 2 boxes of militia, another pirate ship, and the pirates of legend...

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  11. 1 hour ago, lexomatic said:

    Have they talked about sprue compatibility anywhere or done size comparisons?

    short answer: no




    “Someone asked for a comparison shot, so here you go. 3 on the left are 3d prints of the new plastics and 3 on the right are metal models”

    edit: I (Smokestack) don’t own any of their models so I don’t know how big the metal models in the pic below really are. But the plastic look to match up well with them...

    also under the militia box update they posted: 

     "What we can tell you is that this box will allow you to field non-uniformed units such as militia men, rangers, and rebels! This box will feature a lot of compatibility with the sailors box. Heads, weapons, etc. will be interchangeable with models from this and the sailors box. This will give you EVEN MORE variability and uniqueness for your armies. "


    i asked the following : “I like this statement, but that leads me to ask about compatibility with the soldiers box. I added a militia box. May add another depending on what else gets unlocked. Still waiting to see more of the head options on the soldiers before I add them.”


    they answered:

    “I plan to have some compatibility with the soldier set, but can't make any promises yet. We'll update on that as we get the sculpts rolling.”


    in another post he mentioned the plastic minis are 31mm to eyes. Was trying to find the post but 800+ comments I gave up. 

    edit: also the plastic sets come with round bases with a wood plank effect.



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  12. 2 hours ago, Grefven said:

    Does anyone know if one is able to pick up only that kickstarter guest artist miniature from the Box of Plunder? I would not mind picking up that one.

    Nothing is marked Kickstarter exclusive (to my knowledge) so presumably it will be available on its on at retail. 

    you can buy the box of plunder separately for $25. But you can’t buy individual items from the box seperate in the Kickstarter. 

  13. 6 hours ago, lexomatic said:

    That's a free stretchgoal box

    sorry. Yes. They label things a little differently in this.


    Their “stretch goals” that are reached by reaching a certain pledge level, aren’t free. They are added as add-ons that you can add to your pledge. 

    The free “stretch goals” are called “box of plunder” and are added free to the levels that include the box of plunder. These goals are not reached by achieving a certain funding level. They are unlocked by doing social media stuff. Like posting pictures of painted pirates, singing sea chantys and posting them, sharing your favorite book about 18th century, etc. 


    You can purchase the box of plunder if you want additional copies or are at a pledge level that doesn’t come with it. It currently has an alternate black beard miniature, and one of the current goals is a priest. Though my favorites are cannon crew arms and extra heads and command options that will fit their sailor or militia boxes. 

    Other than the little tease about female pirates in the comments, there hasn’t been any other mention so I doubt that will be a thing in this Kickstarter, but there is still the possibility of plastic native Americans and plastic soldier cavalry. People have asked if the plastic natives will be northern natives or Caribbean natives. I don’t know if that’s been answered yet.  




  14. They added a new pledge level for Roleplayers. its $64 and comes with one box of miniatures of choice, 1 plastic ship, and the stretch goal box.


    A bunch of stretch goals have been reached adding some crates, extra heads, animals, weapons and such.

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  15. The following is a list of units that can be built using just the parts found in the sailor box:


    This box will include tons of options for players to create sailor miniatures of any European power from the 17th or 18th century. Check out just some of the options available in beautiful detail :D



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  16. I saw Knight of the Dinner table asked in the comments about how big the plastic minis are. They answered 31mm to the eyes. 

    The creators had a live chat last night. I only caught the end on it, but they mentioned that the campaign is doing better than expected and it was asked if there would be another ship in this campaign. The answer was it’s possible but the campaign would have to do extremely better than expected and even then they would have to be sure as to not delay what’s already here. So I would read that as not likely. 

  17. 40 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    Not interested in the game nor in the ships. Nice that I can get the plastic boxes as add-ons without a pledge for the main game.

    im not interested in the game. Well I kind of am but doubt I can convince my friends to play. But I do like the ships and the crew. Just the ships and crew come to $101 if you buy separately. So for $17 you get black beard, Maynard and the stretch goal box. Plus the game mat looks good.


    though I could just get a bunch of crew...


    anyway, I’m in for the $119 now. Will see though.  

    just realized the unit boxes come with 12 figures... so the base game is actually valued at $126 for just the 2 ships and 24 crew. I will probably keep the base game pledge. I actually don’t like that all the metal heroes have to be purchased, I only really wanted Anne Bonny and Mary Read. 

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