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  1. 51 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

    I'm sorry if this was already covered (and I'm fairly sure it was),  but I'm curious as to whether they are doing a long running pledge manager or if it's get it now or don't get it?

    Also, isn't this starting to get to the 'too good to be true' stage? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but they're offering 115 figures for ~$93  (RPG pledge). I'm optimistic and skeptical at the same time...

    Pledge manager will be open until December. 


    It is a super good deal, but.... they did the same deal on the halfling Kickstarter and delivered. They are an established company and have 2 known and supported lines (Rumbleslam and Carnavale) and are also known for their mdf terrain. Troll Trader also has a 2nd hand miniatures shop that has been around awhile. 


    Of course given other other established companies having failed (soda pop/ ninja division?) that is no guarantee, but so far no red flags on this. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Uh oh. 


    Uhm....  Hi, you're gorgeous. 


    .. How tall is it?   And it's a jackal kinda thing right? 

    the Desert Titan. Standing at approx 120mm he casts quite the shadow.


    I kind of like him too. He would make a good Avatar of Khaine proxy for my Elves. I like it more than the burning lady.

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  3. Your list looks similar to mine. I am passing on the Queen on Carnogon and the Cloud slicer though. The Queen I just don't think I would ever use, and the slicer looks like it will be really fragile in resin.


    I may add on an extra Hex Unit So I can either have 2 units of 30 or 3 units of 20. I really like the Hexes.


    Edit: I am not sure on the Heavy Cavalry yet... As I am getting 20 regulars with the army, and 10 hexes as an add on. I am not sure I need 40 Cavalry... and I like the hex riders more than the heavies.

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  4. So Barring any more add-ons, and also barring an Elven Army deal on Friday, I am thinking:


    1 Mercenary company

    2 elf Battalions

    Jackal Alpha

    20 Tomb Jackals

    5 Jackal horrors

    20 elven slayers

    Elf Queen

    Carnavale noble

    20 Elven Brigands

    10 sunblaze hex riders

    10 Gorgon Spears

    10 Gorgon Archers

    10 elf heavy cavalry

    Barbarian adventurer


    That would require

    321 x 25 mm bases so 4 packs

    32 40 mm bases so 2 backs

    With Shipping thats 466 pounds or $559.20


    If I add another Mercenary company it comes to

    526 pounds or $631.20 


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  5. So. Not counting the elven flier...


    if if I get:

    * 2 elven battalions

    * 1 of each elf unlock that doesn’t come in the battalion 

    * the jackals, jackal horror and Jacakal hero

    * the mercenary battalion

    * the halfling battalion

    * the halfling spears and veterans

    * the giant

    * the sand ogres 

    * the halfling camel cart

    * the flying carpet halfling

    * the carnivale Noble 

    * 5 packs of bases


    it comes out to $815.00 which, whole not as much as I spent for Bones 4, is really more than I want to spend. And we haven’t seen all the unlocks yet. Sigh..,

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  6. 48 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


    Oh dear, that's quite a bit. :unsure:


    Question: do these minis live in places that get direct sunlight? I've had drooping occur on a couple of big minis, which had previously had no problems, after they sat in the sun coming through a window for several hours. 


    Re: Bones 5 - I'm not even going to speculate about how much I will or will not spend on this KS. It's always a pointless activity in my case, since the best laid monetary plans inevitably fall before the combined might of OOO SHINY!!! :lol:



    --OneBoot :D 


    No, These live in my unfinished room in the basement. Coolest place in my house. No windows in the room. Basically my overflow hobby space... Though my wife seems to think its ok to put christmas decorations, tools and my daughter's old american girl stuff here too. 


    I think its just gravity, the other wing touches the ground now too, it probably would be worse too if not for that. The wings are really heavy for the connecting area.

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  7. 2 hours ago, StarFyre said:

    argent droops>? i have not seen that discussed here.  what part? the wings i assume?

    mine is on a shelf - not worked on yet...


    maybe have to drill it and insert brass wires...





    Yeah his right wing. Here is s pic. His wing now drops below the shelf level so he does not sit flat on a flat surface. Gauth started out straight but now his head touches the ground. The Roc has head droopage and wing droopage. 




    I still think Argent is a great figure, and he looks fine on that corner of the shelf anyway. So? The Roc and Gauth are not my favorites... Though I have used both in my pathfinder game. The Roc as a Roc, and Gauth as a mutilated White Dragon, that my PC's (who are dragons) rescued from a band of Goblins. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    True, but that's the only one out of several I want that's available individually - I have a much higher interest in the Anubti...  By several factors (we'll go with "I like jackals" and leave it there) 


    Its probably still too many for you then, but the horrors are only 5 to a set. The alpha and the 5 horrors could make a nice RPG encounter 

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  9. Just now, WhiteWulfe said:

    Ooh, that alpha jackal... 


    Sadly though, for now I've canceled my pledge.  I don't really see me wanting five of each Anubti at this time.  Might re-pledge near the end for a few dollars, but options for singles would be rather lovely. 


    Well, you could jut get the Jackal alpha for $6... I have $493 worth of wants right now (not counting bases). Only in for $316 currently though. 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    The creator has talked about a possible ultimate deal.

    No idea what will be in there.


    Yeah, I am not a big undead guy so any Ultimate deal wont be for me. If it was just elves, mercs and halflings... then i would be on board. I am also unlikely to sell anything so...


    I wonder what more will be added as freebies... He mentioned there would be a couple more free stretches this week. Which I bet will be 1 elf and 1 undead freebie more.


    I did end up increasing for the mercs. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, StarFyre said:

    Can't wait for b5 to start. Kinda sad it's delayed a month just cause wanted it sooner.  I'm very interested to see how the first few hours go. Iirc, the last couple times, the first day has made a huge amt of money and stretch goals... Before going into a more steady pattern (and then another push in the last week)






    Im sure this time wont be any different. I have kind of been... not wowed by the stuff shown. But will still back. Its too good a deal to pass up. I have used plenty of bones 4 stuff in my pathfinder game, so it will be worth it. Though I am a little disapointed that Argent, Gauth and my rock all have severe drooping issues... 

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  12. 6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Oh these will certainly work in a non official GW setting.

    The Brigands are Corsairs, the Hexes are Witch Elves/ Daughters of Khaine, The Gorgons are Melusai, The Cavalry are Cold One Knights.

    The Swords and Crossbows and Spears are regular Infantry.

    The Cobra Hydra is a Hydra.

    The Bolt Thrower is the Repeater Bolt Thrower.


    I think you can safely say these are a lost tribe of Dark Elves who wandered into the Desert and adapted their own style.

    Fighting the Tomb Kings for their survival and those pesky Halflings who keep raiding their farms.


    The Slayers are Executioners, and the Golden guard are dread spears... 



    On the new stuff. Definitely getting the Jackal alpha. I am sorely tempted on the mercenaries. It will depend on what else unlocks for the elves this week. I will probably pass on the T-Rex queen, as she is half the cost of the mercs, and the money would be better applied to them. 


    The intro of the mercs means no scenery for me though. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Oh I think these would make excellent Dark Elves.

    Gorgons, Cold One Knights, Daughters of Khaine..

    I have a small GW Daughters of Khaine army. But due to expense, only 1 or 2 units of each type. The Witch elves for example are $60 for 10...


    So that is my plan here. I will have a Dark elf army, a Daughters army, and a Daughters Warcry band. I like the Egyptian theme, but will probably do an Egyptian vampire theme with the Dark elf/Daughters rules... Luckliy my gaming group is open to non-official miniatures.

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Evilhalfling said:


    Its an army unit, not a hero model -  again I don't need 5/10 of them but one would have been lovely. 



    Looking at the KS again they did mention the halflings, and provide a link to the updates(?) for that campaign, so they are not hiding it, just not linking them very effectively. 




    Do you mean the model in the picture? If so, it is a hero, not a unit.


    "This Sorceress and her mount will be a £15 add on if we unlock her at £24,000"

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