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  1. Saw an info video they had posted on YouTube. The starter set will come with 2 ships. Multipart plastic “Bermuda sloops” that they said were around 10” in length. It will be armed with 8 cannons and 4 swivel guns. Stretch goals may include some  sail options. Amongst other things. 

    the starter set will be under $150. And come with 2 crews. 

    they also teased some metal heroes. Including Jack Racham, Stede Bonnet, Anne Bonney and Black Beard. 

    I’m definitely interested. These ships will make cool small ships to harass the reaper ship in a Pirate game. Or perhaps the reaper ship will be the pirates and my players can have one of these smaller ships. 

    Kickstarter starts tomorrow at 2 pm eastern time

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  2. 2 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    Frostgrave minis are ... true 28mm (they seem a bit small to me) ... if these here are, too, it should not be a problem.

    I plan on getting some ghost Archipelago crew if I get the firelock ones. I don’t mind if they are slightly smaller or larger. I mixed some frostgrave wizards with shield maidens and the size differences looked more pronounced but still kit bashed well. The only reason I haven’t gotten the ghost archipelago crew yet is their lack of black powder weapons.

    edit: there is a metal bit upgrade you can buy for the ghost archipelago crew but I prefer plastic bits 

  3. Dear backers,

    Our campaign is over. We would like to thank for for your generous support.

    Overall we're quite happy. We have gathered slightly more money than in the Season I, we have also much more backers than previously.

    Obviously it doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. I'm sure that both we and you feel that result could be little bit better. Happily we know what to change – w have received a lot of feedback from you so we know how to improve our campaign in Season III.

    Yes, there will be season III. And its design will be more similar to Season I than to Season II as its clearly your will :)

    We can blame covid too. Many of you strictly expressed that due to uncertain economical situation could afford just few miniatures instead of full Season II. We fully undestand it and are deeply grateful that you decided to support us in this circumstances.

    As we didn't manage to unlock Fujiko, she will appear in Pledge Manager as add-on.

    She and Misaki will receive rules to use them as part of Hot and Dangerous faction in Anno Domini 1666. More details in the next update.

    Please expect an update in 2-3 weeks. We'll open pledge manager and explain how to use it (Our returning backers should be familiar with it). In the Pledge Manager you will be able to add miniatures to your order, we'll also have entire range of Anno Domini 1666 sets available :)

    Thanks again for your support!

    Wargamer Team

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    While I have no use for her, the DUST figure is the first one I really like.

    She looks nice!

    ( apart from that machine gun, don't point it in my direction please)

    Yeah. I didnt really look that close due to no interest in the time period (for minis). I still really only like 2 in this... Well, 3 I guess. The mounted figure is cool, in that it is mounted, but not really an interesting one for me

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  5. 3 hours ago, ced1106 said:


    That's b/c they're also using daily reveals, like they did with Zombicide 2nd edition. OTOH, If Z2's distance between goals isn't as high, yeah, the SG's are far apart.


    Anyway, looks more promising for Gloomhaven proxies. I also like this variety of demon types, including fallen angels


      Reveal hidden contents

    In GH, angels are good for Sun Demons, and Naga for giant lizards.


    I wasnt sure so just went and looked. Zombicide 2nd edition started at $30,000 stretches, then $40K then $50K. Massive darkness started at $150,000 stretches and is now at $200K stretches. 


    Looks like Zombicide 2nd edition's largest stretch was the last one at $110,000. The vast majority were at the $30K range. 

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  6. I am in right now. Not sure if I will stay or not. I do like the angels in the expansion (the ones with regular heads) and I like the demon ladies... But not a huge fan of the other minions.... the weird leg stretch goal monster, and the snake people stretch goal are also kind of meh... and only 4 base characters so far... Will keep an eye on it though.


    And the $ between stretch goals seems really far... 

  7. I will wait to see what the rest of the bad guy minis look like before deciding, but the art style on these isn't really drawing me in. Especially the head/face on the fallen angel. I really did like the Massive darkness 1 minis but this seems like a big departure. 


    I do like Feidra though. I can see her being a character in pathfinder. 

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  8. So, I am not really interested on the more modern figures. This one will include rules to play with the DUST game, which is WW2 with werewolves and gorrila soldiers? I am not sure, but I have seen some interesting minis for this game... including school girls and ninjas? So i am imagining its not a historical game.


    They are supposed to have a scale shot this week to show that the mini is compatible with the DUST line. 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Corsair said:

    @Smokestack I hope I didn't come off as being nasty, I just  was following the comments of others. I hope I didn't drive a wedge between us.

    No, no you didn’t. I probably read in to some people’s posts too. This is a friendly forum and that’s what struck me as odd. So it’s possible it was just me and not anyone else. 

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  10. 4 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

    As for the Stonehaven comparison...  

    Like comparing apples and hot dogs... 

    no, not really. The comparison was made as there was a comment that the campaign wasn’t doing well and if only they... x ... they would do better. 

    I chose Stonehaven as it is a Kickstarter that is live and is being discussed on this forum. Both are for gaming miniatures. Both are metal and both are being run by relatively small operations. I like Stonehaven and backed their gnome and elf Kickstarters. There have been complaints about some figures being flat or not dynamic, but never posts calling it “lazy sculpting” or what not. The minis to me are good, but I think are more expensive than what I would be willing to pay for them. But. And here is the key, I realized they were not for me, so just didn’t back. I did not feel the need to go to the page and dump on every reveal. 

    it’s not a hot dog and apple analogy (I like the visual) as it’s got the same type of items, by the same size company at the same time being discussed on the same forum. If anything Stone haven should come out better in comparison as they have run more Kickstarters and have had a longer presence here in these forums. My point was despite some vocal people here, this Kickstarter is doing well. 

    @Glitterwolf you were not one of the people I was referring to. And incidentally, I understand people’s frustration. If I could run this Kickstarter I would make it like ks1, where you could freely choose which 10 models you get, and I would have a resin option (as I dislike metal minis). 

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  11. 38 minutes ago, Corsair said:

    An observation from someone who is not buying these. Nothing against them, just not up my alley.

    The maker billed this as "Hot and Dangerous" and the artwork lives up to that description. However, the renders are much more realistic then the usual expectation of "Hot". The artwork shows busty babes and the 3D renders show less cheesecake. Both are very well done, but it seems to show a lack of agreement or communication between the artists.


    This is a fair assessment.  It has been asked in the comments on the kickstarter. The Creator has stated this:

    "Well, that's quite opposite kind of comment than in the previous campaign. In Season I we have people complaining for "too much pin-up in miniatures" in this season we have people complaining for 'being too realistic'.

    I'm not gonna even try to convince you they are not 'boys with long hair' but 'very sexy girl' because it's very personal opinion. I respect you have different feeling what is hot and what not. No offence taken :)

    We know we can't please everyone but it was our choice to made miniatures in season II that way. Miniatures are ready and we'll not change them. Next week we'll show you real miniatures, I think they look much better than renders. I'm quite sure you will find at least one more girl for you in our future reveals."


    On the Campaign page they state: "First season was prepared in pin-up style convention. Second one - due to high demand - comes with more realistic miniatures which makes them perfect for wargaming and RPG, still being a real joy to paint."


    On a personal note. I didnt really like the art. I think it was cute and fun, but I am looking for minis to use in games. Which from the quotes above it sounds like they heard that a lot. I would have been embarrassed to use halter top "boobs out" minis in any serious game, and so the direction that the minis went was very suitable to me. I know that is not what everyone wants though.


    But... this is the campaign. If its not for you, great. You dont have to purchase. I dont see why people who have already said they are not participating are feeling the need to come and lay so much negativity. Its not enough to not like the direction, say so and move on. But now there is the need to come and convince others that something is bad or spread as much negativity as you can. I have not seen this level of poo pooing on other kickstarters here. So I am not sure what the agenda is. It is not universal mind you. And i appreciate many people who have posted here... But some, have seemed to be coming here maliciously. That saddens me, as this has always been a very friendly forum. 

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  12. 39 minutes ago, buckyball said:

    Would anyone be interested in splitting a set of these. I am mainly interested in 17th-19th century figures. I probably would paint the Macedonian and the Persian, but when would I use them?




    unfortunately, that’s pretty much the ones I’m interested in too. Though I asked in the message section and the creator said they may be able to work with me in the pledge manager. If so, I will ask if I can get all 10 of my base girls as the conquistador. So I can make a unit of 10. That still leaves me with some stretch goals I am not interested in, but more in line with what I want overall. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    I have a feeling they would actually sell better if they didn't show the awesome artwork first.

    Better to show shades and then the mini.

    Less disappointments.


    Sorry to say, I'm not impressed.

    Not everything appeals to everyone. I know this project isn’t for you, and several others here. Not everything in it is for me. But it is actually doing pretty well, so it appeals to some. The funding right now is higher for example than Stonehaven’s and its only been 2 days. And with  About 75 more backers. I haven’t really seen any negative comments there. And that is not to say I don’t like Stonehaven, as I have backed previous projects. So opinions being what they are, are not universal. 

    There are things here I don’t like, but the stuff I do, still outways those. Hopefully more things I like will continue to show up, and other people will continue to buy as well, so more good things unlock.


    currently for my $95, I am getting 12 minis with a 3rd on its way to unlock. Which is around $7.90 per mini. So if it ended today I would be happy with that deal. 



    4 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    That is a drastically different miniature, both in pose, costume, and look. That's just awful.

    it is different, not sure if I would say awful... :huh: as I kind of like this one. 

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  14. 1st add on revealed. Have to say this is the first mini I have outright disliked. While the mini looks nice, if you said “this is George” I would believe You. I don’t see any female elements in it. So needless to say, I am not increasing the $10 for it. 



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  15. 5 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

    These are display pieces, not playing pieces. They should focus on the look and pose of the minis. If that means having to cast them in several pieces, so be it. 

    Why aren’t these playing pieces? I Have used several from season 1 as Pathfinder characters. I will be using these as well for that. And the conquistador and landsknecht in s Warhammer cities of Sigmar/ empire army. They are sturdy solid metal minis. Campaign has reached 50% of what season 1 did. 

    next stretch goal. Warrior nun. The Netflix show was good if you make it past episode 5.




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